Saturday, February 16, 2013

Incoming Cosmics Encourage Love of Higher Self

Incoming Cosmics Encourage Love of Higher Self
by √ČirePort

Incoming Cosmics encourage and support love of Self, meaning, Higher Self. Those aligned with with path to Higher Self find peace with these Cosmics, as they release all "need" concepts.

Higher Self aligns with "Peace in Solitude", and not with the now-dissolved "I need companionship" paradigm of common society.

"Cosmics" are held in distinction to "Solars", "Gaias", and refer to Cosmic influences, not specified the type or form.

Hue-manity needs not further explanation of these concepts, although humanity (small "h") is always welcome to ask questions. All will be answered.

√ČirePort | February 16, 2013 at 19:59


  1. I can attest to that point by point.
    It is tangible, it is palpable, it is real
    for those who let go
    of the doubt
    that cancels all out.

  2. I'm too spiritually spent to believe anything at this point.


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