Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Conversation With Trustee Heather Tucci-Jarraf

A conversation with Trustee Heather Tucci-Jarraf of The One People's Public Trust
January 3, 2013
by American Kabuki, Brian, and D.

Brian from the American Kabuki ground crew and D. from Removing the Shackles discuss with Heather Tucci-Jarraf how she got started investigating banking fraud and the events that led to her being invited into The One People's Trust as a trustee.

To give you an overview of the concept of what this organization is doing you have to understand how our current reality has been manipulated.

Some time, long ago, humanity made the choice to experience separateness from Creator Source. In in truth separation is impossible, but Creator Source allowed an allusion of it for its many manifestations of Source.  A contract was made and sides were chosen by the participants in duality consciousness.  Whether this was a voluntary choice or whether humanity was pushed and tricked into it by outside meddlers, I don't know.

The choice to experience separateness in a state of duality consciousness drew into this environment other beings who were attracted to the lower density negative consciousness. They fed off the negative energies. An invasion of sorts ensued.  These beings set up an quantum anomaly in the etheric realms that would cut off human beings that inhabited this planet from source, their identity, and their memories of other incarnations.  Thus shielding humans from the natural energy input from Creator Source.  This allowed these beings to parasite the energy, time, and resources of human beings dwelling here, and shield themselves from higher energies they found uncomfortable. This quantum anomaly vastly shortened human life spans which facilated control because knowledge was lost when people died. They convinced the people over the ages that they had sinned, that Source had abandoned them because Source didn't love them. That they had fallen from grace. Nothing was further from the truth.

They used the natural energy grid of the planet to reinforce their control by making sure the darkest and most savage events took place on the acupressure points of this planetary grid creating a negative feedback loop into the very ecosystem of the planet.  The earth energy grid looks very much like the patterns on the surface of a soccer ball.

Governments were formed, and an economic system was imported from the Orion system.  They had done this on other worlds before.  It was a competitive economic casino system pitting one innocent human against another. The game was rigged and the house always won.  The system rewarded handsomely those who faciliated the system, the beings needed human minions, and they quickly empowered the most sociopathic and compassionless among the people, to rule as puppets for them.

They created systems of hierarchies, one form of "archy" "ism" and "ocracy" after another. They knew that to keep up this synthetic entropic reality of scarcity, they must always polarize the beings who still had energetic ties to source within their heart.  For if they awakened the illusion would fall. They divided humanity with religions, ideologies and political factions to keep people in their seats within the system and so busy surviving they never had time to simply BE.

No time to ponder, no time for contemplation, no time for joy, just a brutal struggle for basic survival while the minions of power wallowed in luxury and comfort. For if the people had time to contemplate the structure of the universe they dwelt in, they would notice the stars defy entropy and only grow more complex, and that nature itself defied entropy producing much bounty from the soil and sunshine compared to the effort of planting it, and the full abundance the Creator Source intended for humanity.

The spiritual traditions were twisted, the judges corrupted, and the educational systems were all designed to teach people this was the natural order of things.

What the Trustees accomplished was the reverse engineering of the financial system, including its endemic corruption.  They discovered was that it was beyond repair.  But what to do? The minons still controlled the judges, the police, the banks, the media, and the consciousness of an unawakened humanity.  For all the corruption inherent in the system, all the companies, transactions, financial houses, and governments (worldwide!) were all registered corporations within a very well documented system called the UCC.  All IRS codes are registered in the UCC.  All US Codes are registered in the UCC.  All international equivalents are registered in the international equivalent of the UCC   It’s all there, registered and documented.  The US was a Corporation until they canceled it and left what always was, the United States of America Trust.  There was one for Australia.  Iran too was a corporation.  This means the very concept of self-determination by the citizens of ANY country, was and is a complete fraud.

What wasn't well known was that the UCC and commercial registry was itself a privately run company, commandeered and run by the principals, agents, and beneficiaries of these slavery systems, these private corporations until one of the people discovered it.  Through a series of registration, gift, and assignment  the ownership is now with the original owner who paid for it...we the people of this planet.  But humanity didn't "know" that it was gifted, or rather, returned back to them and the bankers were sure not going to tell them that.  In legal terms, in order for a gift transfer to take place, someone has to accept the gift.  Heather drew up the acceptance papers and accepted and registered the gift of the UCC for humanity to be held in perpetual trust by the One People's Public Trust, which itself belongs to humanity.

