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Signs of cabal defeat are proliferating

Signs of cabal defeat are proliferating

Posted by Benjamin Fulford
January 14, 2013

Signs that the Satanic cabal is headed for a decisive defeat are proliferating. One clear indication is that even corporate media has begun to report on Satanic paedophiliac ceremonies presided over by the likes of UK media star Jimmy Savile.

Furthermore, 311 tsunami and nuclear terrorist-attack accomplice Senator J. Rockefeller announced he was not running for re-election. This is a sign the Rockefellers are joining the Bush clan in being ousted from secret power. In France, meanwhile, another cabal leader, former President Nicholas Sarkozy is facing criminal prosecution on charges of accepting bribes from foreign leaders. Then we have a mysterious visit by Obama to the Pentagon for a “personal fitness boot camp,” on January 12th.

Secret negotiations, meanwhile, continue to remove the US dollar from Federal Reserve Board control and into the hands of the 180 nation BRICS coalition. Despite attempts by cabalists to derail these talks, they are proceeding smoothly.

Also, the situation in the Middle East has taken a dramatic turn as control of Iraqi oilfields is being handed over to prominent Kurdish families as a part of the process of creating a Sunni super-state encompassing Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Libya. Three prominent Kurdish activists were killed last week to help facilitate this process, according to MI5 sources. The Turkish government is being offered Kurdish oil money in exchange for allowing limited autonomy for Kurds. The killed activists were taking a more hardline stance than Mr. Ocalan, the jailed Kurdish leader who is negotiating with the Turks on this issue. If you ever saw the movie Midnight Express, about a Western male prisoner repeatedly raped in a Turkish jail, you might wonder if a Kurdish leader in a Turkish jail is the best person to be put in charge of the negotiations. One of the killed activists was Ocalan’s girlfriend.

In any case, it is the Talabani and Bazani families that now control the Kurdish oil in Northern Iraq, according to MI5. Turkey is expected to de facto donate a slice of its territory to the emerging Kurdish state in the Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian, Turkish border region in exchange for oil. This state would then become a part of the emerging Sunni alliance.

In Japan, meanwhile, the new government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has begun to force the Bank of Japan to issue more money. However, Abe still needs a credible backer in the underworld and among right-wingers to make sure his government does not succumb to secret bullying and personal threats as was the case with previous post-war governments. He has already been warned to avoid jingoism and concentrate on fixing the economy. In particular, he was told to call off his planned invasion of the island of Takeshima, controlled by South Korea but claimed by Japan. In a similar vein, efforts by cabalists to provoke a fight with China over the disputed Senkaku or Daiyu Islands will get nowhere.

Abe’s government is also aware that relying on the United States for Japanese protection is not a viable long-term strategy. That is why he is visiting Vietnam, Korea and Indonesia this week in the hopes of finding Asian partners who are also wary of Chinese hegemony. His government will further make approaches to Russia and India over the coming months in the hopes of building an alliance of nations that border China.

What he will find out, though, is that the 180 nation BRICS alliance, including China’s neighbours, does not function according to the Western-created mentality of thinking of other countries as enemies.

World peace and harmony is the new approach and he had better figure that out.

Under the radar, meanwhile, efforts to get historical Asian gold deposits incorporated into the global financial system continue to {be} blocked by cabalist forces. The people trying to prevent this make claims the gold is “communist Chinese,” in order to try to prevent it from being sold in exchange for a basket of currencies.

For that reason, the Chinese have been taking all the dollars they have and spending them on as many physical commodities as they can buy. The huge Chinese stockpiles of gold, food, iron ore, metals etc. that have resulted may be used to back a final push to remove the US dollar from cabal-control. One plan being considered is for the BRICS to offer to exchange all US dollars for a new commodity backed currency (or various national currencies) during a fixed time period, after which dollars would no longer be accepted.

This would force the United States to start issuing a government currency like greenbacks, or else face complete economic collapse and chaos.

It is in the interests of the West to come to a compromise over that gold before the situation in Europe and North America deteriorates to the point of revolution.

