Sunday, February 24, 2013

Do you Remember?

I was writing something very similar, but you know...this is even better than what I wrote!  -AK


Do you Remember?

Who you are?  Where you come from?

Do you Remember why you are here?  Do you remember the Game?  The Experiment?

Maybe you don't........ yet.

That was part of the rules of The Game- rules that WE made when WE created The Game. Rules that WE agreed with Source to follow when we all decided to play the Grand Experiment.

The Game is played like a theatre production: The players take their turn, each playing their part on the Grand Experiment Stage. Rule number 1 is that they don't remember.... anything. They are blindfolded and not allowed to look at the rules of the game or the instructions. The players are placed on the stage, with no script and no cue-cards, to interact with each other and ad lib as they go along. The only clues they have are the musical score playing in the back ground and their wits- receiving hints and bits of information from each other as they move through their part.

When we all decided to play The Game, there were certain players that decided to play their part off stage. They didn't forget, they didn't put blindfolds on.  These Players hid behind the curtain and had complete access to the Rules and the Instructions of The Game, and because of that they knew exactly how the Grand Experiment would unfold. These Players decided to set themselves up as the Directors.

In the beginning of the Experiment, the Play ran somewhat smoothly.  The players interacted with each other, ad libbing as they went along, learning to take cues from the music playing in the background and their interactions between each other. Then the Directors started to exert themselves,  proclaimed their authority and began to meddle in the Game.  They started giving directions from the sidelines, making up rules that interfered with the Players- taking away their ability to really interact with each other by shouting new directions that caused separation and division between the Players, dividing them up into teams so that they lost their ability to work together as one whole group.

To keep the groups organized, the directors placed Leaders in the middle.  These were their brokers and were responsible for dictating to the rest of the group the new rules and regulations. They demanded absolute obedience, their voices drowned out the music playing in the background and over-rode the ability of the Players to interact with each other and to use their intuition and wits to work together.

The Directors allowed these leaders to dictate Rules to the Players, encouraging them to tie their groups together with ropes of fear and chains of distrust for anyone outside their group.  The Directors applauded as they thought that these bindings would tightly hold the groups together forever, regardless of whether the Experiment ended or not. They gloated in their superiority, thinking that they would remain in control forever....

... But they forgot something vitally important.

As the Grand Experiment started winding down, something amazing happened.  With in the various separate groups, Players began to realize that something wasn't right.  They began to listen to the music.  They began to remember that not only were there other groups on the stage, but that they too were in the same game.  As they remembered, they reached out to those in other groups, linking hands until the stage began to look like a giant web of interconnected BE'ings.  As they reached out for each other they began to break free of the ropes of fear, gravitating towards each other....

The Directors didn't like this AT ALL. Their shouts from off stage didn't get the players attention like it use to.  They knew that for them to remain in control they needed to step up their game.  So they jumped onto the stage, but they did it in disguise.  They took on the personas of BE'ings from history, from religious legend and lore.  The Directors entered centre stage and worked their way through the groups, throwing glamours over the leaders, convincing the Players that they were there to save them.... that only they, the Directors in the guise of "Divine" BE'ings had the answers to all their questions and that only through them could the Players attain their final goal.

It worked for a short while.  The Players beheld these exulted "Divine" BE'ings  and paid homage to them, regarding them with hope and awe.... and the Directors LOVED IT.  They loved it so much that they never wanted it to end.  Who cares about the Grand Experiment?!  Who cares about the end of The Game?!  Who cares about the Rules and Instructions that the Players all decided on and agreed upon together?!  Oh yes! They thought they could keep The Game going forever...

But.... they forgot something else that was vitally important.

The End of The Game.

The final act of the Grand Experiment was at an exact instant, a preordained moment in time that was unchangeable, unmoveable, unalterable.... even by them.  The Directors might of been playing the part of "Divine", but in reality they were players just like everyone else on the stage.  Yes, they were not blindfolded, Yes they knew the Rules and Instructions of the game, Yes, they remembered.... but they were just Players like everyone else in the Grand Experiment- EQUAL TO ALL.

The Directors waved all sorts of prizes in front of the players in an effort to keep them believing that they were "Divine".  Money, Money Money.... Freedom....

"Freedom?"  Wait a minute!  Players started once again listening to the Music, they started interacting with each other, questioning, asking, listening...  "Freedom?"  But..... ?