The One People's Public Trust has created and filed legal documents based on The Law of One, Universal Law, and UCC law that states in effect each human is a manifestation of the Creator Source, and as such is a Creator, and is not subordinate to any artificial principality or corporate fiction.

The Declaration of Independence 
IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.
The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,
When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. -- That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security...

Being that these impostors posed as being superior to other equal manifestations of Creator Source, and derived their substance from the abuse, ridicule, murder, theft, and extortion of other Creator Source manifestations, the One People's Public Trust successfully filed and executed legal proceedings foreclosing on said Governments, banking institutions and supporting infrastructure and collaborators.  A key part of the approach that "The Powers That Were" could not and will not rebutt, is that the slavery systems were private corporations operating under the guise of the people's governments.

They have created legal frameworks called CVACs which will act as interim governments, they have allocated $500,000,000 from each $5 Billion owed each human in equity, to the each of the 194 CVACs to fund their startup.  Every government requires funding.

While the Trust, once fully executed by lawful military and law enforcement, will bring substantial prosperity to humanity, its bigger than that, its the legal basis for the complete permanent removal of the slavery system the controllers instituted.

Note: A written transcript is in process and various language translations will be provided shortly.

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  1. AK can activate the subtitle of the video on you tube to translate English i want subtitle translate english in French

  2. Hi AK,

    I appreciate all your work on investigating all the information that is coming out and trying to help the rest of us to get up to speed with it.
    My question is this: I have directly emailed Caleb Skinner to ask the same $5 billion question as everyone else; "Who are you people, who do you represent and when are you going to explain in common english, what the hell this is all about?"
    Apparently, I am to read all the documents and that's it. . . I should get all my answers and go on my merry way. Now, I get the gist of this, as I have been aware of all I can get my eyes and mind on, but we are still getting a lot of secrecy from all around, not just the elites. Heaven, masters, angels, the Resistance, the Agarthans, the EarthAllies . . . they all are not saying much. Do the People's Trust trustees understand that all their work for us is great but to just dump a bunch of gobbledgook in our laps and say "read up and have a nice new life" is not a very friendly way to lay out such an mind-shattering concept. I get that this is about us reminding ourselves that our freedom comes from our Creator, therefore we are free and beholden to no government or other individual. So, it's now up to each of us to go out and throw our driver licenses and other legal documentation in the law enforcement and justice systems' face and say "screw you", I can do what I want and don't need your permission"? I assume they intend just that, and that we will naturally have a slight adjustment period, as we will be carted off to jail until this all gets worked out. Do you "get" what they are about? Am I just really dense and incapable of understanding such a complex subject. I have read many of the documents in full and most others by skimming and picking out what seem salient points. The latest email from Caleb expressed in one sentence that he basically didn't know what else he could do for me. He didn't get what I was asking. Do you think these are lawyers from another planet doing this work pro bono for mankind? It's like they don't understand us as humans or either they are not allowed to say anything further. If that is the case, why did they even do this. It just stirred up a hornet's nest of confusion. Do you have any answers? I will listen to the mp3's though I doubt I will learn any more than your written synopsis. thanks again for whatever light you can throw on this situation.

    1. I hope you get a response to the words you have written, as you speak very clearly for many of us I believe.

    2. I appreciate your comment Robert, but I think that it is answered in the 57th minute. Ultimately, the power has to be taken by the people. We have to each make decisions to manifest our new reality. I feel that Heather put it very eloquently there. I don't put myself ahead of you Robert, because lord knows that I could do more for the world.

    3. It takes money to do anything in this world so before any real ACTION can be taken, we need some money to at least get to where we need to be to COORDINATE and IMPLEMENT everything necessary! If im wrong and theres a way to accomplish things without access to these funds, then i am open to hearing how because i dont know how, aside from hitch-hiking and begging for food.

  3. Hi American Kabuki,

    Thank you very much for Heather Tucci’s interview, but the sound of her voice is terrible. Sometimes it is very hard to understand her.

    Please, could that be corrected, or the interview repeated, or provide a transcript?

    Thanks a lot.

  4. We, the circumscribed living flesh of Paul Francis McDonald, the Trustee of a True, Divine, Express Trust in Trust No. 983164-330445-070027 salute you the Trustees and bondservants of the One Peoples Public Trust and the beneficiaries thereof, the human family, for your selfless acts in humility, honour, Love and Truth; acts of enormous power, for the benefit, security and future of all human beings and consequently our beloved co-habitant creatures.

