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The Woman They Couldn't Kill

Mouse Chimera - part mouse, part human ear
Eva Moore forwarded this remarkable story to me. Cynthia Marie has a rare genome that is impervious to disease and toxins.  When faced with something the body can't handle, instead of dying her body puts her into a coma until it excretes the toxin/germ out in her urine.   According to Cynthia her DNA was sold like a commodity through Wall Street and hypothecated through various financial products.  She is an extreme case of slave system  we all live under and how the securitization of birth certificate as collateral was carried to an extreme.  They even tried to kill her to collect the "dead peasant" life insurance they had put on her life. -AK

The International Human Genome Project
By: Cynthia Marie of Brewer

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And for more info on what you can expect to happen to your body, try: 

And this link will explain much of how it got here:

Riegle Community Development and Regulatory Improvement Act of 1994 H.R.3474:

This is about the world debt and how the people behind the NEW WORLD ORDER took control.

This topic is the giant flashing red elephant in the middle of the room that nobody is addressing and our problems will not be resolved until it is addressed. Those that have addressed it are dead from ‘patented’ natural causes, inter alia. Basically it is a combination of interplanetary trading and alien technologies combined with patenting laws allowing the patents of ‘God’s Gifts’, and done by the banking cartel, the INNER CIRCLE, and our world’s leaders. (This resulted in GMO foods and patented diseases ‘superbugs’). It is also the truth behind the media cover up resulting in the Judith Miller matter (The Valarie Plame case was a cover-up for classified information concerning the truth.). The money trail and patent holders are the sponsors of war, economic collapse and environmental destruction. (This also explains the origin of the funds for the global disasters around the world, including the chem-trails HARP, DARPA, Blackwater, Oppenehimer, Lockhead Martin, and the planetary annihilation industries, including biotechnology, pharmacopeia
and transhuman warfare movements.).

About the author: My NAME is CYNTHIA MARIE BREWER, I, Cynthia Marie Brewer, am a living, breathing, sentient, being with unalienable rights. Order of St. Joachim (father of mother Mary). I am a remnant of Byzantium, BYZANTIVM, prior to the time when Constantine killed the whole autonomous society and named the new society The Byzantine Empire (how it appears in the Bible) and altered history and religion, inter alia. I am the unwitting lady that was used in the Human Genome Project (The one bloody on the operating table, inter alia) and the DNA sequencing was completed from my DNA. Today, it is very easy to find the clones and other products sold from that catastrophe that destroyed my life and left me disabled. Not even ten years ago, my disclosure was met with scorn, distrust and accusation of being crazy. Today, it is known and being revealed and disclosed, by many people who are now awake and aware. So, while I may be crazy, I am not wrong. It is now common knowledge to a growing number of people and those in denial openly refuse to do their homework, And it is their homework as someone is claiming ownership over their bodies and attacking their soul.

This a monumental task. It is the largest case in documented human history, making it impossible for any reasonable explanation in a short documentary. It has also been coined the largest sham in documented human history and is estimated to control about 2/3 of world economy, and the results is behind the power and control taken by the immoral and ethical class of humans who control the planet and the resources. Because of the size, magnitude and complexity, I will just mention many different subjects that the reader must research on his/her own. There are countless researchers in countless disclosure projects around the world that have dedicated years of their lives putting together much better documentaries on the subject than what I could express herein. I bring a quick overview of how the pieces fit together.

This arrangement is the much bigger than greed. This matter is the first of the undisclosed and nonconsensual human takings that resulted in massive ill-gotten gains and unjust enrichment. The controlling elite used the currency to extort and control all people by force, fear and deception while making abominations, administering diseases, and annihilating the planet, inter alia; while those of us with morals and ethics remained in denial or could not figure a way to seize the activities without compromising the very convictions they uphold.

Although these studies have begun thousands of years ago, they have been under control by the innate and inherent morals and ethics of the majority of the people. In addition, the people responsible are very well aware that these activities are wrong, evidenced by their secret and deceptive practices and obscene lengths to cover-up what they have done.

