Friday, January 4, 2013

Updated: OPPT - Transcript:
A Conversation with Heather Tucci-Jarraf,
Trustee of The One People's Public Trust

NOTE: We are still reviewing this transcript, and it will change when we insert words that were difficult to hear due to the phone connection.  I put it up in its raw draft state so the translators can get started on translating it to other languages.  -AK

Updated: 1/5/2013 "contracts" corrected to "contrasts" -AK

Hello everyone Brian here from the American Kabuki ground crew. I am so incredibly thrilled to be here celebrating this beautiful moment of now with all of the amazing beings who will be listening to this call over the course of the coming days and weeks. Words couldn’t possibly express the level of gratitude I feel for being blessed with the opportunity to play part, even if it is a small one of this recent unfolding of events that have been taking place in this grand cosmic shift that we are currently undergoing.

Now, whether everyone in the world realizes it yet or not, it truly is the most exciting time to be alive in the history of humanity and I thank my creator everyday for sending me front row, VIP seats to all the action.

Now, from an inner knowing that goes beyond mental comprehension, I know that we all chose to be here at this time to experience the journey we all are embarking on right now, altogether as one people united.  While we may have not been shot heralding into the new age on the 21st at least consciously, like a great many out there predicted, we absolutely are experiencing an enormous shift in energies and massive transformations to our inner as well as outer worlds. I know I speak for many when I say that I fully believe that the shift of the ages, which all of the ancients prophesized would occur in 2012 is in fact unfolding right before our eyes on a myriad of levels on each moment.

Now, Ascension isn’t what we are here to discuss today, but we are here to discuss the liberation of the planet, and the 7 billion of us that call the earth “home”.

For the past year, talk of prosperity funds, whether it be in the form of NESARA, the St Germaine Trust, the Leo Wanta Funds, the Reagan-Mitterand protocol, all of the above have become a hot topic being discussed across every blog site and discussion board across the internet, leaving many very frustrated and losing hope that one day one of these funds would make it into mainstream media and pave the way into a new age for peace and prosperity.

Now, I am here to share with everyone that the moment we have all been waiting for is finally and very divinely here upon us. A few days ago, on December 25, an organization called “The One People’s Public Trust”  (TOPPT)  came exploding onto the scene with their first official “announcement.”  This document appears to be announcing that the United Nations, the IMF,  BIS  (Bank of International Settlements), the Hague, the World Bank and others have been legally and officially foreclosed upon.  The next part of the document which I will read here has triggered a tsunami of responses, much heated debate across the blogosphere and online forums everywhere.  This passage reads,” The people, all people equally on earth have an individual, duly verified sum  certain of 5 billion, that’s billion with a “B” in lawful money of the United States of America gold and silver. Over 3 quintillion, 500 quadrillion, (which, by the way is a 3 and a 5 followed by 17 zeros) just and duly verified equity debt against the debtors. There is an additionally duly verified sum of 5 billion in lawful money of the United States of America, gold and silver, for each of those people damaged by the actions and systems of the debtors, over 3 quadrillion lawful money of the United States of America, gold and silver, in duly verified debt of damages against the debtors.”
Now, what this means exactly has been left to lots and lots of speculation, obviously, so today we are here in full transparency to discover the truth of this official announcement.  These are just a few highlights of what will become official announcements by TOPPT, headed by the organization’s front man, or front woman I should say, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf.

B: Hi Heather, welcome to the call, are you there?

H: I am Brian, thank you.  How are you this evening?

B: I am doing well, Heather. How are you?

H: It’s good, it’s good, thank you for having me.

B: Absolutely, and we also have on the call a special guest, D from the Removing the Shackles Blog site. D are you with us?

D: I am with you Brian. And hi Heather! Nice to talk to you again as well.

H: Hi D. Good to talk to you, too.

B: Welcome to you both. Before we dive in here ladies, let me give a little background.  I have had the opportunity to get to know Heather a little bit over the last few days. I truly feel like we have known each other for a lot longer than that, but consciously speaking, our paths crossed for the first time last Friday, the 28 of December and since then we’ve exchanged a mountain of emails back and forth.

We were actually supposed to do this talk yesterday, but we ended up talking on Skype for about five hours so we weren’t able to get it in. Talking to Heather has personally answered so many questions I have myself, now  in the spirit of full transparency and absolute truth, which are the watchwords as of late, it’s time to share that information with the people. What do you say, Heather? Sound like a plan? OK, perfect.

So for the purpose of this call today, Heather, my role and D’s role in this is going to be to give the public, or the people, I should say, a voice, and due to the scope of the subject matter we are dealing with here, which is obviously global in nature with the potential of effecting every person on the planet and because of that the people are obviously and rightfully so have lots and lots of questions.

Over the last couple of days, I have gathered many of those questions from Kauilapele’s blog, American Kabuki’s blog.  You also sent me questions from emails that you have received; I know D’s probably got plenty of questions from her readers as well. So I will be using these to navigate the chat here as well and as best we can. Does that sound good?

B: So Heather for the purposes of the conversation, this is not an interview.  It is a talk. My role in this and D’s role in this is to give the people a voice for everybody who has been following this story since last Friday. It’s global, it’s universal. It has the potential of affecting everyone on the planet. A lot of questions have been flowing in consistently. We’ve gathered these questions from various blogs, Removing the Shackles, Kauilapele, American Kabuki and emails that you’ve sent me.

B: but before we start, I have one little request of you, Heather.

H: I am not agreeing (laughter) until you tell me what it is.

B: You are obviously very well educated, you have a very uncanny ability to articulate and express yourself around anything that you have done with your legal experience. I know you have been a lawyer for ten years  . . . The format has been too “legalese”.  You put out an announcement that that was for very good reason – the people were not the intended audience.  It was very legal stuff that you put out.  But I want to keep this as street level in style and format as possible, is that fair?

H: That’s excellent, that’s more natural.

B: I already know the answer to this first question.  But we need to hear it from you. . .there’s a lot of people who want to believe with heart and soul that the story we are here to discuss is true, but because they have never heard of you or TOPPT, there’s been  a fairly substantial amount of resistance. Let’s start out with who is Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and how on earth did you get involved in all this?

H: Ok, well, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf is just one of the people, when it boils down to it all of the roles I play, I am just like all of you guys, like everyone else on the planet. I got involved for the same reasons all you guys got involved.  I was searching for the truth.  And here we are, I am on this call.  As far as when did I get involved? I was working overseas basically, in high levels of banking trade and finance and international law and we all made a choice to go in and clean things up.  It wasn’t just me, it wasn’t just the people I was working with, it was a whole slew of people within what we term as the slavery systems. And that happened, basically, the choice was made on how it was going to go in 2009. Does that answer that question?

D: Basically enough.

B: So, what happened in March 2009?

H: Actually we had been working on an investigation for approximately 3 months, maybe less regarding mirror loans at the World Bank. And we found through that mirror loans investigation that we were doing, regarding Panama, the Republic  of Panama, we found Freddie Mac /Fannie Mae fraudulent paper, significant amounts of it. Out of curiosity, for one of the people that was on the investigation team, I went back behind the screens and way back to... I randomly selected some of the houses out of the Freddie and Fannie Paper, I went all the way back to the homes, that this paper, these securities of about $50 million dollars and it was probably worth, based on property that was worth, maybe, if you were lucky, 10 percent of that amount.  Maybe less.  So with that, that is basically what started it. It was a personal issue, a personal matter. I was a person, one of the people helping another one of the people.

We just sat there. We adjusted, we prioritized, we really just reflected.  What are we doing, why are we doing it and what can we do about it, do we want to do anything about it?  We sat there and thought about it and a choice was made. A choice was made. How do we make people understand no loans were made? There’s no such thing as lawful current funds. There is lawful money, but there is no lawful current funds.

These are the decisions we had to make. We were watching everyone suffer, we were suffering. Even those in the high levels of banking are suffering.

Even those in the highest levels of purported government are suffering.  All the way down.  You get tired of it. So that was the very beginning. Does that answer that? As far as what ended up to this phone call.

B: Absolutely, and I know your background . . . and we could sit here for hours if not days, but from here, what I kind of want to... everybody wants to see us go... The next phase in your journey was the decision to start the investigation that culminated in the putting out of the Paradigm report. Is that accurate?

H: Yeah, in fact, I mentioned the Freddie and Fannie papers, that it was taking the culmination of all of the investigations and at that point at the time when we made the decision in between the time that we saw the papers and the decision to do the investigation, we needed to figure out exactly what needed to be done, It was sort of a (muffled word) type of protocol where we had to go in and to figure out the many aspects of the investigations to alter them based on the results real time. So that was what the Paradigm Report was, it was a field (muffled) report, so there are lots of mistakes in there, typing wise, grammatical, spelling, the point is the substance of what is inside the report. That was the important part.  Really we were asking can the private system be saved? Is it worth saving? and the answer is no, it could not be saved. And why put energy into something that cannot be saved?

B: Ok, so the research for the Paradigm Report spanned over 2 years? What were you researching and what was the final outcome? . . . Ultimately what was the objective of you and the people that were involved in putting that paper out?

H: What went into it? Body and soul. The goal was to go in and find the problems and identify a solution. Could the solution incorporate some of the frame work that was already existing?  Would it have to be completely mowed down and built from scratch? That is basically the essence.  It had to do with banking, obviously it was the nexus point for every problem on the planet. At that point we had to go back to how did that problem even come into existence? And you go back to the history of America and the first two central banks that they attempted to do the report refers to that so people can refer to that. (Muffled)  In the past how did they maneuver? Using the educational and judicial systems. What right now is their biggest fear? Communication between people, or the internet. So identifying these markers or these factors allowed us to go in further, because a paper trail needs to be made where no paper trail currently exists. At least not one that connects all the dots.  At that point we had a few people who had offered to go ahead use their house as a test case. It ended up being a logical choice that we used my house as a test case.  It’s one thing to help someone who is freaking out,  while you are trying to do the investigation, It is much easier to just control yourself and go through the factors.