    We are elevated to tears of joy; "this magic moment, so different and so new, unlike any other", lives with me now and forever and ever. Bless your hearts; your loyal servant and companion, in Truth.

    With Love,
    In the land known as Eireann

  5. thanks AK for posting the good tidings of "comfort and joy" as we proceed into this new era of prosperity where everyone can thrive. :)

  6. Well Done! Much LOVE and gratitude to all those involved.

    If all is done then so it shall be and so it is. As a free and sovereign being, with all that I am I demand without further delay all lawful currency or precious metal in which I/We are entitled to be returned to me/us immediately. I can and will accept payment VIA paypal to email address

    Without prejudice,


  7. Hey AK, around the 1 hour 30 minute mark, Heather mentions some "documents" that could be used to subvert the illegal law system in place to control us.. What documents are those? Are they publicly available through this blog, Obi Wan K, KP's or RTShackles?

    1. dito....can we see these questions? do you need an email to send them to or are you going to post on this site and when might one expect such a posting?

  8. I AM somewhat speechless right now (with gratitude) so I will just say that I'd like to give Heather and her Associates, and those posting all of this information, documents, and interview- a Big Ole Texas-Size Etheric Pink Hug.

  9. On October 26, Wanderer of the Skies said:

    "As this energy becomes activated, you will find less and less influence of the Illuminati over your everyday affairs. At first not detectable by your masses, eventually someone will “test the waters” with an act known to be against the ways of the Illuminati and, in doing so, will find no resistance which otherwise would have been expected. This will embolden more to further “push the envelope” until it becomes apparent that the Illuminati, who none could actually see or discern but who knew were ever present, are no longer there, or if they are, are not adverse to the actions taken. As this knowledge becomes more widespread, more and more advances for the good of all mankind will begin to take shape on your world. As that occurs, you will see an ever increasing avalanche of human created movements unimpeded towards that which you all desire--to thrive, to be free, to explore, and be told and find the truth."

    Could this be the "test of the waters"? I kept wondering how Heather is even still alive, and maybe it is because the Illuminati has no power anymore. However, she is still very brave.

  10. Pretty amazing information! It's nice to be able to start connecting all the dots.
    Thanks Heather, Brian, Dee, AmericanKabuki et al - looking forward to seeing how all this unfolds.

  11. We know there was no loan made, on an alleged mortgage, yet the court system continues to allow the banks to steal our homes through foreclosures. How do we stop this NOW?!

    1. we have a common law collateral attack on NY state court. But it was started a year ago, brought by one of the people. "judge" (reduced to a ministerial role) has been found in contempt, but only fined $1. "They" act as if none of this matters (since they still have the guns) but we are pressing on and once I digest the One People's Trust docs will file them into the case via Judicial Notice and see what reaction we get. We litigate in approx 16 states in fraudclosure cases and "win" often, but it's a slog in corporate, crooked courts so bringing this additional evidence of status (higher up the food chain that the legal fiction that currently is suing or being sued) should put more pressure on them. We are suign sheriffs and going after their bond/ ins. policy and going after judges the same way. Will update as we see how much leverage this info/ filings into cases will do.

  12. Thank you all for the very insightful interview. First, I want to draw your attention that Kp said the story about the gold wouldn't be on the blog, but it slipped through.

    The audio clarity was in and out when Heather spoke, so there were some explanations that I didn't get.

    I'll email my questions to keep them in one place. Anyway, thanks again for the debrief!

  13. Okay, one question I had while listening to this is when Heather was saying 'Act Free and We Are Free" and if all the money is the 'People's" money now, then who the hell is still funding the chemtrails being sprayed on us? We can't just walk over to the AFB and say "We're Free now, so can you please stop spraying poison's on us now?"

    1. Where is the evidence that anybody is funding chemtrails? Perhaps "they" realize "they" don't have to fund anything, "they" just do it

  14. I can say I'M FREE all day long but if my home goes into foreclosure and judges aren't and haven't been following laws, do I keep saying "I'M FREE" as they're throwing me in to the streets although it is an illegal foreclosure? Same as those people illegally jailed by the corrupt judicial system, they can't just say I'M FREE and walk out of jail. And who will tell the out of control corrupt power hungry 'law enforcers' we're free as people are getting beat or shot by them for no real reason? And the unarmed people in other countries being starved to death and/or killed by police just for 'being' can't just say "We're Free". I know things are changing in big ways but I believe these are the details people want to know. AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU ALL HAVE BEEN DOING!! BLESS YOU ALL.

