Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Letter from Sam Davis at The Guardian Express

A Letter from Sam Davis at The Guardian Express
Ladies and Gentleman,
I am Sam Davis, and I have been publishing the recent articles about the OPPT UCC filings in the Guardian Express Newspaper.
Thank you for your support, and we will be publishing content daily about OPPT and what it means to everyone on the planet.
Gary Livingston put me on to this amazing story, after another writer on our staff, Steve Kish, wrote an article about OPPT.
I have picked up the ball, so to speak, and I am heading towards the end-zone with it, but I need help.
I will be sending you guys and gals links to the new articles that get published with regards to OPPT.
You can help spread the word in several ways.
First, forward my emails with the links to all your email contacts, telling them how important this information is, and asking them to forward it to their email contacts.
Second, social media is exploding, so please, tweet the link on your Twitter account, and ask your followers to re-tweet the link.
Third, Facebook. If you are reading one of the articles on the Guardian Express, copy the address bar link for the article, and paste it into your Facebook page, posting it to all your FB friends, and again, ask them to re-post and pass the word along. If you copy and paste the address bar link, it comes out in your post with the article picture and title, and looks professional.
Lastly, we can always use good content for the Guardian Express, so if you or someone you know wants to write something to be published on the site, by all means, send it to me at this email address. Any category, any subject, and I will present it to the Publisher for approval.
Additionally, we have a wide range of current trending content on our sitew, so please take a look around on our site, and maybe it will become one of your trusted news sources for the 21st century. We publish fresh content daily.
Here is the link to the latest OPPT article, written by Andy Whiteley.:
Spread the love please.
Sam Davis

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  1. Awesome stuff Sam...thank you so much! I'll definitely be following your articles and sharing them :) Cheers and God bless...



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