B: So. . .

H:  I have the most information. I have the most rounded database out of all of us. That’s how it started.

B: So essentially you put yourself up for allowing your home to go to foreclosure and be a test subject for tracing the fraud that needed to be .. to get you out of your property to trace back to the source where the fraud was coming from? You could accurately track that paper trail, correct?

H: Yeah, that’s right, essentially I was headed over to Switzerland anyway to take over the presidency of a company and they were looking for a house.  I had gone in with someone. . .basically this was her pet project. . .we all have projects that are close to home that we are called to do... agricultural projects... helping to feed humanity... energy projects... getting clean energy to everyone... and those are projects that ruffle a lot of feathers.  Mine went along with and the training I have was... (muffled) law. And what it came down to as of this moment, people have the opportunity to see that the connection with law with the current financial system, with the purported government systems with these private systems, that we believed have been for the people by the people, everyone can see where it goes back to the law.

B: So I am trying to put the pieces in chorological order. . .so you have the Paradigm Report.  Let’s call that Phase I. What was the expectation? now that you have this Paradigm Report that says that the system is broken in a very rudimentary way of saying it, and it can’t be fixed without making some major changes in the structure of society in the way that it is managed by all of the people way up at the top.

H: Yeah, I mean essentially, what really excited me Brian was December 11 of 2010 I was introduced to someone who was involved with this thing called the Public Trust.  I am not a history buff, I was introduced to concepts, the founding fathers, I mean basically we all know, ...muffled...  Yet to go in and actually feel it, it moved me... I wanted to find that clean spot, I mean where can you clean this from? You have so many people in the slavery system who are trying to clean it up. And they have all the power to do it.  The question is, why weren’t they doing it?  Well there has to be a clean spot to do it so nobody can rebut it so it is unrebuttable.  And therefore unrebutted.  And that is where I found the Public Trust to be an amazing tool, because it did go back in time, further, we weren’t all moved back to prime until this last summer.

B: You’re going to have to talk about what you mean in regards to taking it all the way back to prime.

H: You know, it’s just kind of simple, everyday that a child is born, every day that a body leaves this earth. It’s a matter of creation.  There’s these bodies, and yet whose the architect? I work a lot with patent law, trade law. And yet at the same time I watch all these patents and technology  be stolen. Where? From within the patent law office itself.  So when you go back to prime.  Who is the creator?  In the instance of science, or a patent,  it would be the person who actually thought up the darn thing, you know, wanted to apply it…he knows the DNA of it. They were’s the same thing here. Who created the people? If you look at every religion across the board. . .every religion proper, it is the Creator. So we go in, we go back in and look at it.  I was raised in a Jesuit Catholic home. . .but studied many religions   (muffled). . .it was not only that, it was the loophole to protect their things from the systems that they were enforcing against everyone else against their will.

So creator is the prime. Nobody can come up and say,” I own your body, I own your mind,”  because first off, you do. . .and second off, who are you a servant to?  You know, and then you take that into a commercial world, which is where they hid  everything, either someone is going to claim you as the servant, or as owning yourself, you are free.

Anyone that you serve, it would be your creator, whether you want to call him Creator, God, Source, Yahweh, Allah, it doesn’t matter  the point is, you are going back to prime You cannot rebut that.  It is unrebuttable, and it is unrebutted.

B: Ok.

H: Does that answer your question?

B: Absolutely, so essentially what you are saying is that we the people have handed over, or bowed down to laws and rules that have been put forth against us illegally.  The only reason that they were able to manage them this long is that we have given our consent. .so is that kind of in a basic way of saying it over the course of the last hundred years, if not longer?

H: Yeah that is a very accurate truth as you just stated it.

B: Ok, So  you’ve got this Paradigm Report. So you laid the groundwork, you let your home go into foreclosure. You did a great amount of research on these systems and how corrupt they are.  What are you now doing with this document, I mean, I am trying to bring up to the moment so we can dive into but there’s obviously this big  vision from you and the People’s Trust that you are working toward. I am just trying to figure it out for everybody what that was and what your road map was to ultimately get there?

H: Yeah, I mean, I worked in banking in basically putting people in tight positions, ferreting things out, vetting assets, vetting people, doing background checks, and all that, so I had a lot of information about how things work.  So if we’re going in and trying to figure out this clean up,  (muffled)  I wanted to make sure we were under the radar. Once the banks could figure out, that we had gone in to squeal or tell on them. Exhorbinent amount of pressure is applied ...muffled... go in and work all this stuff out (muffled)  I hadn’t been in a courtroom for quite some time, so my job allowed me in the Paradigm Report basically how to go in and ferret everything out and be able to sort of test out different areas of solution.  In banking, I was responsible for vetting assets, I was responsible for vetting people, I was responsible for creating policies, structures,  contracts, all for banking and financing.  And so I know the pressure they put on people and the methods they do that, which are pretty distasteful, so I knew what to expect, so I designed the investigation so I could be under the radar.  I had to work out the on ground part of the investigation from the bottom up.

B: Ok. So what point, around what month of what year was all of this going down?  I am trying to get a little bit of history here.  You put out your announcements on December 25, you’ve had a couple of announcements since then, what ground work were you laying from when you finished that Paradigm Report to where you are today? What was going on in the background? Behind the scenes of all this, what were all the puzzle pieces that were getting put into place for everything that we are going through right now to become a possibility?

H: I had already investigated the banking system for a number of years, so we knew where the nexus was.  The next part was just to figure out how to go in and make it...see the banks control everything...where to go in, number one, how to go in and basically unwind their support structure to the BAR, the judicial, and the educational.

Media was another one, and however we did not want the media, or any of that, because if people knew what we were doing, we never would have finished our job ever.

So there with the judicial, that was perhaps the easiest point for me to go into the trenches to build the investigation from the bottom up from street level to Wall Street level.  So with that, using my house as a test case.  I went in, and I do not know how many cases were filed and briefs were tested to get to the one that was approved  that was the deceptive practices brief. Basically I was in the trenches for a year, almost a year and a half, in the trenches testing the judicial to see how corrupt, how closely tied, were there people in between?  Were there handlers?  How much access do the banks have to the systems actually used in the court, meaning like courtsmart the recording systems that the courts use in hearings.  How much access they have to the clerks office.  What I discovered was pretty mind blowing for someone who has been an attorney for 10 years.

During this investigation I actually had to make a choice, especially when I received Intel and reports on ongoing investigations regarding the BAR, which I was a member of and I actually ended up cancelling my BAR license during the investigation.  So that was the main meat of it.  We just finished that basically this July 2012. Actually the end of June 2012.

The third phase was coming over here and working with the “Powers that Were” to go in and implement a solution that was the easiest and less stressful for the people, because I was told, in fact right before I left for overseas, that there was going to be a war.  There was going to be a war of such a kind that it has never been seen or known of in existence.  That was unacceptable to me.  

So out of the Trustees, I was the one that was most suitable to go overseas.  So that people knew this wasn’t about just “America,” or “People on American Soil”.  This is about the “People” all over the globe.  That is what I have been doing over here and I actually was offered a job as a director of a Bank.  And that was arranged through one of the main clients of the Rothschilds.  So that was supposed to be our quiet room behind doors, where we could actually go in and try to hammer out a solution for implementation.  When the time came it didn’t go right.  I never made it to (muffled) I didn’t go there.  After some long discussions with the Trustees, we felt it wasn’t right.

B:  Heather , there are going to be some people who have some confusion.  You said you were working with the powers that were and you were working with the Rothschild family to find a solution. There are many people who perceive that that’s the cabal, the bad guys, but you were working with them, can you explain what that is all about?

H:  Well, we weren’t working with them, we were opening doors for people to go in with the ptw to go in and hand the control back to the people.  We literally went to their houses, we opened our doors.  They were very fearful of that because they not want to let go of the power, of the control and in some cases they still don’t but it is too late, it is already done.

B: Okay, so you said last night that something big happened on the 4th of July. A big turning point event and I believe there was another one in December. What were those?

H: Yeah, July 4th, we announced that we were going to do the “equity call”. They had so many chances and there was so much communication going back and forth trying to hammer it out and return it to the people. So on July 4th the Trustees said, “we can wait for somebody to do something, or we can wait for the folks who were fearful to give control back.”  We decided. We issued the order, it was issued July 7th and it was actually preissued as a notice the month before. So this time we registered that into the system. October, it was funny because everyone was talking about an October Surprise.  And we were surprised, because we were very being very quiet.  In Oct. we foreclosed on the private slavery systems of the purported UN, purported Hague, of ICC, ICJ and all of the corporations under the guise of government.

B: Ok, that was in October?

H: That was in Oct.

B: D has a question, and I have another, under what authority were the foreclosures made? And where those were registered? But D, hop in here.

D:  Okay, a tiny question: the different cases of who was not playing nicely, can you tell us who?

H: Okay, basically what consists of the Texas Camp?

D: Ha Ha, Okay, which consists of who?

H: I don’t mind, traditionally, Texas Camp consists of Bush Sr., Jr., Clinton, Rumsfeld, and Cheney for the most part. There’s others. No, not J.R. Ewing, ha! So that’s Texas, another faction was of course the Rothschilds, the Zurich group we found just lovely.

We had a fun time with the Rothschilds of London, but they were not having such a fun time.  And the Rothschilds in France.

The old Man in the Asian family wanted everything to come out.  General Wong was always interrupting. I have met him and found him quite pleasurable, but what it comes down to what is happening in the world, it is unacceptable.  That puts into perspective the Asian side.