    1. If it is your home than are you not claiming ownership? Does anybody own anything or mere users? If you claim ownership than if you don't pay a creditor than you should lose your home?

  15. Brian did a fantastic job! Thank you!

  16. I find the whole enterprise to be self-undermining and unconvincing when it uses any reference to 'prime', 'zero-pont', 'creator', 'separateness' and other metaphoric mumbojumbo.

    I am an atheist. I will not have anyone foisting any such nonsence as some kind of justification for serious life choices and/or my behaviour.

    The legal situation can be exactly what it is, as bad, as corrupt, just as much in need of overhaul ... without reference to any of these concepts.

    Same with all the so-called withheld technology. None of the beliefs in such things need be the case for the legal situation to be as it is.

    Same for the presentation of panacea and utopian predictions. Very very bad way to implement change. Again, the legal system can be just as specious and fetid as it is without having to promise anyone anything.

    I want to see these changes happen as much as anyone!

    But if you want any sort of credibility in these matters from anyone with a couple of neurons, the players would be very wise to distance themselves from these things, which are, if you basic argument is correct, completely unecessary. You will be eaten alive in any critical, reasoned argument. It an Occam's razor argument and you will be defeated every time and look naive.

    I look forward to the events playing out.

    1. All faiths are welcome here, even the faith of non-belief proselyters... Thank you for BE-ing!

    2. You are missing the big picture, I'm afraid.

      For one thing, I gather that Heather was speaking in general terms that are consistent with our Constitutional legacy. This is for the purpose of creating legal and/or UCC documents.

      There has to be a starting point for these legal documents and she has chosen "prime" and "zero point" etc. These terms are about as neutral as I can possibly imagine.

      We are free to believe whatever we want. An atheist is a believer because they believe there is no God. Apparently, they also believe there is no Creator, as I have just learned from this post.

    3. It's not a matter of being religious or not religious, legally speaking. It was simply necessary to go back to the very beginning - to "prime" as Heather puts it. What is before man that can't be denied or rebutted? The Constitution did basically the same thing with "We were created with unalienable rights (by the Creator). It is legally saying we cannot go any further back than "the creator" in terms of who has the authority.

      And, by the way, it is not about every person directly getting millions of dollars. The money per person is determined because each person on earth has "value" has equity by what they can produce, etc. So that is how the value was determined. The money is used to kickstart the new system and the new system provides great abundance.

    4. The issue with putting a value on people is the value should never diminish nor should there ever be credits associated. Nature, animals etc seem to do just fine and exist until their natural death. No money, nor credits they just live and do until they die, or eaten or stepped on by man

  17. So since I have a foreclosure on my home of 28 years and it is imminent, what can I do to prevent it in the court. I am one of 5 friends in the exact same area of my state and we all are about to but put out of our homes now with a foreclosure sale being set this month or next month at the latest. I will stand nnd have stood now for years but am down to no more avenues that I know of and understand. DEW

    1. Unfortunately, YOU have to do the groundwork. The holder of your mortgage most probably cannot prove there was a transaction, because of the bundled mortgages sold in the derivatives market. There have been rulings in New York, the judge threw out these foreclosures, and I believe it has happened in other states, other jurisdictions. Most likely whoever holds your mortgage does NOT have the original paperwork showing the transaction. Request the original paperwork and go from there.

    2. There was a broken chain of title when they securitized these alleged loans and sold them to third party investors.. Don't let them steal your home.....Get title and securitization audits done ASAP. You need to see what happened on your property.


  18. Thank you all so much for bringing this out. My husband and I were involved in filing the documentation for Nation States Project ala Drake earlier this year so when the Trust announcement came out we had a clue as to the importance of what we were looking at.The interview is awesome. What I've been saying on my blog since 12-21 is that we have shifted to the New Reality. Now we just need to give up our habit of 3D thinking and acting. We are so used to being slaves, we cannot believe that we are now free and the old masters have no recourse upon us. Blessings to you and Brian for all that you do and all that you ARE. Blessed Be.

  19. Cool, I listened to it all, and have no doubts about the veracity of any of it. I must point out, however, that no matter how hard Brian graciously attempted to stay on the brass tacks with his conversational prompts, he still found himself deflected and deferred a bit too much for my preferences. If you can't give specifics, I'd rather get a straight answer that reveals as much....