In this particular turn of events the financing came into fruition in 1997, under the second biotechnology patent in the USA; US Patent 4,237,224 granted to Stanly Cohen and Herbert Boyer Dec. 2, 1980 entitled, "Process for producing biologically functional molecular chimeras.
Note: There is nothing new under the sun. These activities, including DNA splicing also goes back to the truth behind the Nixon scandal, and the classified information leaked out in “Watergate”. (I am not talking about the lies you heard in the cover-up.). The securities frauds from this era were ‘titled’ “Whitewater” and the Clintons and others benefited. If you research “mythology”, you find much truth behind what is reoccurring in this time period. Chimeras in the days of old, included centurions (man’s head with horses body), sphinxes, the temple guards of RA, (human bodies with dog heads), and countless others.

Most people have heard of ‘DOLLY, the sheep’ in 1997. It was reported that DOLLY was the first mammal cloned. That is clearly Science/fiction writing. DOLLY the sheep was one of a whole farm of cloned animals. It was a prerequisite to be on the farm she came from. The truth behind the significance of DOLLY is that it was the first homo sapiens (man) cloned, and the rest of the project was not disclosed. More precisely, it was a chimaera with human DNA.; And one of the big secrets includes the fact that it was carried on an unwitting homo sapiens aka (wo)man. I am that woman.

I am the Principal-in-Fact and Real Party-in-Interest in INTERNATIONAL THE HUMAN GENOME PROJECT.

Research itunder HUMAN 5001, Taxonomy ID 9606 and the hyperlinks that are attached (forget not that it is the largest case in documented human history, so don’t expect to get through this in your lifetime, just get a super brief understanding to know that this exists, and that you too are logged into this genebank, and cataloged under the ISO barcodes awaiting your use for someonelse’s benefit and your “need” for a microchip, inter alia.

International Standards Organization (ISO); these are the people who bring the planet barcodes for commercial purposes aka BEAST No.: 111111-111111-111111. Skipping over huge amounts of information, the number is 666, which is also the number of man in the Bible*. It is expressed in a linier equation that ‘the Beast’ can read and termed ‘the number of the beast’; this codex is programed into the microchip. Each person has a unique set of characters that replace the “1’s” with differing alpha and numbers characters (found in each person’s DNA. The Mark of the Beast implemented by the ISO includes the character’s determining whose property each of the people on this planet belongs to. The genocide around the globe including Croatia, Armenia and Guantanamo Bay are directed at the Byzanium Tribe whose numbers are all “1’s”, such as mine.

 *Note: this was a popular American Christian fundamentalist belief in the 1990s - I know, I was once a fundamentalist.  A few thing to keep in mind about the book of Revelation in the Bible.  It was almost completely omitted by Council of Nicea in the canon of the Bible, but added as an afterthought. It is but one example of Apocalyptic Judaic literature that was popular around the 1st century.  There are many others. Judea was devastated, and to the Judaic world the end of the world had arrived. It is a constant game among American protestants to guess what the number 666 means.  The most logical explanation considering the context of the time was that it was Emporer Nero's name in Greek transliterated into Hebrew which equals 666. The scripture says it is THE NUMBER OF A MAN, not the number of a bar code encoding algorithm. 666 is also the atomic structure of carbon, the basic building block of life, 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons. You can see how quickly the possibilities add up for this number combination in quite different things. They key to reading any ancient scripture is the context, for text without context is pretext.  Nero was a man, and his name did add up to 666.  In any case, even if you take the story in Revelation literally, as many do, its a prophecy that has failed and thank the Creator Source for that! -AK

Read between the lines in the recent news and current movies such as “Too Big to Fail.” It is my belief that the big bankers such is Goldman Sachs (Genentech, which is the primary genebank) is to immoral and unethical to succeed. (This is defines terms such as “Capital Injections” and “Toxic Security Interests” and the coded “science reporting” [yes, “science writing in an accredited profession on deception in the media] information publicized). Today, billions of unwitting living, breathing, Sentient and Divine Beings are being used unwittingly as commodities mostly in biotechnology and pharmacopeia for ill- gotten gains. The securities documents refer to them as ‘candidates’, ‘hosts’ and ‘specimens’. The “leaking” of this information is primarily responsible for all the mobile ‘paper shredding’ activities around the country specifically targeting the stock exchanges and banks.