D: Yes, what you are saying about Gen. Wong is what I’ve been getting from Intel back in October when he was on American soil and screwed things up quite royally when he was there!

H: You know, most people don’t know, and I don’t even think Fulford knows, but a lot of our communication and negotiations have had to kind of reset everything using Fulford.  I would sit there and wait for his things to see what kind of proposal came next in Japan. We were supposed to have meetings with the Old Man, it didn’t matter where in the world, he was going to come to Europe, and we were headed to Switzerland for BIS, so we didn’t have the meeting. General Wong was involved in that, and supposedly he had been removed, he was swept aside and no longer captain of the team. We had already made the plans, so we went. We gave him the opportunity. It turned out that our presence and our work we were doing that week was used to force the hand of one side of the family so that things could get reset. But then returning everything to the people was still not acceptable. But everything was already done.  The people own and hold...

B: Real quick, Heather, who is the “Old Man”.

H: Yeah, I know.   The Old Man is basically China.  He is the head or what I know to be chairman of the Elders.  He was formerly seen last from my information as an emperor in China.  When people call the government the Communist government in China, it is just as much an illusion as  Democracy is here.  Anything that divides is dividing in order for management and control.  There is just the people and there is just the Creator and that is Prime.  I met with the Old Man, I met with his daughter, and I met with General Wong.  He is very, very old, hence “the Old Man.”

B: Give a background on all this money.  How much? Where is it sourced? Some people have no idea of the background on the sources of this Gold and Silver.

H: First, the value absolute underwriting of the value is the people.  The value that your are giving to them is the value of the people.  There is no currency, no value, those are just illusions.  The gold and silver was a representation of value specifically referred to in the Constitution of the U.S. People don’t know, but all the banks in the world operate under one umbrella.   There are different families that operate under that. Within the family, there is sibling rivalry.  The gold and silver was held in various locations.  Things have been relocated as of this last year.  And hard core, with the remaining amounts for about the last four months.

B: Ok, for anybody who follows and read David Wilcock’s “Financial Tyranny,” on,  there are lots of pictures of vaults of gold.  But how have you determined how much there is?

H: The number that I used, doesn’t reflect the actual number that is out there, there’s more, that’s one thing.  Number two, you are seeing a lot of tungsten/gold wrapped that is out at the street level right now, well that has been at the banking levels forever.  That’s why gold transactions are difficult; they don’t want to let it go, because it is gold-wrapped tungsten in a lot of cases.  The gold was ferreted away.

B: Ok.

H: There was a post on American Kabuki about Gold-wrapped tungsten bars and we went to BIS October 22 to inspect the gold and after we came home, everyone was demanding to see their gold.  A couple days later the purported Queen of England went to check her gold holdings.  This is no problem, the gold is safe and it’s secure.  It is going to be released, but from what it sounds like, they would like to have a representation of that gold.  And remember, that gold isn’t a representation of the true value, which is inside every person.

B: Ok. To bring some clarity: how can everyone know what you are talking about is real? Lots of people have seen info about the Keenan lawsuits and Drake’s so-called Green Light prediction come and go, but based on our conversation I now know that something did happen on July 4th.  People are wondering if this is a fairy tale or real. What assurances do you have for people?

H: It’s all out there.  We heard all along.  We weren’t ignorant to the people’s needs: money, disclosure, arrests, help. We heard it all.  The best way that we knew how to help was to go in and secure everything, so that it could be there for the people to go ahead and use. Legally. Nobody can contradict it. Every document that is posted belong to the people.  There’s the filing date. It took me a few days to get the UCC verbiage ready then we sent it over email, which is heavily monitored thanks to our email going over  exchange because Microsoft works very closely with the private system, because it is a part of the private system.

So they had notice of what we did prior to us filing.  If you look at the filing dates and compare them to Intel... D and I talked about this, I know that dates that are significant to her we were able to correlate the filing dates with Intel dates.

D: Yes. Absolutely.

H: The filing dates were happening before the Intel dates, which is normal. If you look at the dates, and even some mainstream media, you’ll see reports.  D, when you posted, it helped me, because I didn’t have to go fish for the information about officials, and “whole governments” that were resigning. American Kabuki kept track of all the bankers that were resigning.  Go back and look at the dates, they correlate to our filings.

B: D go ahead with your question.

D: When American Kabuki published, I was flooded with emails and comments on RTS wondering if the St. Germaine Trusts, Wanta Funds, etc. were not real.  They panicked. They wondered now if all of these other things were not going to happen.  Let the people know a little more about that.

H:  First off, I worked on most of that stuff.  In one form or another, I worked on it, including Heritage Funds,  I have someone in the old Slavery system who was trying to get us to open up certain of the “Collateral Accounts.” Those are watched 24/7. There are certain alarms that go off globally if they are touched.  So here’s the problem, (muffled)  it’s messy.  It’s really messy, yet the value is really there.  The value is real. It is the problem of the structure that it was being held in. We went in to assist the custodians to wipe away all of the rubbage, the barnacles that were growing on it.  Whether it be Texas camp, whether it be any of them,  was to take it back to Prime.  It’s still sitting there, it is still sitting where it was before, but the only thing is, it is in a clean spot. An impenetrable spot.  Where it is safe. Where it can now be used. On a legal and lawful basis with the documentation to show ownership, to show authority and the value.  It’s still all there and it is in a much better spot than it ever was prior to this happening.

D: Thank you that is fantastic.  Readers out there are all cheering and jumping up and down now.

B: Based on reading the comments on your blog, D, I am sure they absolutely are.  Here’s a question for you, Heather, that came from a woman named Charlene: I would like to know when we can expect this to start affecting our current system. What steps can body of state’s take so it doesn’t get swept under the carpet?  The email addresses published, Rothschilds, SBJ, etc., states of bodies should make themselves known with these entities? And lastly, what are the possibilities of recourse from the cabal? Let’s start with the first one. . when can we start to see this effecting our current system?

H: It already is affecting our current system if you look at the governments that are “reorganizing” or just completely going away, it’s already started. To be a mass distribution to over 7 Billion people, you have got to have the system to be able to do that. Look at all the systems that are currently existing and we have to put all of the legal and lawful tools and documentation that they need to be able to have the standing and authority to be able to go in and repossess those to use them. In our group, we always used the term “In the twinkling of an eye”.  It can happen in the twinkling of an eye.  They know what we were doing months ago, so they have got it ready to go.  That’s why the move was so hard and maybe not in the twinkling of an eye for some. Did I answer that question?

B: Yes, but some are going to say, “when is this going to become public knowledge” instead of having to dig around several sites to find it?  Everybody is waiting to wake up and turn on CNN for Anderson Cooper to come on with Breaking News. . so much has happened behind the scenes to head that way to be made public, but everyone is waiting for it to be out there, for neighbors, people at work, and families to see it and know that change is upon us.

D: Yeah, that is literally the driving questions of the day on RTS. Everyone is broke, everyone needs money, looking beyond that, the real driving question is when are the announcements going to be made?

H: What they really want to know is when am I going to be able to rub a couple of coins together and buy a cup of coffee? Or a tank of gas? Or a loaf of bread, right?

D: Yes.

H: That’s what they want to know.

D: There’s a lot of people out there who have been waiting for that moment of vindication, “I just want to know that I am right, that it is corrupt, and that I am not crazy.”

H: I was just talking to Brian about this.  It’s sort of like that joke where a guy is stranded on an island and a boat comes by and offers help and he says, no, God’s going to help me. Then all these vehicles come forward to help him off this island, and he says, no, God is going to help him. He dies, he gets up to God and says, ‘why didn’t you try to help me?” God says, I sent you a boat, I sent you a helicopter...  that’s sort of where we are.  Some people are going to sit and wait for someone else to do something for them.  Are they standing in responsibility?  Are they standing with liability? And I guess they would ask, ok, I am ready to stand in responsibility and liability, how do I do that?

I bring this up, because when we were doing the solution, in our part of the whole, complete solution, that’s unfolding now, was, we had to recognize Universal Law part of that Universal Law is free will choice.  There were a lot of people that made choices, who if they had the choice to be abundant, live in harmony where they are not going to [have someone] come knocking on their door, stealing from them, gagging them. However, they would make a choice that is much different than the one they made based on where they were. They wouldn’t have imposed limits on themselves or allowed others to impose limits on them.  So it is important that everyone is able to make a new choice, to make a different choice.

So if I say it will be in three weeks, or three days, or two days, it will be in the twinkling of an eye.  I tell you it can be in the twinkling of an eye, but I am also going to set a timeline by doing that and that forces people to make a choice that conforms to that timeline.  Right now there are choices being made in that slavery system.  The ones that have been hiding in that slavery system to allow, to manifest this new now are coming out. They are ready to become transparent. You have to be aware and open your eyes so you can see them, number one.  Number two is those that were in the slavery system felt they had no other choice, they’re actually considering and making different choices now.  It is unfolding right now as we speak, and you guys are making that happen. Not just American Kabuki, not just Brian, not just D and Removing the Shackles, all those people who are commenting!  They are seeing all those comments.  They are seeing the energy of the acceptance of this now.

It’s the new now that is manifesting. They are seeing that the people choose. The people decide.  As far as the timing, I would love to tell you what the timing is.  For us, we just decided to go ahead and do. Instead of waiting for the Old Man to come over and do this meeting, or instead of waiting for xx to let go and let these “collateral accounts be released” we said what can we do? We realized people are moving in ways that they shouldn’t.  The right tools aren’t  in place. So what can we do to help them? That’s what every one of us asked, so we went in and did it.

