Wednesday, January 2, 2013



  1. This is a great video. Thanks AK. Wish more people would pay attention to these things.

  2. This is awkward for me.

    On the one hand I know for a fact I was one of those talked about previously that were turned away from the "dark-side." I was one footstep from going in and never turning back. I figured it would be better then being "one of the foolish lemmings pining after hope and expecting miracles--when those things have long died." I even got to see snippets of the unhappy,wealthy soulless--but FREE-- life I got to live before I died of natural causes! But then I was made to not do it. I still resent the forced direction, as nothing has changed--that's a lie.

    If it didn't change I wouldn't be seeing Sallie Mae, Discover, and all those big banks for student loans suddenly saying they'd work with me, they want to work with me...they want to have a payment plan I CAN AFFORD. Now if I had a job...?

  3. The Third Force

  4. I love this video. However, what frustrates me is that it's focused on American/s. The rest of the world is in the same boat! It's difficult to share such videos with Europeans who may be sleeping, as the title alone will give them the impression it doesn't relate to them.

    Please make a broadcast like this about all of us, not just some of us.

    Otherwise, well done!

  5.,-survey-reveals/ , what? just kidding this is a no brainer, no wonder why we are in this sad sad shape. no ethics or transparency, tisk tisk...


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