On that note, the question of how long Obama will remain in power also remains unanswered. The gnostic illuminati say the staged Sandy Hook shooting incident may prove to be fatal for the Obama regime. The evidence that this was a staged mass shooting or else kidnapping of kids for Satanic ceremonies is becoming overwhelming. Here, for example, is Obama posing for a photo with one of the victims two days after she was supposed to have been shot.

Here is another link:

It may be that the entire Sandy Hook psychological warfare operation was deliberately sabotaged so that it would rebound back on the regime. The “personal fitness boot camp,” that Obama was forced to attend is pentagon talk for a disciplinary session, according to a Pentagon source. The military are, in fact, very upset about this incident and are trying to locate the children and round up the paedophilic Satanists who were entrapped by this flawed psy-ops.

That is also what is happening with the case of Jimmy Savile of the BBC. Savile used his job as a famous TV personality to recruit children for paedophilic politicians, according to MI5 sources. One of the most notorious was former Prime Minister Edward Heath who was “getting kids and killing them,” the MI5 sources say. The other Prime Minister was Gordon Brown who had “a prolific taste for young boys.”

Heath had his affairs at the Kensington Gardens hotel which, unbeknownst to him, was a KGB-run hotel. Brown was subsequently photographed having sex with young boys and blackmailed by the KGB. The third Prime Minister linked to paedophiles is Tony Blair. However, the only hard evidence against Blair was he once approached a man in a public toilet and asked for sex. The man happened to be an undercover police officer and Blair was arrested, the MI5 sources say.

We must ask ourselves “are these the sort of people we want to rule over us?”


  1. Ben you seem like an intelligent man but the comments you make about President Obama make it sound as if you are a right winger, tea party wing nut. The claims you make about the President have no basis in reality and whoever is feeding you this stuff should not be trusted on any of the reported intel they provide you with. A lof of the hateful rhetoric about the President is coming from people that hate black people and some of from people that want to continue the Illuminati control of the world. Granted anyone that becomes the Presidential nominee has to have the Illuminati's blessing but that is as far as goes with this President that is genuinely pursuing world peace which is evident in his ending the Iraq war as well as his choice of Chuck Hagel for Secty. of Defense. Please just stick to the facts and do not report absurd allegations. I guess you along with Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh stoke the birther controversy too. Wake up Ben! p.s. the President has an annual physical exam so that is nothing unusual as past Presidents have. No conspiracy in that!

  2. By P. L. Chang
    The ultimate goal of the Intergalactic/Interdimensional Earth drama

    The current drama that is unfolding quickly on Earth is like an illusion designed to help us and Creation evolve. This is the ultimate goal of the Earth drama. When we look at this drama from a higher perspective, it is like a play and everyone is assigned a role that he or she has agreed to play. This is why we cannot really hate our enemies because they are just playing their parts in the evolution of the Universe. I know this may sound harsh but the truth is not always easy to accept. The problem with the Earth drama is that it is at a point where if we do not turn it around, it could cause the extinction of the human race on Earth.

  3. Good article Bejamin, your getting better at it. The most damaging action China could do is sell as many US dollars as fast as possible and buy up as many commodities as they can before the dollar collapses.

  4. We must ask ourselves “are these the sort of people we want to rule over us?”-
    well we don't want anybody to "rule " over us... that's the point.

    We can watch this death process of an old paradigm or spend more time creating a new and better one. We don't need anybodies permission to do this. Maybe we should give ourselves permission first.
    It's not the system that is the problem- it's conciseness. Once that changes for the better things will then happen.
    People keep looking to be given permission by some system that is perceived to be higher and more valid than themselves. This will never happen- you must claim your own standing.
    No law, government , label ,religion ,whatever -will give you that standing. It's something that you claim on our own.
    That's why it's referred to as 'Self Realization'.
    Then you are Free

    AnonymousJanuary 15, 2013 at 9:50 AM
    Ben you seem like an intelligent man but the comments you make about President Obama make it sound as if you are a right winger, tea party wing nut. The claims you make about the President have no basis in reality and whoever is feeding you this stuff should not be trusted on any of the reported intel they provide you with.



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