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Italian Comedian, Beppe Grillo Shakes Up Italian Politics

I've been following this guy for a number of years. His blog is hilarious.  He looks a bit like the late American comedian John Belushi.  To put Beppe Grillo in perspective he's formed a political party called the 5 Star Movement (M5S) protesting corruption in Italian politics.  It'd be like Steven Colbert running for office in the USA.  He popped on Bloomberg TV early this morning, Silvio Berlusconi called him a "mytho-maniac" [conspiracy theorist], showing that he's clearly panicking at the impact Beppe is having on politics in Italy.  I didn't know Beppe was running a political movement until I saw it on Bloomberg this morning.  It has the financial press all shook up for what it might mean to Europe. Go Beppe! 
The parties are using "copy and paste"
by Beppe Grillo

>>>Today, 21 February at 5:00 pm, I’m in Rieti’s piazza victory Emanuele and then at 9:00 pm, I’m in Viterbo’s piazza Verdi. Tomorrow, 22 February at 6:00 pm I’m in piazza San Giovanni in Rome! Follow the live broadcasts on La Cosa! >>>

The parties are unashamedly copying the MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement}. They are even embarrassing when they say that "they want to come out from the darkness“ (Gargamel 17 February in piazza del Duomo) or when they proclaim that "no one will be left behind" (PDminusL). These are slogans taken word for word from the M5S manifesto. As well as the slogans, they’re even copying the programme, like the psycho dwarf who said (hold onto your hats) that politics is about being passionate rather than about money, that his parliamentarians (his - as they have been selected by him personally) will lower their salaries and will only serve two terms of office.

The parties are using "cut and paste" but there’s one M5S slogan they haven’t made use of "Let’s send them all home" because it’s very difficult to turn round and give yourself a boot up the backside. The word "antipolitics" has been deleted, it has been absorbed point by point by the parties and thus has become noble politics, in the highest possible meaning of the term. The prostitutes on the rebound use unfamiliar words like honesty, participation, civil society. They chew the words in public like chewing gum, then in private they spit them out. However, when it’s a question of money, they don’t compromise. No one refuses money. They all want the election contributions, all of them, the PDL, the PDminusL, Rigor Montis or Ingroia the multi-purpose vacuum cleaner .

In relation to money they’re certainly not copying us. How much are we talking about? 91 million euro a year for the Lower House, the Senate, the regional councils and the European Parliament, that’s equal to 455 million over the five year period. The M5S has already refused the reimbursement of election expenses for the regional elections where it had a presence (the only one to do so), the most recent time was in Sicily, and it has been said many times already that it will not ask for the reimbursement of election expenses nor of contributions for political activity. Expenses have been entirely covered by voluntary contributions that up until now amount to about 516,000 euro coming from 12,593 donors (Thank you!) with an average of 41 euro, and anyway this money will all be accounted for. The M5S will take every action to ensure that the contributions that would have been destined for the M5S are held in the coffers of the tax authorities.

According to current predictions, the M5S is likely to have the right to about 100 million euro in relation to its presence in Parliament. It is not going to take that money. This is a true "spending review".

The M5S is also not going to accept the millions of euro in regional contributions for Lombardy, Lazio and Molise. On the other hand, Ambrosoli and Zingaretti have decided to keep the contributions, unlike Carcano, Barillari and Federico who are candidates for the position of M5S spokesperson in Lombardy, in Lazio and in Molise.
Parties, copy this too!

PS. There’ll be connections from Piazza San Giovanni in Rome to the cities throughout Italy that are following the streaming of the event. If the square near you is broadcasting images in live streaming, fill in this form to get the connection.

Cricket in Parma: "The revolution has begun EURO want a referendum '
Attacks the press as: "journalists carrion." Mario Monti? "An exorcist spelled backwards"

Grillo: "I want a referendum on the euro"

I like this content I do not like this content85 15 51Link:
"I never said I want to leave the euro. I said I want a referendum without a quorum to decide the citizens about the euro. " So Beppe Grillo in Parma during the demonstration against the incinerator. "Supporters of the Movement 5 Stars do not want to change the political class, but a revolution of civilization, culture and thought."

REVOLUTION - Prior to the event in a square not very crowded gave an interview to Danish TV. "This is a miracle - said Grillo - not mine but the network that has been going on for three years without money: we broke into a mechanism for municipalities, regional councils have come here as the honest to [the city of] Parma where our mayor Federico Pizzarotti changed everything. "

Politicians send a "digital spit"

June 'FEES - Grillo said that "in the last three months the expenses of the council were of 86 euro and maybe he pocketed something - he joked - and runs a bike. Our councilors have lowered the fees and also in Sicily our candidates have signed a similar commitment. "

The leader of the Movement 5 Stars then repeated his idea of ​​a referendum on the euro. "The old political system - [as he said on]  Danish TV - is over. I'm not against Europe or against the euro, I say that you decide to be proactive citizens in a referendum without a quorum. " In his opinion, Europe is now the victim of a "circuit schizophrenic," for whom "they did not even stop because Germany and France have our debts and until they refund will not make us stop. Monti is there to ensure that. "

JOURNALISTS [are] Carrion - At start of the event Grillo had attacked journalists who were trying to collect some of his statements. "Journalists carrion" and "slaves of their publishers." And then he urged reporters: "We should help you, [your] television [shows] know nothing. I have been interviewed by everyone from month by the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera, but I do interviews with the real people. "The leader of the Movement five stars then concludes: "In Italy there are free newspapers except in the daily ones."

PETER - He spoke of the situation of the national framework of alliances. Peter? "A very good person but part of a system that is not right," confirming that the next election the Movement 5 stars run alone. Then he attacked [Mario] Monti calling him"an exorcist backwards"

INCINERATOR - On the substance of the matter said the incinerator movement is alone against all. "We against all the powers that be, the banks and industry. Iren [energy company] also collects the garbage, will come Parma and to Naples and then blame it on the Movement 5 Stars. " "Public services - said Grillo - they need to do the municipalities, not the listed companies. But the stock market has not been listed Iren, but the Democratic Party that manages all of its municipal shareholders, Turin, Genoa, Reggio Emilia, Piacenza, except the City of Parma. The Italian media entertains us with the funds of the PDL and the case Lusi, are crumbs compared to what they eat these gentlemen. "


  1. Italians will never stoop so low as to allow a comedian to represent them. Take Berlusconi as an example.


  3. Oh, god. You obviously have no clue. Grillo is in no way similar to Stephen Colbert: he's more like a completely serious, un-satirical version of his TV show persona. Showing off the fascist salute for the cameras, promising to abolish unions and isolate Italy from Europe, running a campaign not based on issues but on his personality. He claims his party is neither left-wing nor right-wing, it's about "the people," which is a recipe for dictatorship if there ever was one He wasn't even funny as a comedian. He's just a narcissist who wants to make himself the king of Italy.


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