The biggest kicker is that those invested in the stock market are either in denial or will blatantly lie when asked about these issues. The highest yielding returns on the stock market are #1 = biotechnology; #2 = pharmacopeia; #3 = prison stock; #4 = housing/ mortgage fraud. Consider the resulting activities used to maximize the bottom line. They commit a crime and keep the proceeds; then throw you into prison for the crime they committed against you; steal all your property including your home and body; take unauthorized possession over your body and property while ruining your credibility in the used of psych drugs; then they give you diseases and cure them at tax payer’s expense by bringing you free health care and PATENT PROTECTION. Pay attention to the last two words in the health care initiative, “Patent protection”. The truth behind the economic crashes is the examination of morals and ethics when one of their own becomes threatened with the system they intended for the rest of us.

Back to prior information, the name DOLLY was used to cover up the otherwise absolutely illegal, immoral, and unethical actions against an unwitting sentient being. Dolly was far from the first mammal cloned proving the inaccuracy of information and “science writing” around this subject. She was the last cloned animal in Scotland, at the Rosaline Institute, in Scotland where it was legal to clone mammals. I was in Los Angeles, CA where they claimed it was not legal to do cloning. Legal or not, they did it and got away with it while the whole world watched and kept it private by labeling it “CLASSIFIED” information.

In the IHGP they maximized the outcome and purposes. One significant part was that they cloned me, thousands of time over. Today anyone can [find] clones of me online under the most vulgar circumstances imaginable and some so unconscionable you can’t imagine it and many will deny it after seeing it with their own lying eyes. See the links I mentioned, the clones are stressed in every conceivable way. They are diseased with every known disease, others irradiated, gassed, poisoned, imploded, exploded, sliced, spliced, diced, chopped, pureed, you name it.

Let me pause to tell you what I got for this: Catastrophic damages, injuries, hardships, burdens, losses, expenses and borage of people watching, studying me and attempting to kill me time and again. The only thing I received was pain, anguish, incarceration without cause, suffering, and diseases, forced psychiatric drug overdoses of and at least to lethal injections. that I have endured are a result of trying to cover up the most heinous of criminal activities, including mayhem, murder and rape are unconscionable.

In re: In 2001 they patented our DNA-THAT MEANS THEY OWN OUR BODIES AND OUR ‘OFFSPRING’! They have patented the human genome and privatized the same as though they own the very creation of our bodies, and have some rite to use our beings as commodities for their own unjust enrichment. We are considered their property in their minds; while they do genetic modification to humans and claim those beings are their own property. Do a search on the transhuman movement or follow the link at the top. One of the primary problems with transhumans and the humans controlling these issues is a DNA characteristic that leaves them void of the moral and ethics genes. These can be used as unstoppable super soldiers and are disposable to the owner when used for heinous deeds, inter alia.

Incidentally, they have done the same to all sustenance, including food in genetically modifying it and labeling it Genetically Modified Organism “GMO”. The same is being done with diseases; while catalysts for the diseases is released as one component in the chem- trails, inter alia.

You can do much research just by looking on Wikipedia under BRE and following the links. Please see the links above to discover that this is now available online. One is for the BRE gene and clone lines. The other is for the BRE DNA sequencing which was completed in 2001. Also visit NCBI and look up Taxonomy ID 9606 and Human 5001. If you have trouble researching it is because of the cover-ups.

The, results was the birth of Gene Bank, Genetech, Myriad, Celera, and the DNA sequencing serving as the Gene Banks that the world economy is based from. Prior to my surgery in The International Human Genome Project (IHGP) or (HGP), billions of Patents were distributed to private enterprise, and multilevel institutions at the UniProt Consotium. It began the BRE cell, clone, and gene lines. Billions of derivatives, and intellectual rights resulted in addition. Now my gene are sold for gross profits, making them unaffordable to most people, including me, and has become the foundation for the biotech industry.