B: Ok. Here’s the question: This keeps getting brought up. When are the “announcements” going to be? Steve from KP’s blog asks, “Can you tell us, the people, in good old fashioned 3D English how all of this is going to be implemented? What are the protocols and procedures that allows the people to take back their freedom from the corrupt slavery systems that have controlled us?

H: The freedom is already back. First you can just recognize and accept that.  That’s one. Two is be free. And the tools that we were talking about, what am I going to do to act free and be free? What do I do if a cop pulls me over? Be respectful, number one, because he is a human being.  He may be a not so nice human being, but, just go in and be.  Be patient. Ask the right questions, what’s your name, badge number, can you write that down for me? You want everything in writing.  These are the tools.

[AK NOTE: Heather has some additional protocols she will be posting, we recognize there's much to fill in here yet, but the key point is be decent to people. See them as other mainfestions of Source like you.  The police are just doing the best they can.]

Other than that, there’s nothing left to file on the UCC. There’s nothing to file to say, “I am a human being, common law is my law. “ It is already done.  Know the separation of facts so that you are able to incorporate it into whatever matter is before you right now.  That is what one of our advisors is gracefully allowing me to go in and alter: the template of how she is using it, and now it’s been refined, so it is in the final version. So they will just put per UCC number, XXX, “I am free”.  It is already in the system. It is already noticed to all the required parties.  It’s already cured. There’s already a personal bill that has been done.  But you refer to it in whatever personal matter pops up after the fact.

B: Got it. Ok.  Here’s the lingering question, that I got partly from an email between you and Katie: "You can take the people out of slavery, but how do you take slavery out of the people?" There’s so many people on all the blogs, D, KP, and AK all have a big following, but there’s millions of people blind to this information.  Until they know that something has changed, and they are in a position to say, hold on, you don’t have any authority over me, I am my own authority, because the only person I answer to is God. Until people are made aware of that, the UCC filings are made public on a mass level, how can people be expected to take those kinds of actions to stand up for their rights?

H: Yeah, that’s an excellent question. What I would like to do is use a real time example. Right now there is a report about OWS and the collaboration between the FBI and the big banks to take them down.  The Public Trust met with Occupy Wall Street. We spoke with one of the main founders.
You know OWS was started by the banks to incite riots so they could implement certain agendas, protocols, and policies that they needed in place.  It got out of control.  Why? Because the people are more awake today than when they formulated the plan. The plan was formulated decades ago.  They have been testing it throughout the decades up until the present moment.  We talked to the guy. He was a good guy. Good intent, all of that stuff, they used this guy with his good heart, his good intent in wanting to fix the system. They put him out in the front.  And yet, here’s OWS.  They fed it with financing, they fed it with plants.   So that’s essentially how it is. You’ve  got to look around and support each other, I am free, you are too, and how can I help you understand that?

B: Heather, that makes a lot of sense.  The reason I am passionate about this is because I keep getting hung up on it for so long, which is the people don’t know they are free yet.  Every single one of us can go talk to ten other people and that still doesn’t scratch the surface of the population of the world. You’ve said it a million times, this is not an American thing. It’s a global thing. Obviously there’s this plan that has been developed behind the scenes for a very long time with the CIA, the Federal Marshalls and the positive military, and the new governments that have been forming.  I don’t have to give a date, because a lot of people have been getting themselves in trouble [doing that].  People know it’s coming, it’s coming, in time where everything is going to come out and it’s going to explode on the scene, all of these protocols are now in place and take out the old and bring in the new.  And they are already there, per what you are saying the old systems are gone and the new are in place.  We are still operating under the illusion that the old systems are still in place.

H: Ok.

B: The media is still controlled, that’s a big one.  That is part of the reason why not a lot more people know about this.

H: You know, let’s address this here.  If what I ask people to go do, doesn’t work and they want more info, then let’s readdress it and create a new solution, OK?  First, if you will go back and look at those dates, you will see it has already started. It’s not going to start in four days. What people want to know is when are they going to have two coins to rub together?  Ok? And that’s fine, I am not saying [there's anything wrong with that].  It’s just for some people, they need a certain trigger so they can believe.  They need some authorization to start believing now. It’s been happening. It’s just been happening quietly.

So I would suggest to do what I asked D to do, go back through those filings and look at the dates.  D sharing dates about what days Intel happened will help people, to know what to look at. For example: during this time in my brokerage field, or my education field or whatever?  They will be able to say, hey you know what? There are facts here to support this.  To build the foundation.  So, if you go back to look at the filings and look at the dates.  A significant time period is the resignations and arrests.  Ministry officials, bankers jumping ship. It has already started now. You saw events, but you didn’t have the complete concepts.

D: And it is steamrolling. When you talk about the arrests and the resignations, especially, people need to understand that probably 90 percent of these resignations in business, within banking,  and finance are not being reported by the mainstream media. The reports we are getting, times that by a hundred and you probably have a better idea of what is happening.  The rats are jumping ship. And they are doing it as fast as they can.  This last month, it’s been insane.

H: Yeah, we did something this last month to kind of seal the new, you know, “what can you do now?”.  We dealt with all the old, but the new was kind of xx.  The people have these governments that they think are by the people, for the people, yet they weren’t.  They were corporations.  We had to make sure that everything was secured so that people had a tool, even just a temporary one, one that the private systems could recognize.  We actually filed that Nov 28.

D: Nov. 28, yes.

H: We sent it off to the White House, to the BIS so the agents and beneficiaries of the private systems had a chance to see that at least on Dec. 1 or even earlier, that the People’s Government was already in place.  We had a declaration of facts that we knew we were going to be able to give to people as they saw fit.  Everything was secure on December 1 and everyday thereafter.

B: Got it. The consensus across the board is that everybody wants to understand what the money aspect of this whole thing.  The numbers that have been given out are some very big numbers.  Based on the way that it is written...

H: Brian, sorry to interrupt, you brought up this point and I wanted to mention it earlier.   Again, it looks like big numbers to most people.  It is NOT big numbers!  It is a fraction, a very small fraction of... it is sort of like JP Morgan paying 500 million in a fine for a fraud they committed, they made over 300 trillion, so 500 million was the cost of doing business and basically it was "a cup of coffee".

B: Sure. Ok.

H: So I would like for everyone to put that into perspective.  So let’s go forward with your question.

B: The way that it is written, that it is duly verified equity debt against the debtors.   There’s more than enough gold and silver over 3 quintillion 5 quadrillion equity debt against the debtors.  So somebody wrote, this is more a statement of equity debt owed than a promise to pay. Or good things like clean water or atmosphere clean up?  So everybody wants to know, are they going to get a check?  How does this element of this operation come together?

H: Yeah, the funny thing is about the debt versus the promise to pay.  They actually promised to pay in Gold and Silver, because they set up the whole debt system.  They made the promise and it was recorded inside the constitution to use the U.S. Dollars.  Anytime anyone used the U.S. dollar, it represented the debt that was going to be paid in gold and silver.  The only person who is responsible for an instrument is the issuer. It’s going to be a fine and someone else is going to collect it, but the issuer is responsible for paying.

The only ones responsible for paying for a Federal Reserve note are the Federal Reserve.  The major shareholders of the Federal Reserve? The Rothschilds [in], London and Paris.  Then you have the Rockefellers.  You have other groups and organizations, but there it is in a nutshell.  So they are all responsible.  The gold and the silver, they already agreed to.  That’s why they needed the gold and silver to be moved out.  If you look at a promissory note, it says, I (...unclear...) agree to a loan of $200,000.00, which I agree that I have received in return for payment in lawful money of the United States of America.  No one would connect that those are two very different things.  Lawful money of the United States of America is something different.  That’s why the  Federal Reserve sent more than $16 billion overseas in the secret issuances, that the people found out about, they had to send them to the banks over there because the banks needed those in order to underwrite their local currencies, the Euro, the Pound, etc.  Their system that they created made it so that the Federal Reserve was the number one underwriting to everything.

B: OK.

H: Does that answer, or what part didn’t I answer?

B: D, you have one more question from your blog. . . D you still there?.(D had muted mic)

D: Here’s the overwhelming question from my blog:

H: Ok

D: What can we do to help you? What can the people do to help? People are saying, I want to help, I want to be involved.  What can they do?

H:  I know, it’s overwhelming.  I can only speak for me, but they’ve been helpful to me just by reaching out.  Their energy is the value, so I recognize what that value is.  They are doing it.  They don’t even realize they are doing it...everytime they write a comment on your blog, or on American Kabuki or on any of them,  they are saying they are interested.  Not only are they interested, they want to help, now. Everybody needs to stand up to take responsibility. All they need to do is stand up and say, “I Am.”  And then Be!  Because with that, they are going to do.  Just do.  Don’t be afraid.  I am here.  We are here.  Everyone is here.  We are not afraid. Great.  The more there is, the less fear there is, isn’t there?

D: Well said.

H: So we’ll figure out what can be done, but people don’t have limits!  Don’t limit yourself.  Be creative.  If you make a mistake, we can always correct it.  I am so excited about the ways they are going to figure out to do.  Don’t wait.  Ok, D. I am the one asking your readers, when are they going to do, and what are they going to do?  That’s what I would like to know?

D: Well there you go!

H: I am so excited. There is so much potential.

D: I think that you have just set me up for my next article tomorrow.

B: H: & D: Laughter

D: RTS readers, there’s a test tomorrow morning, you better study ha, ha.

B: you know your readers are in there 30 times a day checking for your most recent post.

D: I have the most awesome readers!

H: Ok here is a moment of clarity that I would like to share with you both, to see what you feel.  I really want to answer all of their questions in a clear, concise manner that fires something up that lets them know how important they are. And so they don’t really want to know who I am or who Caleb is, or who Randall is, what they are looking for is proof that some little guy was able to go in and do something and that means that I am able to go in and do something, too.