    But it's good to know, of course, that the next time I need something that I don't have money for, I can just take it and tell the purveyor that I have been freed from the slavery system, and so have they -- "haven't you heard?" I'll tell them, as I joyfully walk out the door. Then I will politely inform the cops that they can't arrest me for theft, because I have been freed from the money-slavery system, and so have they! I'll ask them for their badge numbers and just skip on down the lane with my free food and complimentary tank of gas. Will tell my landlord the same thing about rent -- let you know how that works out ;)

    An acquaintance of some friends who is a senior with cancer is facing homelessness tonight with the temperature around zero, so I can't resist a little razzing, apologies :) I kept telling everyone about the 100 grand each Fulford was talking about last summer, so I suppose I can hurry up and wait for 5 billion, or 500,000,000 in government equity, or what have you. Six figures or more would be wonderful, of course, but I have a more modest request: I just wish lightworkers could pay their rent, buy gas, keep their phone and internet working -- oh yeah, and eat healthy food -- then we could focus our energies on helping other people, instead of being forced to devote so much time to the maintenance of our threadbare 3-D existence, and the constant turmoil of the conscience that normally accompanies the endless money-chase for those who are awake within the system.....

    1. I like Brian's style, but I agree he could be more concise with his questions. That would give Heather more time, too.

      I don't believe Heather really answered the question about how the public will be able to access these funds, how they will be disbursed or what. Maybe I missed it.
      Perhaps we are supposed to figure it out for ourselves now that we are on our own.

      I couldn't be more grateful for what these brave souls have done for humanity, however. I guess for now, we have to play it by ear and see how it unfolds.
      Would love to be more involved than this, if I felt better. I know the new technology will help us greatly.

      I look forward to seeing the responses we can use in certain situations that Heather said she would give to this site to post.

  20. wow. powerful stuff. keep up the good work!

  21. Hey Guys
    I made a typo on the WANDERER OF THE SKIES link I gave on a comment. Correct link to Wanderer of the Skies is:


  22. Bravo to each of you for this well-orchestrated conversation. Special thanks to you, Brian, for your sharp and focused guidance along this new territory, helping to birth a new New Age.

    Must admit, loved the ending with the focus on the spiritual foundation upon which this impulse is founded. Kudos to you, Heather. And to your crew, the expertise is incredible from what I can determine so far.

    AK, great appreciation for providing us all with this platform. :-)

    D, I'll familiarize myself with your blog very soon. Thanks for your presence!

    KP, thank you for your sound tech skills, not to mention your level of presence!

    And to all Beings: making time daily, maybe 10-15 minutes, to sit quietly and setting an intention to connect with what we consider a Higher Power, will foster such coherence and clarity for ourselves as we desire to understand what roles we can play in facilitating this spanking-brand new world unfolding NOW. :-) Being, You, aka YouMa

  23. As people adjust and re-adjust their thinking to accept and to assert their freedom and retire their debts I am envisioning more lawsuits in courts seeking remedy for property ownership by home-owners.
    If you lost a foreclosure or are in foreclosure or have a home you may want to do a quiet title legal suit to clear the presumptions by institutions and others as to who owns the land and the structure(s) on the land. Of course property taxes will also be the next step for questioning.
    Most people (I am included) detest court proceedings.
    Thus the practical question becomes where to gain legal skills to seek legal remedy that includes this new UCC paradigm from the institutions making debt claims against you.

    Some of us mavericks will have to widen the blazing trail set by Trustee Heather Tucci Jaffar and put their home on the test block...
    With each success story comes the ease for more success stories!

    Thank you for being here and thank you for sharing

    LOVE & Peace

  24. you will know the change in ON when congress will pass GLASS-STEAGALL HR 1489 apply Hamiltonian Credit system and aproved NAWAPA, lool at

  25. AK did you receive the documents that Heather was talking about, which outlines the proper questions to ask when put in a compromising position by "the powers that were"?

    It would be very much appreciated, as those questions would be the practical tools we can use in our day-to-day dealings with these fiends. Many thanks!!

  26. For those who don't believe the tide is changing, here are more news on the banking system...

  27. I have done enough research and actual experimenting with what Heather is saying to know that what she is saying is true. However, I would like to caution everyone that the cabal's system is so insidious that there can be unforeseen consequences of taking actions as a free citizen. As I listened to Heather, I felt that as an attorney she knows the procedures; but the average person does not know how to react. The system is set up to intimidate people and according to my research, we can get into trouble by thinking we understand when we actually are not aware of all the tricks that can be enacted against us. Even the use of certain words can create an outcome we do not intend.