The DNA sequencing was designed from the beginning and resulted in the Fourier Chip to control all of humanity and leave those unwilling to act as commodities for the elite to die. Some call it the mark of the beast brought to us by the International Standards Organization (ISO), the world’s product standardization for Bar Codes. I believe it is critical to require the elite to get one to handle the money/trust accounts.

The project along with my DNA provided the largest breakthrough in documented human history. It proved to be the “CURE”, not treatment, for ALL DISEASES and even otherwise lethal injections. The most recent news is that of J Craig Venter from IHGP who made the first synthetic life form and it was dubbed “Synthia”. It threatens the health, safety and welfare of every being on the planet.

Although it is not the sole reason for many issues, as these acts were maximized for profits and theft with other issues, it is also the underlying issue behind the BRE-X scandal, the Bernie Madoff scandal, Monica Lewinsky scandal, the ‘paper shredding’ scandal, the New York Trade Center scandal, and even goes back to Watergate, and many other issues. This is also behind the deception that the health care and PATENT PROTECTION bill will benefit anyone seeking services and not the investors and patent holders of the diseases they are giving all of us, brought to us by the NIH headed by none other than Francis Collins, who was the head of IHGP.

As with all human takings, no notice is given. Consent is never an option. Experiments are not disclosed to the ‘candidate/host/specimen’, and they are very catastrophic and very deadly. Those who make the discovery get a chemical lobotomy from the sorcerers of pharmacopeia from instructions written into the securities documents that also served to destroy the ‘candidate’ credibility.

The heinous activities compounded for years in attempts to escape the liability, responsibility, accountability and culpability. I was unreasonably violated, maimed, mutilated, deprived, humiliated, disgraced, slandered, and libeled; and other have followed in my tracks. I have spent the majority of my adult life dealing with additional unconscionable actions. While disabled, tortured, and deprived of basic sustenance required for life, harassed, and deprived of all property, including my own body and the nourishment and protection it requires, I have been repeatedly mislead, tortured, dishonored, lied to, cheated, deceived, drugged, and incarcerated without cause.

For many years I was forced to live uncomfortably off of the good will of others. My survival can only be explained by God’s intervention. I have recovered from multiple attempts to murder me and it has destroyed my health, safety and wellbeing.

It has been almost 15 years since the chimera surgery resulted in the amputation of my gluteus maximus and the back portion of me right leg along with all extraordinary damages. The overdose of irradiation from the radiological experiments has resulted in a horrible impact on my quality of life. Additional health issues have emerged due to the extreme mayhems, including four surgeries concerning almost ¼ of my body. Mysteriously the medical industry including thousands of M.D.s and multiple universities do not have any open appointments and there are no medical records.

I was called crazy because they thought I was wrong, by pretty much everyone at the time, but now billions of people, basically all people except the elite, are labeled ‘candidates’, found in the genebanks, to be used for biotech, and very few of the ‘hosts/specimens’ think I am wrong. In addition, the people holding the patents to “God’s Gifts” from the whole planet are the same that held the patent causing my demises. The most obvious are those patents for the biotech and pharmacopeia industries. They rate #1 and #2 on the stock market.

They can be a little hard to locate because they are NGO’s and exempt from securities registration. In addition, they burned ([World] Trade towers fire) and shredded all matters under investigation (MUI). Some of the less obvious patents include patents on atmospheric studies including the chemtrails and the remedies required to fix the problems. Another of their “good paying patents” is the patents for the clouds. For one example, they can pick an area and flood it until entire villages are wiped off the face of the Earth. Or consider their patent to trigger earthquakes and hurricanes. And…there best ones are to kill the ‘host’ with a patented disease unless they pledge everything they have and they even take the interests the ‘host’ doesn’t know he has by usurping the Cestie Que Via Trust and public funds from everyone.