H, B & D discuss how to continue conversation, questions, recording, etc.

H: I really want to emphasize that things be clear and concise, I really want the people to be able to get what they want, because they’ve never gotten it before.

B: We’ve never gone down the Spiritual path of this thing.

H: That’s  a key component.  That is the foundation of it all anyways! We had to get through all the crap to get to the solution.

B: There’s a myriad of differences in what is coming out in these last few days, Keenan lawsuit, etc. The trillion dollar lawsuit, a lot of legal stuff, etc. This is different from that.  This is from purely a foundation of Spirituality. From people being and having connection to their Source Creator or power to control themselves and not give that control over to anyone else.  I think that might be part of an “Aha” moment.  I ask these questions, because people really want to know.  But so far, the element that is missing is: here is what we now have as the people.  It is time to move forward and stand united. And that is part of what we still need to address in my opinion.

H: Are you recording now?

B: Yep.

H: Ok, So that is a huge example.  What we learned is that contracts contrast help you to figure out what the solution is.  If you don’t have one, how are you going to know that any of them even exist.  Case in point: the law is all a fraud, as far as the legal systems, I should say are all a fraud.  So to go in to find a recourse or a remedy, when the system is designed so you do not have a remedy at all?  How do you deal with that?  I knew that was a danger for the people to even try to navigate that stuff.  Alleviate it, take it out, put it in its place of truth.  That’s what the paperwork, documents and the actions that we took did.  Nobody has to deal with the courts again. Not if they don’t want to. But if they want to create a system of accountability, I am so excited to see what they come up with.  However, the old stuff, it’s gone!

B: Ok, so when are people going to be granted the tools to empower themselves to stand up? (discusses example of DUI.)  The systems are still there as of today.  The courts and fines still exist, but we don’t yet have the tools or ability to convince the court that they are an illusion and a farce. Without knowing what you are doing, that’s not going to get you very far.

H: Yeah, absolutely. That was the whole key.  I wanted to make sure people were able to go in and have what they needed to deal with those situations.  The first ingredient is to have no fear.  Number 2 have the tools to make sure that the lack of fear is rooted.  Listening to your example, based on what you stated in your intent...I am in that situation...I would say, ( to officer)  ok, I am showing  you who I am,  show me your employment contract, I’d like to know who I am talking to.  Unfortunately, there are so many people pretending.   That is essentially what it is.   Use the Declaration of Facts.  I just sent you the Declaration of Facts.  That is how someone goes about using what’s been done on a current, personal matter.

B: Ok, so here’s my question.

H: Ok, so.

B: Ok, so there is all of these people pretending, playing a part... when does the system change so much so that the pretending can no longer be tolerated? When do those people playing those roles, consciously aware or not, no longer have the ability to stand there and have to step aside?

H: It’s already happening.  When we went in and did the investigations, I went into a courtroom, I had experience there as a prosecutor, so they couldn’t  even paint me as a “Nutter”.

It took me some time, but I had to ask the right questions.  If someone asks me under what authority are you an attorney?  I have a bar card, where’s the agreement that says that you can represent the state? Well, I don’t know, let me go ask my boss. . . my boss can’t even answer that question.  He can’t show me the agreement where the State of Washington says the County prosecutor’s office is allowed to represent the State of Washington.  And then my boss starts freaking out.  We went in and tested ALL of that.  But to have the people have to go through all of that and test all of that, is different.

The County I tested that in, everyone knew me. Everyone in that County knew there was something going on. And I was putting myself knowingly in these positions, when I could have just walked right out.  The banks had to finally just get the judges out of the situation of the cases by offering for example one judge’s daughter a job, then that  judge had to recues himself.  None of the other 19 judges in the county would touch it.  They recused themselves one right after the other.  Why? Because they realized, “Holy Shit, something is really going on.”  Months after I had been in the County testing all of these cases.  Everyone was making fun of me.  I didn’t care what they thought, I had the information the regular person just didn’t have...

Brian that’s the draft I am sending out to you here shortly.  It’s basically a list of questions that you ask them in a kind and respectful manner. Because I know, and they know, and if they don’t know, they are going to have to find out real quick and go to their bosses to get the answer and it’s not provided.  They are told to drop the case. Just let it go...dismiss this, ...refund this, whatever it may be, we used the script, basically the document we filed in the UCC  to put these guys in that position, they are absolutely liable. It’s already done.

B: Ok.

H: It’s just a matter of letting the people know how to do it.  That’s what  I am working on, getting that out.

B: So, I am going to review this document and that will give me a better idea about the tools that are getting put out there so people can start standing up for themselves.  My next question would be, when are people not going to have to resort to this document any more?  When is the residue of this slavery/corrupt system going to be a part of the past? People still don’t know that they have the power to stand up for themselves.  People will be potentially playing out through these old paradigms.  With absolutely no knowledge of what is taking place.

H: Yeah, I mean, it’s already done. They are actually changing themselves now. It’s important to look at the documents and look at the dates.  They can connect the dots.  The dots have already been connected.  That’s going to be huge in boosting up their confidence.. .that’s one.  Two is them “BE-ing”. Them...writing on the comments in the blogs.  I cannot stress how much a difference that is making and dissolving the systems that have been enslaving them for all of this time.  They are actually doing it right now, whether they know it or not. I am asking that they know it consciously, instead  of just unconsciously.  They can do that if they just go and look.  Does that make sense?

B: Ok, yeah, that makes sense. I am going to review these documents, ha ha.

H: You’ve just got to be aware.  You’ve just got to look.  When they go back and look at the dates of those people who promised them things, they have the opportunities to realize, Oh My God, it did happen! Quietly. The Trust needed to make sure that the slavery system...[they] had to make a different choice, in order for the foreclosure suit to be absolute and unrebuttable.  They cannot challenge it, because if they do, they open the door for all of the “discovery.”

So right now, anything that the people want to declare, this is it.  Because they do not want to open the door and show all the bad deeds and what has been going on.

B: Yeah, this is bringing up that story about the experience I had yesterday going over to buy the webcam for this call and I was passing by all the people in the store who are completely oblivious to all this stuff, and I was thinking how everyone is going to be affected by all of this, there is no way not to. At that moment, I looked up and saw a sign in the women’s clothing department that said: “put the pieces together” talking about women’s clothing, but all of a sudden...even though I get this...I sometimes wonder if it is real, the answer  I got instantly from my own inner that it is up to we the people to really enforce it.

Once everybody knows that they have been set free, then the slavery system no longer has any power, the illusion of it fades away, like the spotlight on a shadow, the shadow ceases to exist.  Now this creates the opportunity for the People to Be, the system no longer has any power over us... on a mass level, when does the realization that the systems are gone start to become a factor?  We are in what now appears to be the inner circle of the only ones who know, whereas there are a lot of people facing catastrophic conditions in their lives as a result of this system...when does all this change?

H: You know, it is changing.  That’s the point. It has changed. It is changing. It is going to continue to change. The speed and visibility with which it changes is with the people. Example: In Morocco, it was occupied by France, and was pieced apart in an agreement between France,  England, and Spain.  The People were sick of the occupation, they got together and marched through Morocco. It was the Green March.  There was no violence.  It makes OWS look like a bunch of unruly teens.  The People marched from North to South. In that particular case, they were armed with the Koran.  Their energy, their solidarity, and their unity. . .within a very short period of time, France left Morocco. They saw the power, they saw the unity and there is just nothing greater than the People.

I met with China, in Hong Kong and they were dealing with uprisings in the employment sectors. People were very tired.  That was one thing the military was very, very afraid of.  They cannot handle and uprising of 3 billion people. Not even if they brought in aid from outside. They still can’t handle that.  So if the People just unify, and I am watching them unify...your blogs are communities are already doing.  Well do.  Then be yourself.  Then be yourself with your neighbor, then with their neighbor, until everyone is together and is unified.  Yeah, they are gonna fly like a rat out of the water as soon as they see the people unifying.  That is what they are watching for.

B: Got it.  Having more and more people become conscious of all this is the key to the information and the awareness that sets us all free.

H: Absolutely. Disclosure is one thing that they are scared of is the people.  The people knowing who they are and then the people unifying together for a common goal.

B: Ok, two more questions that I skipped over earlier. KP sent them to me from his readers.  First: You have said the people do not need to apply for funds, so to put it bluntly, will the People actually be receiving actual currency? If so, how and when?

H: Sure. We went in and set up everything and everything was set back to Prime.  Everything was set in Gold and Silver, specifically because gold and silver was the representation of the value that all the systems had been working with and holding the people to.  Nobody has gold and silver sitting in their pockets or in their homes for the most part. But because you signed a piece of paper declaring that you would pay them back in gold and silver, everything had already been agreed to gold and silver.

When we set up a new government, the new temporary government, for them (The People) to use to figure out if they want a government, even, one of the terms was that no currency could be issued.  It had to all be in gold and silver. There is a specific reason for that.  Currencies are typically owned by a private organization, entity, or group.  We didn’t want that to happen.  We made sure that the people had in their possession what was duly returned to them. And then if the people come together and don’t want to carry the gold and silver around in their pocket, then they will issue a currency based on that gold and silver.  I am not saying there shouldn’t be a currency, I am saying the people have to make a decision. In owning that currency wholeheartedly, because it is their gold and silver behind it.  Caleb, Randall, and I along with others want to make sure the people have a choice and knowingly, willingly, intentionally, set that representation.

Our intent was all the value was returned.  A value they could rub together and buy bread and gas for the car and pay for services. That was the goal. And to build value off of that. Agriculture – growing food with nutrition in it ones that didn’t have nanotechnology or markers in it set for diseases that the big pharma could actually sell stuff to you later when it went from dormant to active. What we were thinking of is how can people get their value? And then you can issue currencies from there tomorrow. You can do it, but it has got to be the decision of the people.