    I think the essential first move is to remove the cabal ... then educate EVERYONE as to how to proceed. Thanks to Heather and the other trustees for all their work.

  28. Does this have legal repercussions Internationally? Can these principles be applied in European nations??

  29. I have noticed how many people, not just here, but all over the web, use "Anonymous" to identify (I mean, NOT identify) themselves. I realize it is tough to put yourself out there and have people possibly criticize or reject you or your thoughts. The New Age, hopefully is about changing that situation. But in the meantime, don't you all think it is time to push the envelope just a little bit? How do you suppose we are going to take back our world peacefully without force, if we are too scared to even say our name? Or you could shout out your social security number if you prefer numbers. The Guy Fawkes thing was kinda cool at first, when you're facing the blowback from standing up against the police state, but c'mon, it was a movie, for God's sake! If they want you, they will rip the mask off and take you. The reality is: if you're going to be demonstrating in the street or even throwing things thru windows, wouldn't it be better to use camo makeup or something to hide your face from surveillance cameras? That way you could see where you're going and not bump into a lamp post or something. Remember using a halloween mask as a kid (or adult)? It's not easy to maneuver.
    They say the elites are on the run; the "good" military is about to put an end to this charade, the calvary is coming. I don't know if that is true or not, but if we aren't even willing to reveal our name next to our statements, then we are certainly not ready for prime time. How will you get out in the streets and risk being swept up, if you can't even say who you are when you make comments? Even the poor kids in Palestine are willing to get out in the streets and throw rocks at their masters' dogs. How will we ever be free without some backbone? Whether it is being in the streets demonstrating, if that is your thing, or, not paying your taxes or whatever ... we have to be willing to experience some inconvenience and discomfort to get there until enough people wake up. THanks for listening.

  30. Hi Ak,

    I did some further reading on CVAC's last nite and my understanding of them, as best as I can decipher this stuff, is that the CVAC they are defining is US, each one of us. Seven billion plus CVAC's. Don't know if I get it correctly, but hey, they didn't give us a manual to interpret the manual. A CVAC could also be a larger group of CVAC's, based on what I read.

    Maybe you can ask and get clarification. Good luck with that. Thanks.

  31. Just wanted to give some clarity from my point of view to the fact that no loans were ever made to the people, because it was somewhat unclear in the audio.

    In order to make a loan, the principal criteria is that you have some kind of ownership in what you are lending. It is impossible to lend something to someone that they already own.

    In this case the money lent was already owned by the person that allegedly borrowed it "The peoples money". The bankers through their magic have made us believe that they were the actual owners and had something to lend. The wealth of the planet has been usurped and a banking matrix of fraud put in its place. This is what is being exposed and dismantled.

  32. She continues to ignore the announcement question. He asks when are the announcements and she keeps saying that if you want to be free then act free. I still see the chemtrails therefore we are not free. The IRS is going to take our money therefore, we are not free and so on and so forth. WHEN ARE THE ANNOUNCEMENTS? WHEN WILL THE CHEMTRAILS STOP? WHEN WILL THE IRS; TSA; HOMELAND SECURITY; AND THE CORRUPT LEGAL SYSTEM BE GONE SO ON AND SO FORTH?????? PLEASE JUST ANSWER THE QUESTIONS WITHOUT STORIES. GOOD GOD!!! ANSWER THE QUESTIONS!!!

  33. First I want to say thank you all for all of your endless hard work and research for
    change that we have all been waiting for, for so long. Your courage and stamina is
    unbelievable to say the least.
    I understand on a spiritual level what you are saying about our freedom and we are free. But it also kind of reminds me of when Drake said..start arresting these people...go out and do your part so to speak. I can feel freedom in
    my entire being and imagine a life that could we could really live in this world with
    all of the technology that has been stolen from us. I know about being of service to myself and others...I have lived it. But I don't feel comfortable walking in and blatantly bucking the system as it stands and end up behind bars. No matter how
    diplomatic you might be able to present your argument..they are not going to buy it!
    So please tell me what I am missing here...It was a wonderful interview with Heather and Brian and D. and I commend you all and appreciate your hard work. But we are still in this spider web of corruption that on the service seems to be unescapable.
    Love to all of you including the names I have forgotten to mention

  34. Where specifically is the documentation that we can cite into affidavits for the courts as well as bills (power, water etc) that we can use to back all this? In other words how do we access these funds in trust? Poof keeps speaking of 3rd grade reading level instructions to access the trust, is this the same trust? Also I have been studying under commercial redemption as well, so does this make the A4V technology a lot of us have been working on null? I already know how to deal with the courts outside a corpus delecti however I would really like to read the USS code that is the proverbial nail in the coffin to the existing power structures. If you can answer this for me, I am set to go. I know what to do I just need the physical tools. Cheers and God bless all the hard work, I can only imagine how much work since I know how many countless hours I have put into just the local state level dealing with the legal system.

