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REMOVING THE SHACKLES: From Dark to Light: Change is Here

Note: Wise eyes will read between the lines. -AK


From Dark to Light: Change is Here

Change is something that many people dread.  Even if their current situation is miserable, there are many many people who would chose to stay where they are rather than venture outside the intolerable NOW that they live in. That is part of our programming, part of the brainwashing instilled into us to create the fear of change and the fear of the unknown.

...the fear of FREEDOM.

The energy right now is changing- has changed.  For some it is a subtle thing that they cannot quite put their finger on, and for some it is a clarion call that they can feel right down to their very core being. This change of energy is flowing in a way that even the most hardened sceptic must admit that they feel it- they may not understand or comprehend it, they may not SEE it with their eyes, or HEAR it with their ears, they may not FEEL it beneath their feet... but on  some level they do KNOW it's there.

Right now we are on the very cusp of  CHANGE.  We are standing on the highest pinnacle of the highest mountain over looking all that surrounds us, and we can see EVERYTHING before us and behind us and to either side. We must look at everything before we can decide which direction we want to travel.

The changes that are about to happen will be extreme.  They will not be slight things that you might miss if you blink at the wrong time. They will not be a subtle change from grey to a slightly lighter shade of grey. They will be ALL ENCOMPASSING  changes.  From dark to light. Black to White, and every contrast of colour and texture in between.

There is that wonderful expression that it's always darkest before the dawn and that is exactly what we are experiencing RIGHT NOW.  Going from a brightly lit room into the sun light isn't all that noticeable- heck, if you didn't see the door you walked through to get outside you might not even notice the difference. Not much of a change.  Now, if you walk out of a darkened muffled room into the blazing sunshine of a perfect afternoon..... THEN you would notice.  You couldn't not notice!!!  How much more do you appreciate the glorious sunshine than when it dawns after weeks of rainy grey?

Change. From darkness to dawn.  Miserable dark and dismal grey ominous sky to brilliant crystalline blue sky that is radiant in the light of the sun.


Many people know that the biggest change in history is about to happen.  Many of us thought we knew what was going to happen.  Thought that the steps in the process were well laid out and ready to roll any moment. What we did not understand is that the process must roll out completely.

Complete Change.

NESARA is about to be announced.  Peace & Prosperity is at hand.  But it is far more than the NESARA that we hoped for.  It is far more Peace  & Prosperity than we ever dreamed of.  Yes, it is time for Humanity to recognize that they are FREE.  It is time for the Removing of our Shackles.

They are unlocked- all we have to do is shake them off and walk away.

The announcements haven't been delayed.  The new system hasn't been delayed.  It was waiting for the RIGHT TIME.

THIS TIME has been long awaited by many who have been working from behind the scenes for exactly THIS MOMENT.  Everything that has been put in place has been done so, knowing that the freedom of humanity is not something to be earned, but our absolute Right. OUR INALIENABLE RIGHTS  can not be bought or sold, traded or stolen. No Government, No Institution, No Religion, No Person, No Thing can take these things from us.  We were turned into Strawmen Corporations because even the POWERS THAT WERE  KNEW that we, ourselves as HUMANS cannot be bought or sold, traded or stolen.


When you recognize that ALL the systems that have been set up and created by the Powers That Were are part of the dark and stormy dismal grey prison, then you understand that those systems will not be used under the bright crystalline blue sunlit celestial ceiling.

It is about CHANGE.

It is about TO CHANGE.

You are on the highest summit.  You can see everything if you look.

The storm clouds are behind you, so why not step forward into the sunshine?

BE the Change you wish to see in the World.

Are you READY?

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  1. Good Post.
    I was feeling at odds, so good to read this now.

  2. I've never been good (I'm actually downright terrible) at reading between the lines. Can you clarify what I'm supposed to be reading into this? It sounds pretty straightforward to me.

    Love and light,

  3. I really hope something good happens soon, who knows how much longer by body will be able to endure. I've been hanging in there for as long as I think I can, and I will hang in there for as long as it takes.

    Some results, even the most minute and minuscule evidence would be sufficient to motivate me to go through with these risky medical procedures, but so far all I have been seeing is synchronicities such as the 11:11 phenomenon (not just that, but also 2:22, 4:44 and 5:55 tend to show up as often as 11:11)

    1. Hello. Thank you for sharing your situation. I am very interested in how health is affected by 'ascension'. Have you looked at alternatives to those "risky medical procedures"? Also, do you ever pay attention to what you are thinking about right before you notice an 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc?