B: Ok, so let’s say that happens, we issue a currency, the question that came in from Marlena from KP’s site, if everybody gets this money, whatever the dollar amount, wouldn’t the next thing that needs to happen simultaneously that there is disclosure, there wouldn’t be a need for money anymore? If we all have 500 million we might all quit our jobs, then what happens to the hospitals, grocery, etc. How do we avoid utter chaos?

H: Let’s use the medical field as an example. You have a hospital that is certainly not in the service of the people.  And the doctor coming in is stressed because of malpractice insurance, all the worrying, long hours, lack of technology. Here is an example of how this is going to work. It’s not an influx of money. There’s no change in the actual base. [the total money supply is not increasing - which is the true source of inflation -AK] It’s just being put into different hands and out into all those different hands. And those people are going to be re prioritizing. Of course they are.  However, if I am a doctor working at a hospital and I now have access to all of this technology that has been hidden, mind blowing technology, I might take a vacation, but I do know this, my head is going to be spinning with all of the new technologies. So those existing systems that are meant to serve the people, the hospitals are still going to be there.  There is so much excitement at what is coming and what can be used that there will be more doctors on call and you are going to have to force them to go take a break. Does that answer?

B: Yes. I asked it because I asked a similar question to Poof when I did my consultation, I asked him when I could go comfortably quit my job, and do what I came here to do?  He said there will be so much opportunity out there, he didn’t say when.  He said, don’t shoot until you see the whites in their eyes. He did say, when everything happens, whenever that might be, and all of this becomes the new reality, everybody is going to have the opportunity to be a part of these new technologies, there’s going to be no shortage of jobs.

H: Absolutely. There’s going to be no shortage. That’s the kind of fear I hear here. How am I going to get my bread? Who’s going to collect the garbage? This isn’t about lack.  This is about abundance.  There’s already technology out there. We call it a cooker in the banking industry, it’s basically a cooker that you can put things into this thing and it gives you fuel.  That’s actually old technology. But you never heard about those. You never saw them come out, not even in minor production. I am telling you that there is going to be an abundance of everything. I agree with Poof on that point, whoever Poof is.  There is going to be so much abundance everywhere and so much possibility. People are going to actually think about what they are passionate about, now. Nobody thinks about what they are passionate about now. We are told what not to do, because it doesn’t pay very well. I picked a field in reality that wasn’t what I was passionate about. I went into law way afterward.  I went into accounting. How boring is accounting? I am terrible with numbers as a lot of your viewers have seen.

B: talks about not getting hung up on the money aspect of the thing, jobs, basic needs, the Venus Project (based on bartering to live the life of abundance) The biggest distribution of wealth on this planet is happening right now, so for me right now, I want to get to the point where there is no money, where money is no issue.

H:  I love the Venus project. I worked on the finance part of it early in my career. I watched it get buried. I watched them bring them in, to see how they would do it, then bury the whole thing. They thought they were going to get financing so they could actually help somebody (muffled). People talk about their mortgages, guys no loans were ever made. Private or commercial, it never was made. . . no loans were made so they do not have to be paid back.  And the same goes for the debts. . .it’s all contrived no debt can exist unless a loan was made. You need to say, show me the loan.
B: What is a loan in legal terms? People are raising their eyebrows, because they have a lot of loans, and they are drowning in the payments. Explain that and how this is going to affect them.

H: People don’t know, and that’s ok.  I can personally guarantee that judges don’t even know.  A loan is a sum of money given to someone in exchange for a promise that they will pay it back.  The debt is an amount of money that has been loaned that is due for payment. One is the action of giving the money, the other is a credit on someone’s book and a debit on another. Something that was loaned to you, that you borrowed, and you can show the transactional records or the history of what was given. Ok?

B: Right.

H: Well that’s why they cannot prove a loan was made, there was no documentation. There was one we specifically did with ---bank.  They freaked out when asked to show the documentation that a loan was made.  We tested it out with my mom and dad and the banks got hit hard, because of the work that we did.

B: Wow

H: There is no loans to pay back.  There is national debt.  There is no state debt.

B: Ok, so Federal Reserve notes. That’s not money, that’s debts, right?

H: That’s the awesome thing. Who issues the Federal Reserve note? It’s all over the paper. It says Federal Reserve. They are liable for it, but through a series of deceptive acts and practices, they made it so the people consented to take on that liability.  That’s why they print that money.  Because it is nothing.

B: Ok, thank you. You mentioned temporary governments.

H: Yes

B: Is that what is referred to [as] the CVAC
H: Yes, we wanted to make sure, the people believe their government exists, right? That it is by the people and for the people? Where as in reality , in commerce, the slavery system, principals and beneficiaries set it up so everything was a corporation and hidden within commerce. The only way we could go in and make sure the people had what they wanted or to create what they wanted, was to go into the registry of the slavery system and register the ownership of the people’s government. We used the “Creation’s Value Asset Centers” (CVAC).  That was the solution.  One original proposal involved a claims process that would be called Creditors Value Asset Claim.  When this all went back to Prime, Zero Point, we had already created the logos, so we just changed the names. We needed to make sure that it was a framework that was fluid, nonrestrictive, non limited, except for what the people want. One is that the People were owners of it and two was that the sole purpose of the government was to serve the people. No special interest, no self interest.  Three that it would not abrogate, subordinate, subjugate, violate, invade, or assert the people’s standing, authority, and value. (Muffled)

B: Ok

H: That was our whole formula – registering what already is.

B: Are the CVACs in place right now?

H: Yes, the UCC is a commercial registry. And it also has uniform commercial codes that the registry is operated by to register property, to transfer property, to assign property. Ok? Commerce runs everything. So they established this commercial registry, with commercial codes and the people paid for it. They prepaid for it. There is a private owner.  Right now the private owner is all the people equally on the planet.  However, prior to that, little known to any one, there was a former private owner.  However, that private owner would not step forward, because that would be proof that there was a slavery system.  That was what we did, we put them in a corner where they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

B: Ok, so everything is done. Obviously someone still controls the media. Who is left that is still fighting tooth and nail?

H:  People are falling on their sword right now as proof.  They would rather fall on their swords but still have that private system up with the chance of some benefit and not have to worry about the accountability. The whole group of principals, agents and beneficiaries is fighting it, but there is a group within, that if they had known that when they were born they had a choice, they may have chosen differently.  They are brainwashed and given a position where they have to live within that system. It’s no longer that way now, because of the people, the people are waking up. Look at the Connecticut issue, people have been dissecting that and there is nothing left.  They already know the answer. So it is the people.  Right now, everything rests on the people... does that answer your question?

B: Yes, it does. It takes knowledge to a whole new level, it is wisdom. It really is as simple as being. ...(talks about emails and the word being is used a lot) it creates the foundation for all of this to even exist. We only need to answer to ourselves and to our creator. If we think we have to answer to someone in the middle it is part of the illusion.  From a spiritual standpoint, the foundation has now been set for people to be what they are at their core, which is soul and spirit.

H: Right. That is what they cannot rebut.

B:  yeah.  A question from AK, right now, the CVAC mentions 500 million per person, is that a separate sum?

H: In order to get the temporary government, you have to have backing, right?

AK: Right.

H: So 500 million from every person on the planet was appropriated  to be able to fund their government to start the repossessions, start the systems of treasury, of protection, of education, technology, so that was the number we chose.  It can always be changed by the people.

AK:  Ok.

H: So we took the money out of their holdings to start the systems or keep the systems that they already thought were running.

AK: So this is for the organic government.

H: yes, but I had to register the government in a commercial system so the old commercial system couldn’t run anymore.

AK: Ok, got it. So this is the one that is taking hold of the assets.

H: This is the one that collapsed all of the other corporations operating under the guise of government. This is temporary so the people could establish their governments, if any.

AK: so we are removing a legal fiction?

H: Yes, we had to collapse the legal fictions by stating the fictions as the property of the people individually and collectively.

AK: Got it.

B: that makes sense.

Off the record conversation for 10 1/2 minutes.

B: So Heather, we have covered a lot of ground today and I cannot thank you enough for your commitment to service and years of blood, sweat, tears and absolute truth and effort that you put toward everything.  The work is just getting started. There is going to be   a whole lot more to do.   We’ll do more of these calls. And live questions.  Are you interested Heather?

H: Yes, I would also like to bring in Miles.  People want to see proof. They want to know someone who has gotten in the water splashed around and that it is safe to go in and there are no sharks.  We tested everything in our lives to make sure that we would take the liability and take the brunt of it if there were any mistakes.  I have a real hard time with the word Hope, because Hope indicates  something that you don’t already possess.  The thing is , the people are their own hope it already is. It is when they “Be” and it is when they “Do”. Have no fear. Mistakes can be fixed.  If people do that with absolute love, grace and gratitude. If we all help each other, we are going to figure out how to do this in harmony and in oneness.

B: Great.  Can you paint a picture of what people have to look forward to? This is the reality we are living in?

H: First, have no expectations.  Because it will not match the experience for most of us.  Some can imagine it, some may have experienced it already.  When people stand in responsibility and liability, it changes how they function and it changes what you can understand. So Brian, you would act differently if you knew we were watching every step you make, rather than just being alone in a room by yourself and not being held accountable to anyone. That right there is a ground shaking element to everything that is being done.  Because now at this point, people feel safer, they start trusting, and distrust is going to be removed from their verbiage.  Hope is going to be removed from their verbiage. Need. Want.  Those are all words that indicate they don’t have something yet and they are going to start realizing they have it and they had it all along. You are going to have incredible new architecture, agriculture systems,  incredible new amounts of creativity and inventions.

B: So would free energy already be included in that?

