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The Power of Words & Activating the Future


The Power of Words & Activating the Future

Hello my friends, this is just a quick post to let you know that I'll be joining Deb, Hope, Carrol and Sherie on the Shift is Happening radio show on Blogtalk radio tomorrow.  Deb is doing 7 broadcasts in a row starting January 7th.

As I've said before both here and on previous broadcasts, I am am not fond of anything that hints of organized religion.  I steer clear of terms like "Christ consciousness", and I dislike the expression "Ascended Masters".  I believe that St. Germaine exists in our reality, but I have not met him and therefore I cannot say what he stands for,  or what his symbols stand for.  I have spoken to Deb about this topic several times and explained my position on the use of words and the connotations that can be created by with the use of words.

Deb and I had a long conversation on this topic yesterday and I feel the need to write here my thoughts on this.

In my opinion (and the opinions of a vast assortment of people from many walks of life and experience) Organized Religion is a construct of the Cabal (and their forefathers) to control humanity and control their consciousness.  When you give people rules to live by, tell them what is Right & Wrong and tell them that only a few men in a position of power have the ability to rule over them as their spiritual guides/mentors/fathers/priests/rabbis/etc, then you take consciousness from the people and their right to   decide for themselves what their journey is- what their reason for BEing is.

In my opinion there is a tendency for people to draw back to their safe haven even while searching for freedom.

What I mean is that as many many people are escaping from the hold of organized religion, searching for the freedom of consciousness that they crave, they sometimes create a new paradigm of belief that falls back into the programming of their back-ground, bringing words and ideas and beliefs from the programming they have run away from, into the new paradigm of beliefs that they are discovering. For example : Christ Consciousness or Archangels.

I am not saying these are not valid words or thoughts or even beings.  But I am cautious of what they represent in the face of pulling the old into the new.  Words have power. Words represent energy- energy of creation and understanding. We have the ability to create the new.  Therein is my caution to the use of words that come from a paradigm of control and bringing them into the new paradigm of freedom.

In my search for higher truth, for higher consciousness, for remembering who I am and why I'm here, when I read or hear certain words they create a wall in front of me, and whatever the message those words might be conveying - good or bad- is lost behind that wall.  I am speaking of my own personal experience and perception of course, but I have a feeling that I am not the only one that feels and sees this wall.  This is the reason that I am very careful of the words I choose to write or speak out loud.

Having said that, the basis of what Deb is working towards- the creation and activation of a new paradigm of freedom and the creation and manifestation of the new financial system- I fully believe in.

We are the creators.  We are the light that shines into the future.  We are the ones that will save us.

We don't NEED a Saviour.  WE ARE THE SAVIOURS.

So if you feel like it, if the thought resonates with you, if you feel that this is a path forward that you wish to walk on, then please join us tomorrow and we'll collectively put our creative energies together and manifest the reality that we want.

... You must be the Change you wish to see in the world.  YOU

Light to you all

Monday, January 7th 2013 at 7pm PST /10pm EST

Day 1 of 7 Day Broadcast to Activate the New Paradigm with the Timeline of Light!

Anchor YOU on the New Timeline of Light

Command the Global ReSet & Gratitude that it is DONE

Take a Stand that Mother Earth is now in the hands of the Guardians and Ambassadors of Beings of Light

It’s TIME to take a stand for this planet to be a planet of freedom, liberation, truth and love…just for starters. Now that you have awakened to deception of the Enslavement Matrix, It’s Time to awaken to your Soul Remembrance and to Unite with the other Beings of Light who are awakening as well.

The (ousted) PTB have done a bang up job of destroying life, manipulating the Timelines, raping souls of their Free Will, stealing money, creating emotional trauma through fear & survival tactics and much more…Now…It’s Time to “Pick Up the Pieces and Go Home”

Join Power of Light Gal Pals HopeGirl, Carrol, D, Deb & Sherrie (helming the switchboard) for 7 broadcasts in a row, to consciously co-create, activate and anchor you as a liberated Beings of Light on the new Timeline of Light. You are Source – now that the jail cells – the suspension chambers have been opened, each of us must consciously choose to release, nullify, neutralize and replace all programs, implants, wounds etc. that our soul energy has been affected by or utilized to fuel the enslavement matrix.

Over the past year +, Deb has been given detailed information and insights regarding the manipulation of the timelines, (now backed by hard-core science – see “Daniel Papers-Timelines”) which led to her creating a Venus Rising Unified Field team and working to consciously anchor & activate this Timeline of Light since June 5th 2012 Venus Transit. Since October 10th it’s been ready for seeding, programming and consciously CHOOSING to be co-creating from that Timeline. This is also why so many awakened beings have been experiencing such chaos & technological issues in the last few months – the Timelines are separating. Additionally, she’s been given details about the “hidden alchemy” that we each can utilize as CONDUITS for manifesting a new reality. This is the alchemical sequencing of the 777 – 7 chakras, 7 elements & 7 frequencies. There’s many reasons that the GOLD is to be released – so the frequency of the Golden Age can be manifest, our Hearts of Gold can Ignite AND we, each as “Dorothy” can take the “yellow /gold brick road HOME”. Let’s go HOME – by creating that reality together…we’re in this together…it’s the ONLY WAY HOME – TOGETHER!