The time frame from this onset of this round of corruption began at Carnage Mellon in the Netherlands. It was approved by the Geneva Convention in Switzerland. Switzerland is also where the passed out the patents. It was called the UniProt Consortium. The records were released by the Vatican, and signed for by Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. The gross profits were laundered by the secondary mortgage markets mostly Pacific BancNote Corp, Countrywide Financial Corporation and (Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae), The Vatican, and the Federal Reserve, Prudential insured it. JPMorgan issued the securities, Goldman and Sac started the GeneBanks. I was privately insured by Prudential.

They originally set out to prove evolution, but God stepped in and repeated brought me back to life following multiple murder attempts, including 6 of the most deadly diseases known to man and (2) two lethal injections, better known as the Dr. Kavorkian death shot.

This resulted in the first crash of the stock market. The country invested in life insurance, and I didn’t die, permanently anyway. This was all clearly documented on securities documents. The elite all fought over who ‘owned’ my blood because all the CURES were from one remedy, so their patent distributions were not equal; forget about my interests, or me. In their minds, I was nothing more than a blood sacrifice for their indulgences, and so are billions of others. This sounds absurd and inconceivable and if it wasn’t so deadly true we would not be experiencing the aftermath right now.

The money trail has been damaged severely. My Birth Certificate was sold to Pacific Banc Note Corp. – CFC INTERNATIONAL. This is CountryWide Financial Corporation International. Funds flowed from my name into the names “Allen Greenspan”, “Freddie Mac”, “Fanny Mae”, “Countrywide”, “BEVERLY HILLS SAVINGS AND LOAN”, “CMA”, “CME”, “Oppenheimer”, “Ford’, G.W. Grace”, and millions of others including secondary money markets and mutual funds investment pools. California claimed me as Emanate Domain and all the benefits for state employees were commissioned from my demise while I could not receive Social Security Disability after paying into it for 20 years involuntarily.

My experiences lead me to believe the most unethical beings include, those working for securities trading companies, “US Treasury Dept.” including the Exchange Stabilization Funds (ESF), “Goldman and Sachs”, including Genetech, “CountryWide Int”, “Regents of the colleges and Universities”, “Highhfields”, “CISCO”, “Archon”, “Inner Circle”, “Burlington”, obviously the secondary housing markets and property management companies, and many others. International trading was done through the TDC, under the nominee “Cede & Co”. “Sunstone”, “Oberweis” and “Centurion” serve as the guardians and custodians of the funds, in my case. Industries such as “Verisign” are making the microchip for transhumans and acceptors of the mark. The destruction of these records is the result of the economic crisis, and I still have not received any compensation or benefit.

This is not limited to the USA. The whole world deliberately collaborated against me and following the success so did billions of other Divine Beings. Research: Canada’s gold scandal “Bre-X”, Poland’s “BRE Bank”, and other world economies.

After Scooter Libby released my name to three reporters, I was placed into a Mental Hospital for an indeterminate time without cause, for the purpose of undertaking. They took unauthorized possession over my body and property and destroyed my credibility, none of which abided by any of the lws in place to protect people. Additional attempts to euthanize/ murder me failed, and again I returned to my flesh vessel. All the times I was murders and return to my flesh vessel, science explained it as a result of the “T-32 cell” that they first identified in the IHGP. I have news for you; it is a higher power, source and authority that determines when we go and when we do not. Our will is important, but it is not the sole controlling factor.

The second crash was also a result of another human taking that did not succeed, thanks to many anonymous people contributing to changes our world. Those people cannot come forward or they risk death from patented “natural causes”.

The whole world got rich off of my demise, and all the people with money called me crazy and would not even donate a meal to me. I understand it is running 2/3 of the world’s economy, and I still live as disabled pauper, and not by choice. Instructions on how and where to claim the benefits, interests and uses of the securities has never been provided to me. It would take nothing short of a whole army to collect the information and even if they did, the people responsible for this have invested those funds into the extortion of every other Divine Being on the planet and traded for alien weapons technologies and developed the same.