The Directors tried everything in their bag of tricks, yet the more they tried to convince the Players to worship them, the more the Players woke up.

Oh, the Directors knew the reason why.   They knew what was happening.  They tried to stop it, convinced that they could keep the Players dancing to their tune forever, but deep in their hearts they knew the Truth:

The Grand Experiment was over.  The Game was finished.

The one thing that the Directors forgot is that Source was also involved in The Game. The one thing they didn't know was that in among the players there were Guardians who's job it was to oversee the end of the Experiment.

The Directors yelled louder.  They gave orders to the group leaders, orders that fell apart before they could be executed.  They ran from group to group, doing anything they could to keep the other Players from listening to the Music. They altered the script, they tried to yell louder than the music.... but it didn't work.

The Guardians began to wake up from their waking sleep. They looked at the Directors pretending to be "Divines" and said "You are NOT "Divine"!  For if you are "Divine" then others would have to be "UnDivine".  YOU are Players just like WE are Players- WE are ALL EQUAL!"  They reached out to each other, grasping hands together, connecting group to group all over the Universal stage in a giant net of light.  The Light got brighter and brighter until even those still under the glamour of the Directors could see it through their blindfolds.

As Players woke up they took off their blindfolds and they began to remember who they were.


As above, so below.
As below, so above.


....The final chapter of this tale is being written right now and You are part of it.

It's time to take off your blindfold.  The Game is over.  The Experiment is done.

Breathe deeply, look around you and remember who you are and why you are here.

Remember that we are all EQUAL.

It's time to tell the self appointed Directors that we are done with their cheating and deceptions.  They are NOT Divine.  They are the same as us: Players in The Game, and the Game is now over.

...Shall we write this last chapter all together?


  1. I have been a member, for many years, of a school of thought/education that utilized just this same exercise to instill the wisdom of experience into the participating students.
    Blindfolded and taped into position ~whereas no senses were permitted to successfully proceed...through a facimile of life,...and.becoming one with divine intuition was the only way to progress, if not, be caught in a swarming uncomfortable mass of humanity at it's worst. ah, the journey. discovering and surrendering one's way forward through the obstacles, walking the middle road, humor in hand, fear in your way way back pocket....and focus to bravely travel onward. Same as this world. We are blindfolded with our eyes open...feeling our way through this maze, intent on true discovery and joyful connection with our own unknown.
    when the blindfolds do come off, we get to remember how truly BIG we are in a minute world.

  2. Funny, I was trying to write the same thing too but this was was written much better than I could have done. Wow, is it just me or are the synchronisities and manifestations happening faster?
    This is a wonderful theme that I could see lending itself to other types of storytelling such as a movie or a series and expand into telling the stories from the perspective of one main character or a web of characters, there's so much drama to draw on to flesh out a thrilling story. I suppose the movie The Matrix worked on that theme but there is still so much potential left to be explored. I hope there are some blocked writers out there that are looking for some inspiration 'cause here it is.

  3. Yes, so true, Source was ALWAYS involved in this Grand Experiment, and the "directors" are just as subject to the Divine Plan as any of the unawakened players. The key is to reconnect with your higher self (and see what happens when you follow through with your own inner guidance). If you keep doing this at some point you will gain enough confidence in your own inner guidance that you're no longer mesmerized by the directors (the "critical point"). That's when things begin to fall apart for the directors who wish to continue the Game, and it's the solution for all other challenges as well. (Because our higher selves PLANNED / ENGINEERED the fall, the challenges, our higher selves hold the the form of inner guidance.)

  4. The one thing that the Directors forgot is that Source was also involved in The Game. The one thing they didn't know was that in among the players there were Guardians who's job it was to oversee the end of the Experiment.

    And tis no coincidence that thee OPPT has been published in The Gaurdian Express~ Love It~

  5. the part of this whole thing that rang bells for me was... "The one thing that the Directors forgot is that Source was also involved in The Game. The one thing they didn't know was that in among the players there were Guardians who's job it was to oversee the end of the Experiment."...this is how I've felt my whole life.

    So yea, it's Game Over kids. Time to pack up and go. No kicking and screaming either as it won't solve anything. Suck it up and don't act surprised you didn't get your way. You knew it was going to turn out this way... you just chose to ignore it and eventually started to believe your own bullshit. There is but one way, and yours ain't it. Thanks for playing. No more Credits... Game Over. ;)


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