      Injoy and Health,

  4. I have been watching these changes for the past 7 years at the time of my "ah-ha" moment. For many watching it has been longer. Been doing a lot of emotional clearing so that I can be the best FREE person I can be. The time has come...

  5. I'd like to comment on these posts. Really, how many more times can everybody read these and keep hanging onto the edge of their seats? How many more times are we going to be subjected to "almost "there," "imminent," "about to change," "on the cusp,"
    "get ready," the wait is almost over" and a plethora of other phrases designed to keep us holding our collective breathe? I'm not the only one completely done with this crying-wolf-thing. Stop already, ok? We have "real" lives to live. There's not one single credible shred of evidence that anything is happening. The bad guys are still calling all the shots. Nothing you guys say that is supposed to be happening "behind the scenes" is verifiable. You expect intelligent, aware people to follow, and more incredibly, believe what you say with blind faith. We wish you were telling the truth but there's no evidence, whatsoever, to back up what you say. We're still being evicted from our homes, sleeping in shelters, paying through the nose in taxes, being poisoned from the sky, injected with mercury, mind-controlled through tv, lied to constantly from every direction, and our freedoms eroded. SHOW ME THE MONEY!! That's what we want...not hollow platitudes written by anonymous sources. We have no idea who you people are. Where's your proof that these things are going to happen and WHEN?? I think that's not too unreasonable a request, do you?

    1. I agree completely with the above comment. When are we going to get some verifiable proof form an acceptable source?

  6. I can't help chuckle while reading thru D's post on Jan. 10. Desipite her not believing channeled messages, somehow this message reads to me as being so in agreement with what Sheldan Nidle and SaLusa said many times before. She said "the announcement ... was waiting for the time", Sheldan said in his Jan. 8 message that "Many events on your world are waiting for the right divine time for Heaven to give the formal go-ahead". Cobra said in his Laguna beach conference that the event will happen when the resistance movement gets the signal from the galactic central. As for the change, D said it is more than NESSARA, it is more than peace and prosperity that we have dreamed of. I don't remember how long SaLusa has constantly reminded us through Mike Quincy that our bright future is much, much more than what our limited mind bond to the 3-D realm can think of! Bring it on! Be it teleportation, replicator, space travel, galactic healing chamble, no money changing hands, becoming a galactic citizen, I'm ready! I think Cobra is right, the event must happen before the ascension happens.

  7. She already called the RV for August of 2012. She gets BAD intel.

  8. It is NOT 'inalienable' rights we have but rather 'unalienable' rights. Look in Blacks Law ....un-a-lien-able....cannot be liened upon.

  9. Promises, promises like the so-called Galactic Federation of Light has been making for years. All warm comfy words of fluff and filler but where is the proof?!?

  10. Mere words cannot fill people's stomachs, platitudes galore will not pay people's utility bills. All the metaphors in the entire multiverse will not secure a persons finacial debt. You people seem to have it all backwards. Positive happy go lucky thoughts will not fulfill these instituted finacial obligations held by the many. They require real solid actions and only then will peoples' attitudes and the contemplations of what they wish to do with their life will follow once they realize the basic necessiies are taken care of. Change, has been, and always will be the fundamental nature of this universe. From the very first nano scecond to the NOW, change has been constant. But change does not gaurantee happiness, but only that things "WILL" change. Action must be applied to thoughts in order for any change, positive or negative, to come about. When you lack the wealth and commerce to enact positive change, you will still get "CHANGE" but it is in all probability, not going to be positive. As I've stated before we have been offered the SUN AND THE MOON from many claiming much, however the boys and girls that continue to cry "wolf" with "GOOD INTENT" have so far seemed to create nothing more than roads of "promisary hell" for the rest of us to continually hear over and over again. I choose to believe in God, Gaia, the Sun and the celestials because they are real tangible things that can in fact, be proven. But for all the claims I've read about over the past years on NESARA, St. Germaine Fund, mass arrests etc. none have ever come about however given the probability that eventually if one continues to make such a claim till the end of time perhaps, ONE DAY, they may acually be right. Until then, excuse us all while we stay skeptical and hold our breath.

  11. I read some of your old post that's really insightful pleases post. Thanks for sharing.....Luis Fandos


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