My attempts to get the word out have been blocked even by those that my actions are designed to protect by force, fear, murder, the use of media and plausible deniability. The agreement to implement the deceived the masses in an argument similar to this; “Surely it is better that one man die than a whole nation perish.” It was supposed to fix world economy and obtain health remedies for all diseases. Instead, those funds have been used to annihilate the planet and kill all Divine Being and replace them with genetically altered beings, known as transhumans, to serve as slaves for the elite. The transhumans have DNA markers to determine who owns which slave and easily identified by the implementation of the mark of the Beast from the ISO.

Most people think that this is so unconscionable, that they consider the messengers, including me, of being crazy. We may be crazy, but we are not wrong. All the world’s elite are real clear on what the truth is.

In my case, they made a video of the brain and reproductive studies and passed the video around to all the world’s elite. It documented my rape, mayhem, removal of a biologically functional chimera from my hip, and murder, -a rape-mutilation-snuff film, non-the-less-, while I was under anesthesia. I only recall the part where I teleported to a different dimension and was sent back to my flesh and blood vessel when it was over. This process was repeated for other attempted murders.

In addition, I was given over 8,000 rads of radiation to about ¼ of my body, for the unjust enrichment of others. That kills most people many times over.

The securities documents, done under the EPA (for cause), included the energy companies. That was the truth behind the Halliburton and ENRON scandals, and registered securities agreed to hold all participants harmless. As far as I have traced, the origin of the orders comes from The Exchange Stabilization Funds (ESF) management by those controlling the world’s resources. The agreements were constructed by Round Table and others. This is too
big to place into this document

There was no auditing firm on the planet that was large enough to manage THE HUMAN GENOME PROJECT, so the big eight auditing firms became the big four auditing firms. All the laws changed, in all fields of study. This resulted in the auditing firms serving as consultants for their own audit which is basically the largest conflict of interest known to man and amount to fraud and legalized RICO running all currency and governments.

Don’t forget the patent holder for the chimera was the Secretary of Defense, and he overruled the Department of Justice on this matter with military might. He started and served as the advisor to HOMELAND SECURITY. Today, he and his group THE COHEN GROUP, The Chertoff Group, Monsanto, Oppenheimer, jet propulsion labs, HAARP, DARPA, Blackwater, CIA and the list goes on. They destroy our planet, commit genocide kill all life and salt the Earth to prevent it coming back. They also made laws that exempt them from securities registration, culpability, liability, accountability and responsibility; they shed existing evidence, kill the messengers, block the truth, created distrust and dissention between all people as diversions, monetized sin and manipulated the stock market. For the truth check out the financials returns on investments #1. Biotechnology, #2. Pharmacopeia, #3. Priosn Stock and #4. Real Estate. It is now our own brothers’ and sisters’ greed that is churning the market for what will ultimately be their own demise; and they do not care and will not see or hear until it is their own turn. They commit crime, then throw the victims of the crimes into prison in exchange of collateral, feed him a bunch of psychotropic drugs, use his body as a host to grow assorted science projects, and steal his house---all under the same auditing and consulting firm in a RICO action. They take an honest man, claim the house, his body (including his DNA), and all sweat equity and intellectual interests and refuse to share a meal with the man they stole it from. The victims suffer tremendously, the tax payers pick up the bill, and the immoral and unethical gain control and power over the rest of us.

The elite has used the greed of our own brothers and sisters to take all the currency out of the system bringing forth the “Occupied movement”. The Vatican has stepped forward to hold the World Bank in response to the “Occupied movement” to further the hidden agenda that they were so instrumental in starting; while pretending to not hear or see truth at all. These actions go way beyond greed.