H: All the free energy stuff has been shelved.  When people would bring those kinds of inventions in and some of it was inspired from a whole different part of the universe.  When that technology started to show up and they needed funding for it, the banks.  I cannot tell you how many times we tried to help people and then Rumsfield came in and took those inventions, either buying them out, or make it so the person was in jail and the patents would run out.

So all of that stuff is out there, you are going to have free energy, healthy food.  People are going to end up having magnificent gardens in their home.  The whole system of how we live is changing. The whole system is going to be self-sustaining.

B: Sounds like there are people behind the scenes working around the clock.

H: Yeah, it’s already ready to go.  It was ready to go about four months ago. That’s why we needed to make sure the foreclosure was done and there was an opportunity for them to come in and basically say, “No that’s not how it is”.  They never did.  So the foreclosure was done in October.  We needed the tool to bring this in.  Everything is ready to go. It was a matter of disclosure.  Disclosure naturally happened. People can go back and look at the dates and see that the dates did meet their expectations. This had to happen quietly, though. So the Powers that were couldn’t use old methods to bury them before they were actually finished.

B: Got it. Everything had to be quiet or there could have been a chance for defeat?

H: Yeah. The only ones that knew were the powers that were. We really experienced really severe pressure. I cannot imagine how it would have been if we went public.  We would have been so spread thin. It just wouldn’t have gotten done. I am really satisfied with the way that things were done.  Now people have the opportunity to see it was actually done and now say, wait a minute, we’re ratified. Now you are going to see that the military, what did you call it?

B: The positive military?

H: Anyway, they have been in place since September. It is just this symphony a magnificent, divine symphony to make this play out, so that people have a chance to make different choices that were in the former systems.  Some of them are “checking out”.  You are watching it right now. You just don’t know the context of it.

B: Well, I am going to go out on a limb and say we have a lot to look forward to here! I have learned these past few days that the more we can stop worrying about everything that has happened, and to anticipate or create some expectation, it is in everyone’s best interest to start living in the moment. Be this change, now.  The real change happens inside of us.  Our outside world automatically transforms around us.  The outside world is inside each and every one of us.  We create the world around us.  Whether you realize it or not this is happening and it is time for us to be aware of it. Just be. Just be in this moment.

We will have a future forum to do this again.  If your question wasn’t answered, we will have an email address

H: all of this is done without prejudice and with absolute gratitude unconditionally always.

B: Thank you to D, and to American Kabuki and Kauilapele.

Brian here from the American Kabuki ground crew.  Thank you for the time. And I look forward to moving forward on this journey with each of you.


  1. Ok, I read this carefully.

    I worked with both US political parties’ leaderships for 18 years, and have turned that expertise to document their most obvious crimes over the last four years. I’ve also done my best to explain and document economic solutions with money, debt, and credit.

    I’ve done “spiritual” work for over 35 years in search of leverage points to provide humanity the real choice of what we all know is possible for this planet to be a really nice place to live.

    So that said, I’d be happy to discover the breakthroughs this article claims in manifested evidence, or at least pathways for We the People to test. Until then, while I’m as willing as the next slave (former?) for the breakthrough, until I can see freedom in obvious ways such as the end of our unlawful wars, the end of our lying corporate media, the end of our parasitizing financial systems, it’s just another day at the activist’s office for me, as my “hobby.”

    We’ve all seen so many promises, so many hopes. We see what appear to be signs. What evidence do you specifically offer here for us to test? I know there have been other articles, but please list them here clearly.

    1. I'm with you. I would like to see some evidence.

      Can't live on excitement for too long.

      I believe this is Drake's concern as well.

      Also, I haven't read yet how we are to access these funds
      and/or how they will be distributed.

    2. You couldn't be more correct. I'm concerned about a president who doesn't give a damn about the constitution, wants a larger government, taking away our liberties, really is full of hypocrisy about concern for the people and wants to make everyone a liberal, socialist. NESARA will go nowhere if you're expecting the morons in government to execute this pipe dream.

    3. Let's get real. All the bulls### revolves around free money. What the f did Jesus raise fist ONLY ONCE for? Making money from money - the root of evil.

      Getting real involves:

      The idea of doing nuthin and getting everything is the foundation of cancer, pshchosis and evil.

      Where do you freeloaders get off?


  2. Much appreciation,thanks, and gratitude to all the transcription people who worked hard at getting this into print.

  3. where can the people find sample letters to request proof of debts, argue they are not valid and a letter to dispute the credit reporting agencies reaction to any changes in the alleged debt?

  4. I haven't read every line yet. working on it. But I would like to thank you again, as I can see that this must be the transcript of the mp3's probably due to the many complaints about not being able to hear Heather's voice, etc. I have done some transcription, and I know how painstaking it is, so again, thanks to those who have worked together to accomplish this feat.

  5. I get the same impression reading the text that I got listening to the interview. Brien asked very good questions, and got vague generalizations for answers. This interview didn't answer a darn thing for me and I just didn't
    find Heather believable.

  6. To all concerned,

    Many thanks for all the excellent work you guys do and the service you provide. I've been following several sources now for over 2 years namely David Wilcock, Fulford, AK, KP, 2012 scenario, Jean Haines et all and I truley believe we are going to see a huge change in the coming months.

    My problem is that, after listening to the Heather and Brian discussion I didn't hear any solutions regarding corrupt judicial systems.

    I have 2 examples in the UK where I stood up to the PTW and got my a## kicked once in court over a disputed credit card debt and once with a county court bailiff who stole my car for an unpaid parking ticket that I had disputed. I had asked to see the contracts that I'd signed giving them authority over my vehicle and asked was I obliged to pay a "Notice" as in a PCN (parking charge notice).

    I won't go into detail but I wasn't afraid, I had no fear, I went to court and I dealt face to face with the bailiff but all my common law paper work counted for s### when the push came to shove.

    So my question to Heather is "What is our remedy?" and "How can we enforce our lawful position against a corrupt judicial and law enforcement?"

    Much love n light

    Neil (UK)

  7. No comments? Personally, I feel she didn't answer any questions forthright. It gave me the feel of a politician answering a question. One gets a lot of words, but no answer.

  8. How's about I start things off? I AM Kristopher, and I am free!

  9. In Canada there is a movement called the World Freeman Society. One of the representative is Robert Menard. What he teaches is empowering.. He says exactly how to stand up and ask the right questions... To be fearless because you know within that you are free. I recommand watching his stuff and then do your own :) Empower yourself know how to find the remedes..

    Have faith, it's all hapenning!

    Alexandre P Canada

  10. Thank you so much for your hard work and all the information. I look forward to the coming articles that specify what people can do to be free from all debts. Love and Gratitude. :)

  11. Is it possible to get a step by step instruction on how to follow up with bank as Heather did with her and her parents mortgages to follow this up and create a freedom movement of this BEING!! Thankyou all for being such great Sister and Brothers blessings Bill

    1. Go look at Pierce County Recorded Documents. Accept the terms at their site, enter the last name Tucci and then read her court case records that have been filed.

    2. need a bit more information, where exactly is the appropriate place to search for this type of document/s?

  12. It appears that Heather and Chrles Miller have been working on this. Below is a link to a video from November 2011 - didn't know if anyone had seen this yet. Ithas less than 100 views.

    So excited and grateful for these one's work.

  13. While I appreciate all that the TOPPT has done and is doing for us, I see no practical steps listed here for us to use. I can declare my freedom all day long, but if I don't pay my mortgage, they will take my home. If I don't pay my taxes, they will put me in jail. If I were to say to the bank or the arresting officer that "I am a free person", they will burst out laughing as they slap the cuffs on or evict me from my home. Just declaring our freedom does nothing. Is there some legal form, or something, anything, anywhere that can support us so they don't foreclose or incarcerate us?

    If I told the wife "We don't have to pay the mortgage anymore because they never loaned us any money in the first place!", she would probably show me the mortgage note and have me committed.

    So, please, someone, show us something concrete we can use that will allow us to keep our home or not be jailed for delinquent taxes. Otherwise, this is nothing but "hopium".

    Also, until there is some sort of Announcement that everyone hears or reads, the number of people who believe this will never increase. I can't convince anyone "they are free" without something to show them, something tangible. I haven't seen anything yet that would qualify.

    It would also help for Ms. Heather to explain in laymen's terms how a private group can claim they foreclosed on all these institutions, when they continue to exist as before with no apparent changes. We've been screwed so many times in the past with all this talk about a new financial system, new government, etc. etc. but there is absolutely nothing I can show someone to support the idea that could happen, or is happening. Nothing, nada, zilch. I will not attempt to spread the word about TOPPT or anything else as I am tired of never seeing anything of note happen.

    1. This site, seems to echo what I have heard and read (the info is out there if you look for yourself) Reading Heather's public records is interesting and a crash course in legalese.

    2. I hear you loud and clear, I am in agreement. No disrespect to Heather, et. al, but talk is cheap, especially now in 2013. :)

  14. Awesome Work AK and Team!! This is already a global conversation and a group of friends and I who have been involved in the Sovereignty movement are eager to bring this into more public view and start educating the masses. This transcript makes re-visiting parts of the "conversation" between Brian and Heather much more fluid. Also I can start highlighting the major points and getting the word out on my own blog. Meanwhile, if you need someone to sleep for you while you pull an all-nighter to edit or transcribe, just let me know. :)

  15. would you be so kind as to edit the following fiat debt validation letter:

    In response to an LENDER computer generated letter for the alleged legal lender/s, I do not recognize the alleged amount, claim, debt, lender/s, etc. I have never received funds from LENDER.

    How did the alleged funds come into existence and are they bonafide, backed and legal?

    Please send me a verification and proof of claim and provide proof of all the accounting, agreements, amounts paid, charges, creditors, currencies, debtors, interest, funds, gold, monies, original notes, parties, silver, usury, etc. involved with the alleged loan...

