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Drake's Meets Source...

These are Drake's words, not mine.  Emphasis is mine. Comments in red are mine. 

Oh yeah, if you go over to the link at Drake's site there's something on the graphic about the Pope that says humans were created by the Annauki, that's incorrect, (you really didn't think they Annauki who created religions to cover the truth would also tell the truth about the origins of humanity did you?).  They were created in parallel to humans.  They are ten stranded humans instead of 12 stranded.  They lack the emotional DNA of the other 2 strands.  Both were created by the Elohim (who have returned by the way for this next phase of humanity...) -AK

Arrested? (Clarification)
Posted on 02/16/2013
By Drake


The subject here is Religion, ALL of it.

Catholicism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc.

In order to get any ‘idea’ across, the idea has to have merit.

Merit calls for Validation. Achieving validation requires proof that can not be disputed, as in evidence, etc.

Within each of the beliefs there is one main problem, proof.

It is taught that man is to use ‘believing’ as his/her individual proof. In this way, there is and are no other proofs required.

IF there is no God/Source then just exactly who or what answers?

Problem is, is that I have witnessed that there IS such a being as God/Source. This was on a spiritual level NOT physical.

While there, I had to ask when I saw, ‘are you the real deal’? That entity turned to me and said, ‘Yes.’

I stated that I sure hoped he and the others would return in order to straighten out all the lies that had been presented to mankind.

In the process of exiting this higher dimension, I clearly heard ‘Yes, we will…’

And so many just know it will be only a single select holy entity that is to visit. Oops! Seems a lot of things are NOT as they seem.

Contrary to many, God does exist.

[well...God as an old man in a cloud sure doesn't exist... God who counts sins in a giant sin credit bureau doesn't exist....kind of depends on what you mean "God" and what kind of image that brings up in one's head... -AK]

Even more so, in much of what each of us has been taught, there is a great difference between The Truth and that which we have been told.

Have those who say they know or are an authority simply ‘assumed’ these positions? IF so, then they have no authority. IF not, then exactly who appointed them? What authority did so? AND why continue teaching the same things?

One of the main things all people have to understand is that this is composed of several things.
It is stated that false prophets will present themselves as beings of light, that demons will look to be angels, and Man will be fooled.

The bringer of peace will bring war, it will bring suffering, and will dominate all of mankind.

The greatest ‘trick’ the devil ever pulled off, was to make everyone believe that he did not exist…
I ask, is this why none of the ‘churches’ offered these truths? Kept the reality of this knowledge from We The People?

Following that, why is it that even after it is written ‘don’t change any of this’, those in charge of ALL our belief systems, changed the words?

By who’s authority? Scratch out ALL the italics, these were all added. Bullingers Analytical Lexicon and Concordance offers the root meaning of words used.

These are derived from the original Greek, Hebrew, and Estrangio- Aramaic, take a very close look into Old English, this is what the original book was translated into.

After this little study, it is time to get serious by getting a ‘copy’ of The Steven’s Text. This is what became The King James Bible.

Stevens screwed things up badly. Of course this was after the king got upset about the time it was taking and told James to hurry or give up his head.

The last part in this is that an edict from ‘the church leaders’ was made to ‘simplify’ the whole Bible so anyone could understand it…wonder what that did to the complex meanings of the original words?

Few know of the vote taken (347 AD) by those who saw the opportunity to increase their financial and political power, to decide out of all the ‘books’ presented, exactly what the content of The Bible would be…among other changes.

I have said that the things that have been hidden from man would be revealed, and that is just beginning.

This writing is to let everyone know that much of, if not most, of the real truth is still hidden from most of us.

In looking into all this, I have found some things everyone should think about.

The simple fact of the matter is that many of the ‘atheists’ have decided that instead of there being no God, that there just might be One.

We know this as agnosticism. Very simply, a great mystery that man can not comprehend. What I have written above supports this.

I will never tell anyone how to believe. Some understand that God/Source deals with people individually… thus man’s idea of a supreme being is nothing more than that, ‘man’s idea’. This is why we have all the ‘denominations’ and differing ‘churches’…Man’s idea. The researchers took the idea that we are ‘the crown of creation’ to mean we are superior. Therefore man decided he was smarter than our Creator, and is the reason we have all the ideas outside what has
been written.

The Creator says, ‘believe or not as you so chose.’ This is our God/Creator given Right of Freedom of Will.

My position is a great blessing in that I get to serve the greatest country on the planet, AND the Highest entity known.

Even as great an Honor as this is, it is all about you, your freedom, and to one day know The Righteous Truth.

My Oath of Service has no expiration date, and is a life long call to service.

Our Creator’s call to service, is a call for all eternity.

I intend to Honor Both.
~ Drake


  1. A pretty garbled mix of mumble jumble by someone who has every right to voice his opinion,but who has no credence as far as I'm
    concerned. It is an on-going mystery why Drake has people hanging on his every word.His sudden
    appearance on the alternative to MSM scene,
    professing knowledge which is never proven to be
    true is astonishing.People must be desparately
    looking fo a guru. Even a self-appointed one.

  2. "My position is a great blessing in that I get to serve the greatest country on the planet."

    Seriously???? the rest of us are what?

  3. God is a metaphor for that which transcends all levels of intellectual thought. It's as simple as that.
    Joseph Campbell

    We are all BEing, and thank you for BEing.

  4. AK, why you still posting Drake's rants? He is about as reliable as unicorn farts and smell just as bad.


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