Switzerland is known for the anonymity for holders of bank accounts. They’ re also know for tax shelters and other benefits to large account holders. The Vatican is protected by the Swiss Guard. Ever wonder where the reserves for the accounts such as The Chertoff Group, CIA and Blackwater may be held? Where do you suppose that the money from HARP and DARPA is acquired and held?
By and through strategically stifling, the people in control of the positions of in agencies designed for accountability, or “watchdog agencies” served, and may still be serving, as ‘risk management’ agencies and many time employing and/or deploying Blackwater to cover up the corruption at any cost in all territories of the world. This includes: All levels of government from local to International and perhaps galactic with significant roles played by Transparency International, The ACLU, Medical and Psychiatric Facilities, the colleges and universities, USA, Congressmen, Senators, Governors, USSEC, and Fair Trade Organizations, the Department of Justice.

My proof is in my DNA, and the mayhem to my body. There was also a video film of the most heinous of all crimes, including my rape under intravenous drugs, the removal of the chimera from my hip, and attempted murders. That video was passed around to investors, leading to the Scooter Libby release of my name to Judith Miller. Perhaps this also clears up why there is no freedom of the press.

I am educated and willing to teach and learn. I can walk you through the money trails, over 600 billion patents and more. In addition, I have some securities information that can serve to better humanity and the world dramatically. Since this is the underlining issue to 2/3 of the world’s economy, and my health is failing, I can certainly use some help. If you are available to assist me, I would like to hear from you.

If you know anyone who is sick under a licensed practitioner’s care, ask for the patent number, and claim it. The person will get better. The penalty for a patent violation by a licensed practitioner is ten (10) years in prison, the loss of their credentials and a $250,000.00 fine. Usually the disease is given through pharmacopeia. First, check the side effects of the victim’s drugs.

C/O P.O. BOX 4392, MEDFORD, OR 97501



    1. How is this related to Cyndi Brewer?

  2. I am speechless. For years we've been hearing about the celebrated Human Genome Project, I have even done work for an ancillary genome project for the VA (administrative work only, sub-contracted), and what I have always found is that it is held in such high esteem.

    I am wondering if all geneticists know of this tragic and heinous background story and how this woman and others have been so abused in the name of science, and how the micro-chip 'theory' that has been tossed around alternative news circles, is a very real thing. How mankind en masse have been so deceived on so many different levels by a corrupt and greedy elite, who I doubt very much are human.

    This is science fiction horror that is not fiction.

  3. For those wanting links to interviews with Cynthia Brewer:

  4. Heya Cynthia...I would love to get you on the air on my show "Outside the Box" where exposing the world fraudsters is a primary focus...please feel free to contact me at or via skype katie.renee.thompson You can google my customary calling of Kate of Gaia for any info as to my role in the exposure game...mwahs and love, kate

  5. Cynthia God Bless You...
    After all you've been put through, and survived, you are beloved. There are many of us hopelessly connected to the medical/pharma systems who now have a reason for hope. When I think about all the autistic children in the world and how their condition may be linked to drugs meant to save them, I am so pained. To think this is part of a plan to make money... there needs to be justice other than money. Some of the people pulling the strings should be arrested and put through long, criminal trials. And proper punishment. And let the jury be made of mother's of the children they have made sick. IMHO as a parent.

  6. check and compare

  7. There was a stunned silence. But presently a voice rose gently from the whispering wind and said ...

    Dearest one, you have suffered so much and I've heard you before and a lightbulb went off in my mind at that time and I told you so, and the message was what you were saying was of the most monumental significance for us all, and your courage and persistence in these affairs as we can now see persists still yet through all adversity on behalf of others.

    Such selfless humility is rare indeed, priceless, and as if it were some manner of heavenly balm. I do believe you cynthia brewer and I'm sure that a great many people believe you even though they may not have made that known to you.

    You are safe now precious one, safe. Think of an oak tree in a wooded valley with big strong branches whose foliage is full and rich and green with the sunlight flickering through warming you, caressing you and whose life essence is all knowing, silent, strong but gentle, protecting you.

    Your work is nearly done dear one, I trust and pray that others will take the burden of your work from your shoulders from here, bringing you some measure of peace.

    Bless your little heart,
    with love,

    ... and the voice trailed of into the distant mist of a magical irish valley, it was the voice of the voiceless.


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