  35. Gratitude and Thanks to ALL who have put their energies and BEing towards manifesting this new reality. AK, KP, D, Heather and the Trustees... and Brian - excellent work in leading the conversation.

    The way that I see it, this is a huge puzzle pieces fitting together within the Plan. The important legal groundwork has been done by TOPPT in establishing our freedom. There are remaining steps to be taken before we - all of humanity - are living this as a day to day reality. Beyond our acknowledgement and ownership of our sovereignity, if the slavery system were to transition by a case by case situation, it would be an extremely lengthy process, and taking the temperature of the people, it's evident that nobody has the desire or patience for it to happen that way. The corrupt have been being removed slowly over the last period of time, but there needs to be a watershed Event where the remainder of them are removed from power, in order for the mainstream media to be unshackled and we the People to truly realize our freedom. There were hints in Heather's syntax that would indicate to me that the Resistance Movement is, if not orchestrating this, then supportive of it.


    Why am I the ONLY one ?? who seems to be pointing out:

    These huge amounts of Wealth CANNOT EXIST unless there is a way to store them:

    + They have to exist as gold or precious metal stored somewhere, or
    + As entries in a bank account ledger

    + Where is the evidence that such huge amounts of gold etc were ever mined? (None!)
    + Where is the evidence that banks have balance sheets of sufficient size hold accounts of the size mentioned? (None!)

    For the later, & as an example I have previously pointed out that:

    "Spiritual White Boy" (SWB) is said to have placed a deposit with HSBC of:
    $1.03 x million x million x million

    And when you look at HSBC's published accounts, you will find:
    HSBC has TOTAL Customer deposits of : $1.31 Trillion / that's $1.31 x million x million

    That's 1/One millionth of the amount claimed to be held by SWB !!
    Moreover, if you know anything about banking, you will realise:

    + There is no way to assemble that much money
    + There is no way to transfer such a huge amount
    + There is no way to invest so much
    + You can print $100 Trillion Notes (as Zimbabwe has done), but if you try to spend thesee
    huge amounts, you force prices up enormously, and get hyperinflation

    I will think it is ALL BS until I see some convincing evidence that such huge stores of wealth can exist at all.
    (Why do the people spreading this story never bother to do the most simple an basic research on this,
    as I have done ??)

    Generally accepted in the mainstream is the notion that the aggregate wealth of the world is $200-300 Trilllion.
    How can one account, or one family have multiples of that? And why does this hidden wealth not show up
    somewhere on the planet.

    No evidence = All BS, imho / Expose the liars! Question their motives & lack of research !

    -Lonely Truth Teller

    1. Does all that stuff matter anyway? Do you not have dominion of earth and all that is here? Must you have evidence that you are of Source and have the same powers that Jesus possessed? O Ye of little faith.

  37. If you can get a verified step by step way to have student loans dropped, the state would no longer have a vicegrip on the educated(and forced into poverty) youth you need so badly in order to get this thing started.

    If we could have such a list, the youth would instantly rise up and do this. We're waiting for help...we're trying to do what we can with ** and other organizations, but we are tied by working with this fraudulent system. I have personally watched videos of people saying we should fall on our swords in mass, group suicides to force the cabal's(sallie Mae/student loan pirate banks) hands.

    I would strongly suggest someone stop this particular madness,and soon. Youth are willing to DIE to get something started. Get ANYTHING started, even an enraged populace.

  38. My gratitude to each soul here. As I listened, I could feel the possibilities emerge, What plan can I take to negate my mortgage and of my heavy burden of credit debt? Can I really trust that I will be free to pursue my own dreams - such as leaving my energy sucking job and open a free medical clinic (without the crushing financial burden of malpractice insurance)? Dare I believe that I step outside my home a free entity onto myself put part of ONE? The BEing is there! I feel it growing, and it is expanding with each blog I read, with each comment from my family here, .... yes, I can be so!
    I beleive that all we as a collective would require at this time, is the WAYSHOWERs, to quite literally SHOW ME THE MAY my friend, it practical terms, just a brief recipe please, I will embellish it with my own unique spices!