    Or please delete & remove any and all references to the alleged loan.

    1. I've written similar type letters to 2 credit cards. They both have charged off, which looks bad on the credit report. I haven't heard anymore from chase, I heard they actually have let go some of thier debt collectors. But CAP ONE is still fighting me. I'd love to get more info on how to handle them before I end up in court.

  16. Sorry but this is as clear as mud. Can someone (perhaps Kauilapele) summarize IN THEIR OWN WORDS what is going on here?

    What i could gather was this but even I am not sure...

    1) The NWO was legally defeated and the world power and money now rests with the all the people of the earth

    2) Everyone on earth will receive $500 million a piece

    3) New "abundance" technologies are about to be released for food, water, health, and energy

    Excuse me, but we have been hearing this for the last 2 years. This is all fine and dandy but why are the powers that were still in charge and when is all this going to change and how? Sorry but act like it and it will be so does not cut it.

  17. .
    With heartfelt, joyous gratitude to each and all who energize these positive changes, those who work from their interior being as well as those who work in the external world ------
    Thank you, thank You ...
    Loving YOU ----
    Good energy ----

  18. This reads very promising. Does this mean people worldwide will potentially benefit ,even by a small amount , meaning if somoone is desperate to fix a leaking roof, they may be able to get help? Time wise, lets hope within 6 months, that mainstream has to fess up!! and then we really will know the CABAL IS DONE FOR. Let us never ever ever again for eternity allow such terrible evil to control the masses..let evil be done with and light rule.

  19. Lets Unite as Sovereign Souls of Light in these Galaxies to permanently ban or remove all forms of deceptive control from within for the Liberation of Prosperity, Love, Peace of All that is Us and the Creators.

  20. I maybe cynical but is sounds a lot like the NWO. One World Government. The Queen and Rothchilds are siting on trillions of stolen loot gold and silver. Until they are held accountable for their crimes and Genocidal wars there will be no justice. They can come in and corrupt the system as they have done for centuries. They must be held accountable......

  21. I am wanting to go to my bank and ask them how I have paid the buying price for my home and I still owe them almost as much as the buying price since I have only been paying interest as it was all i could afford for the last 8 yrs.
    I have paid them 750k USD in installments. I still owe 650kUSD.
    Ofcourse I also paid 80k deposit in cash. This is slavery.

  22. Amazing info. thank you!!

  23. Thank you so much for this information. I don't have the words as to what this means for all of us. I have a distant memory of freedom, but am excited to experience it in the now. Love.

  24. Inspiring interview. Thank you.

  25. Question for Brian with American Kabuki~~
    Regarding TOPPT - update 1/5/2013

    Where might I find the questions/information Heather was sending to you for the court system??


  26. I overcame my first roadblock. I decided reading this whole transcript was an investment of my time that I owed to myself to do. Let's face it. There's a lot of stuff here that we can intuit as good, but we have to admit we still don't 'understand' what to do. Like smile calmly and peacefully when that 'officer of the law' doesn't bother to answer my questions as to who he/she is, what gives them the authority they claim they have, and deny them the ability to forcefully restrain me against my wishes - or in denial of Universal Law.

    All that being said, I am going to start applying these principles. No doubt, less than perfectly, but that's how we learn, isn't it?

    Om Shanti, Namaste, Love, Peace,my hewart shakes hands with yours

    No longer anonymous, AZLew

  27. My Deepest gratitude and thanks for all who have made this a reality. Brian... thank you for typing the entire conversation up. Much appreciated.

  28. Last night I was thinking about all this TOPPT stuff. With no other thought passing through my mind in between, I suddenly decided to read a passage from the Bible. I took the book off the shelf, closed my eyes, opened to a "random" page and pointed to a "random" passage. This is what I'd read:

    “Look at the fig tree and all the trees. When they sprout leaves, you can see for yourselves and know that summer is near. Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that the kingdom of God is near.” (Luke 21:29-31)

  29. So where can one find copies of the legal documents which Heather makes mention to in her discussion? I am very interested in learning more about these documents. I have a friend fighting to save peoples' homes and he is getting threats from the courts and the banks. There is still some bad stuff going down and the judges are playing right along with the scheme.

  30. For those of you that are new to this information. If you watch "Change is on Horizon" and sit through all the videos 1-3 - in order - you will then have the whole picture. This will help you and bring you up to date on this process. It begins with St.Germaine and his lifetime in the 1700's and continues with the hidden deceitful banking system that was started in the 1800's on the peoples of the world and the last video brings it up to 2008. The one puzzling thing was even the mention of "The Farm Home Claims" at the beginning of #3. We were all told this was a "scam" and the people helping us to file our claims in 1994 ended up in jail or dead - or both. When it showed up in video 3 - I thought WHAT?! and now here we are getting another piece of the puzzle. All this is taking time - after all we are in a battle to reveal all these dastardlies that have been in control of all of us for several hundred years and we are learning how to undo this myriad of lies, treasonous treacherous thieving lies - and these are not amateurs - they are very skilled thieves, killers and destroyers of humanity. I love St.Germaine - or "Joe" as he told me his name is/was - he is just WONDERFUL! JL

    1. Would you be so kind as to provide a link to the aforementioned videos?

  31. I am very happy to read that someone has supposedly paved the way legally for the beginning of a new paradigm of abundance for the 99.9%, and I find myself "hopeful", that it has indeed happened, and will manifest. Heather herself in the talk said she doesn't like the word hope, because it implies you don't yet have what you're hoping for. Well, I'd like to see some tangible, bulletproof documents of something that show she is who she claims to be and has actually done these things. I agree with other posters here that the "I'm a free man" defense probably ain't gonna get you far in either the legal world or the financial... as fictitious as they may be. She is someone with legal training, who had knowledge of the law and who knew what questions to ask, in order to get her test "cases" dismissed. The examples were weak at best, and no document of specific concepts/strategies was offered. Brian asked great questions, indeed, the ones on all of our minds, who have been following all these folks for the last few years (AK, K, Fulford, Wilcock, RTS, Drake, ad nauseum). I just wasn't super impressed with her slippery answers to nearly everything that was asked. I am in need of 2 pennies to rub together and I'm SO ready for these behind the scenes things to be true and finally play out as suggested. The thing is, we've been told similar things for years... always with the caveat that everything isn't prepared yet, or this and that has to be just right, or paperwork has to be in order, etc. etc. I am still holding out hope, intent and awareness that the Event, in truth and cosmic grace and justice, is imminent... Just a bit beat down right now, wanting vindication, and I'm hardly the only one who thinks so. This has got to hit the mainstream at some point. Thanks for posting, AK. Namaste.

  32. Did anyone else read this closely: "So 500 million from every person on the planet was appropriated to be able to fund their government"

    We're broke, and they just took $500 million FROM us.

  33. I Actually DID Search for Heather's Documents & seems like I've found her parents
    Judgement at least showing Key Bank (Which I am Positive IS One of the Baddest Guys)
    shows a summary judgement satisfied on Tucci's behalf for 182,679.21
    hopefully THAT'S Proof. If that's the beginning Then, Thanks Heather

  34. So everyone is focused on the money when she is trying to say do the spiritual work, join in learning new skills, prepare to understand nutrition, learn how to grow GMO free food. Research what you are eating, cleanse our bodies, our minds our souls. Unity is strength,
    the divide and conquer is over.Do not see race
    see integrity. The system of duality is over it will take time to digest, when truly accepted into our minds
    Into our auras and then psychic fields we can redream our planet, our lives and it will be truly magnificent, beyond our wildest dreams.
    We have to focus on our souls journey, our free wills,enjoy and disapatte the fear. Create create,dream,learn.
    Be present in each moment and love all. Gandhi had so much power because he was very,very present,naturally,he knew the creator of all was with him...just as the Creator of all is with each of us.

  35. Reading this was like watching the daybreak of a new paradigm. How can we imagine this new reality until we let go of expectations shaped by every other daybreak we have ever seen? Lately I wake up each day, vigilant for new details and signs that people are truly waking up. And each day I find the evidence because I am looking for it. It's such an honor to be on this planet at this amazing time, knowing my entire life has been preparing me to play my part in the coming coup de grace of a people who get to taste freedom that exceeds their wildest imaginings. I can only "hope" to follow your lead to discover and manifest my higher purpose with as much brilliance as you have, esteemed trailblazers!

  36. Hi,
    I like Neil am from the UK and despite having my fingers burned in court I realise that is the stand you make that is the key factor you can only be given justice if you demand it respectfully in the full knowledge of who you are. It is the being heard that is important if you are not heard it's because what you have said is true and frightens the PTB and their minions, who mostly are subject to cognitive disonance so you must use strength of purpose to show them their errors question everything they throw at you. Common Law does work I have seen it played out I did not apply my rules as I should and lost the ball.

    However that said I feel that Heather whoever she may be has avoided the key issue just like Mary Elizabeth Croft did in her book the idea was there but not the sources of information to implement the idea, I get the picture there is no template, we create or own. We are all responsible for ourselves and that responsibility by natural/universal law extends to everyone as we are all but facets of the one.

    However I am let down by the ambiguity of the conversation it had many fine words but in reality said twice nothing. Why not just release the documents you served as a stand point for all to see if the motion is already under way? It doesn't matter if they are not understood what matters is that they are seen.

    I am not a doubter I already know that the world will not remain as it is the spiritual growth can not be denied and it will not allow for the dam to be built by the PTB who are no longer the PTB.

  37. it appears all the documents are here at this link

  38. Great interview.Thank you for the transcript.I'm trying to wrap my head around exactly how I deal with an alleged entity like the IRS. Are there any test cases for them?


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