Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TOPPT: First batch of "tools" available in ZIP file.

Kauilapele has loaded up a zip file of some files I am still in the process of posting. 

You can get the first batch of sample documents at this url:

These are "tools" for people facing specific legal issues, which seem to mostly revolve around home loan foreclosures, which is the primary side of the UCC legal system that most people face through the mortgage loan business. 

Please don't ask me to explain all these. I am not a lawyer. I do not "practice law".  I do not give legal advice. I am a techie.  People that need them will most likely know what to do with them.  Online discussion groups are emerging about the information the TOPPT is releasing. I am just providing the information as a public service.

You will have to change portions, insert text, etc for your particular state or country.  These are UCC documents, and from what I understand they the same the world over.  (Heather will no doubt correct me if I am wrong in that regard).


  1. Seriously you need an attorney to interpret this stuff just a bunch of nothing. Who are these people trying to confuse as usual. This stuff means nothing to the reqular guy it is BS

    Peacefrog9 January 2013 16:46
    Well you're in luck. I didn't buy the filing, but I bought the case. $200 lighter my nearly empty pockets are now. SHE LOST - the PLAINTIFF was ordered to pay $11,785 in sanctions to the bank for wasting everyones time with "baseless claims", "riddled with non sequiturs", "unsupported legal conclusions" "being impossibly vague" putting forth "strawman arguements".These are a few quotes from the defendant's motion to dismiss. So what did the court have to say about it?


    The Court Finds......................................................

    1. There is no dispute that the bank lent money to the Plaintiff and her husband through a line of credit secured by the Property at issue, and that they accessed those funds.
    2. Plaintiff can not challenge the foreclosure on her property because she failed to enjoin the Trustee's sale
    3. Plaintiff has failed tostate a claim for fraud againsed U.S Bank.
    4. The documents Plaintiff recorded purporting to cancel the Deed of Trust, Notice of Trustee's sale, Trustee's deed, Appointment of Successor Trustee and Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit are without legal force and effect, and are invalid.
    5. Plaintiff has failed to state any cognizable claims againsed U.S. Bank, and U.S. Bank is entitled to dismissal of all claims with prejudice.
    6. Plaintiff's filings in this action have been both baseless and wre made with an improper purpose

    BASED UPON the above finding, it is hereby ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED that:
    1. Defendant U.S. Bank's motion for summary Judgement is GRANTED
    2. Plaintiff's Complaint is dismissed without prejudice.
    3. U.S. Bank is entitled to an award of sanctions the amount to be determined at alater hearing

    You're all welcome, peace.

    1. Do you realize that was the point! (she wanted to follow the path of how and what they were doing, the tricks they pulled and/or deceit) LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW

  3. AK, I posted a (quite long, yikes lol) response asking questions, I should have read further-so mea culpa, feel free to ignore and delete it. Thanks and lots of love and support for all that you do!


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