Saturday, February 16, 2013

Comments have been turned back on.

I turned the comments back on. Vacation is over.


  1. Okay so is everyone in agreement that the Pope should be completely forgiven? Thoughts? And remember we are fifth dneisty humans.

  2. Hah! That was like 24 hours or sumptin' :) The length of the "break" you took, I mean, not how long the comments were off (that was obviously a bit longer)....

  3. The work you, D, Lisa, and Heather are doing is noble and inspiring to us all Brian. We are grateful to you for presenting this info, and it is our part to share it with as many as are ready to hear. We will all be liberated soon, and the signs of just that are growing daily. Thanks so much for leading the way to this awakening that we are all a part of, and you have our blessings in this endeavor, and the role you are playing. Know that you have our support and Love in all you do for humanity. WE LOVE YOU, and WE ARE GRATEFUL.

    In Love and Light, the EZWRITER.

  4. Welcome back. Roll up your sleeves dear.
    I want to mention here (as opposed to another 'blog') that it appears either the trolls and shills are out or people are warping into buttheads that need their heads butted together.
    Am I beginning to sound like D here?
    This site and many others have made available valuable forms for our remedy, use, and declarations. As soon as I saw them I knew them instantly and what to do with them and when. It is not for the light of heart. Its called experience.
    -Heads up folks-
    If I may- with all the long hours, valuable and wonderful paperwork the trustees have put forth transparently for ALL of us to benefit; taking great risk to get it out...the dark is showing.
    AK, D, KP et al are working tirelessly to get everyone educated.
    Historically I am not a blogger, chat room geek, or forum frequenter. However, with the exponential LIFE that OPPT is taking on, noodling around keeps me abreast of trends and linguistics cropping up around OPPT.
    Life is inevitable.
    My heart falls when I see what some want to do with the UCC and Courtesy forms.
    For example-Chats suggesting that folks go out and run up credit cards then use the COURTESY NOTICE to tell them all to go to hell.They are foreclosed so what does it matter? OR ( this is a dilly):
    take out personal loans for $1000 then donate it to OPPT TRUST. right. Did I read that right? What is the IQ here? Oh you must be a shill right?
    Once my blood pressure came down to normal I accepted that this is either deliberate sabotage or STUPIDITY!!!
    "Let them BE and DO"?
    Those of us who've been doing the paperwork for years now all know that in the administrative process 3 notices must be given FIRST.
    Unrebutted affidavits, notice to agent/principal, is acquiescence. Silence is truth in commerce. No contract. It is much more complex than all of this. To get an idea watch,
    "What the FUQ"
    Published on Oct 23, 2012 by Scott Bartle

    Before using these forms know what you are doing.
    Although the Matrix is still running the script and ignoring the corporate foreclosures, they still BITE. If you don't want to get corporate rabies then respect what the Trustees have put forth. Don't abuse the forms, use them wisely.
    Many people worked long and hard behind the scenes for us all and to trash their Value and Energy is bad joojoo.
    I would not want your karma, but perhaps you need the lesson.
    Good luck.

  5. Hello all,
    my roommate refuses to be a witness on my 2nd batch of Courtesy Notices.
    I'm thinking of just taking them to the Notary at the local UPS store.
    Anyone think this is NOT a good idea ~ Thanks


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