Now it’s Time for all Beings of Light to create a Unified Field, to take a STAND for the Global ReSet to be done NOW!!

We start on Monday, January 7th 2013 at 7pm PST /10pm EST with the grand finale 1st chakra anchoring and birthing on Sunday, January 13th – the realm of transformation.


  1. There is a Universal truth and what is universally true does not change....pure,unconditional LOVE shine,shine,shine as we truly learn to BE.

  2. I enjoy very much your blog read it everyday. I never felt like I needed to say anything till now but your energy is in everything you write that's why I come here for my daily news its you and your truth its in all the things that come from this blog and all your friends blogs. Words have power when you use them I know not of the original meaning and it doesn't matter its your energy I want. The real truth and comes with love you are changing the meaning of words and using it for all, as they read your words they use your meaning (energy) for what you intended it for. Trust me I know and understand energy yours as pure as it gets.
    What I see when I read your blog is your light in every word its impact on all around them and every one that comments has a piece of your light. I see life differently unlike you I cant express my desires through words. I have done all that I can its not up to me to bring change that's your job. Energy is flowing inwards to your groups, humanity is yours.

  3. The misunderstanding of religion.
    Many sincere Lightworkers - and 'D' at removingtheshackles appears to me to be one - hope to move forward into the new reality in a way that somehow does not involve religion. I quote from the article above:

    "Organized Religion is a construct of the Cabal (and their forefathers) to control humanity and control their consciousness. When you give people rules to live by, tell them what is Right & Wrong and tell them that only a few men in a position of power have the ability to rule over them as their spiritual guides ... "

    But there is the danger of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. May I take a bit of space on AK's excellent blog site to say what I mean?

    The root of the word Religion is the same as the root of the word ligament. In other words it is about connection - in this case, the connection of the limited awareness of a Soul in manifestation, with the Absolute Knowing of the Infinite One. Any time we endeavour to reach beyond ourselves to the Divine, to Source, to Our Maker or whatever name we choose to give that which we seek, that is Perfect and beyond limitation, we are practising religion - even if we find the word offensive. We are, in a sense, doing that by definition.
    Now, I do agree with 'D' that Organised Religion has - on occasions - been responsible for the most dreadful behaviour to the humanity they have affected. But it is also true that Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam - to name the main religious movements - have carried mankind to some of the highest peaks that have been achieved. The works of Lao Tse, the Buddhist Sutras and Mahayana Teachings, the Vedas and the Upanishads, the Psalms, the works of the great Christian Mystics and the immeasurable contribution of the Islamic Scholars, have been the bedrock of civilised thought and spiritual practise across the world. Without this deep stream of Wisdom, stretching from the sands of Egypt right up to the present day, often carried within religious works (in a way that may have been hidden), we would be bereft of most of what we now consider civilised thought and spiritual insight. It is true that a dark tradition has interwoven with the tradition of light - but ... and it is a big but, this also may have had its part to play.
    As we emerge further into this 'New Age' it is inevitable (and universal) that new religious forms will emerge out of the ashes of the old. They may be somewhat disorganised at first, but gradually the form will solidify. If we are to avoid the mistakes made by (all) religions in the past, we need to also recognise what they achieved and got right.

    The assertion I quote above may well have truth within it (men and women err through ignorance and for worse reasons). But it could also rightly be said that Organised Religion has allowed the Deepest Wisdom to flow in an unbroken stream from ages past to bring us infinite blessings in our present day.

    What we need to do, I humbly suggest, is to explore the universal truths within all the major religions - which become clear when their deepest and finest teachings are considered. From this understanding we may then be in a position to encourage new forms of religion that honour the sovereignty of the individual. Such consideration should also acknowledge that not all are called to the priestly function. Those who are (like great teachers, and healers) have a crucial role to play - and need an organisation (form) in which to play it.
    Approaching the Divine is something all mankind has sought to do for millennia. Let's not throw away what they have learned because of the possible actions of a few misguided souls who sought power over, and not power for, others.

    1. Religion comes from the root french word religare "to bind fast" - SLAVERY, CHAINS on the mind

  4. This is awesome; I will be there. Thank you all for making this happen.

  5. I agree.. It is no savior, how can you save someone that has always been saved. Infinite Cosmic Beings I AM!!! and just fyi, all the words you used in the post have been 3D words. words are energy like every expression thus the intent from the Heart is what give power to the word. Not the words themselves. The word Archangel or any other is just that, A Word. (imo)

    we are One
    I AM

  6. Terms such as Christ Consciousness, Ascended Master or spirit guide have been helpful to me because when I hear them, I am automatically out of organized religion thinking. These kinds of words help me to connect to a multi-dimensional part of myself.

    The idea of mentors or guides is a comfort to me in the same way that a teacher in school was a comfort when I was struggling to learn a subject. A good teacher never does the work for the student but can guide and demonstrate.

    I am glad I wasn't left on my own when first learning to read or perform math operations. I see the star nations in the same way - as mentors for children on the cusp of becoming members of a galactic society.

    I do not feel any sense of worship with regard these beings, but respect and gratitude - yes.

    I am looking forward to the broadcasts.


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