    Much love to all,

  39. Interesting conversation. I was very suprised by Brian's query about the 'law' and if he got pulled over for DUI how could he get himself out of a fine or jail by arguing that the 'law' is an illusion and he shouldn't be tried for his act. Well Brian I hope not everyone decides to follow your example, as I feel the answer is actually more about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, which means making the choice not to drive after drinking alcohol and that goes for any other irresponsible act that could potential harm another human. When the 'law' is acknowledged as an illusion will we all run rampant and careless not considering our actions?

    1. Where is the crime for "DUI" Where is the injured party? Of course we must be responsible however if no man is injured where is the injury? If somebody injures another what business is it all of the State/Feds? Is is not between the injured and the injuror?

    2. The crime of DUI whether there is an injury or not is "wanton endangerment". Just because no one is injured doesn't mean the chances weren't increased tremendously by soemone deciding to drink alcohol and then operate a 2 ton+ vehicle capable of killing a dozen people in a single collision. I thought this whole thing was about personal responsibility? Drinking and driving is anything but!!

  40. Where did you file all your papers?

  41. how do we see any answers ?? its just all comments and questions ?
    please tell or show how to see answers??

  42. That was pretty awesome to listen to? Thanks so much.


  43. Thank you AK, Brian, D and Heather for your faithfulness to the awakening process! Heather, you have put an incredible amount of effort into this process. I agree with some of the commenters here that right or wrong, many of us need specifics - a tool kit. I think you are saying, "The system for freedom is in place, embrace it, use it, and BE free." Can you illustrate for us slow learners how this might play out with mortgage payments, foreclosures, other debt, homelessness, etc. The One Law says, "Do no harm". So how do I avoid foreclosure if I can't pay my mortgage or taxes, and the sheriff comes knocking with an eviction notice? I know I am free, and I know the UCC's say that "all is mine" so to speak, but the banker, judge and jury may not agree. What are my choices?

    Again, thank you SO MUCH for all you have done to prepare for our financial freedom. Now, if you would just help us take the next step and be free without going to jail!

    Much love and light to all of you...... Dave

    1. Dave, There are procedures in place in dealing with foreclosure as well as debt collection etc. I could type for hours on the subject matter, however look up Rod Class, John Stuart (not the comedian) Winston Shrout, Bill Foust, Dean Clifford etc. That is more than enough to get you started on that area of study. The trust here ties into alot of the financial issues and I believe it to be similar to the Cestui Que Vie trust. All the courts and banks are using trust law to use our signatures as negotiable instruments when we actually could do it. It combines elements of probate law and trust law mixed with admiralty law. It can get complex but after a while you start to see it. Cheers!

  44. I very much appreciate this information. Many thanks to all who are involved in this work, and to those who are disseminating the information. That said, I don't understand why simple questions aren't being answered here like how are the masses to make it waiting for this funding? I also want to know why this funding is needed in a world where our needs will all be met? Aren't we merely continuing a system based on money? It seems we are trading one matrix system for another.

  45. So, when is obama going to be held accountable for the heinous crimes against humanity that he is committing as well as the illuminati cabal?

  46. After listening to the interview, I have as many questions as answers. I am specifically interested on the process going forward. Thus:
    When is there going to be a web site declaration as to the steps to freedom?
    When will the money come?
    When and who are the bad buys that are going to spend the rest of their lives behind bars? Or tried for treason?
    What is going to be the process of establishing the new government. It scares me when she says "if the people want one". Will our constitution be done away with? This is scary, because it was as pure a document as depraved sinful man has ever crafted. Being out from under slavery is great. However, freedom without structure is anarchy.

    Just as the Soviet Union failed at "democracy" because they had been enslaved for so long. and didn't have a clue about what it was to be free, we too will need a process to deal with the new reality.

  47. How does one gain a copy of the transcript or lawful paperwork declaring one's status referred to by Heather in the interview? Can a copy be obtained or sent to me? Will it have instructions on how to apply it, or where to file it if necessary? Thank you...

  48. What scares me, is that they want people to become world's all part of the great elite / vatican master plan...Please question everything..One thing i'd like to know is..would the indigenous people of north america get what was stolen from them?..All the trillions stolen from them and their lands? Will they get that back? or is this to be used against them given how people in north america would become greedy?


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