Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MorningBrew w/Gwen Caldwell Interviews Brian Kelly on Orion Talk Radio Network

MorningBrew w/Gwen Caldwell Interviews Brian Kelly on Orion Talk Radio Network

Join us every Wednesday at 9am pst, 12 noon est for a down to earth OPPT discussion with Gwen Caldwell of the Morning Brew show on Orion Talk Radio. Last Wednesday the first show aired live, brining in an astounding 1 million + live listeners, representing a whopping 10 countries! 

On our first program we discussed the Who, What, When, Where, Why of OPPT, which made for a great platform for listeners discovering the People's Public Trust for the first time. So, if you're trying to share this information with friends or loved ones, I'm told from feedback we've received, that this is a great starting point. Each week we plan on going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole! 

As of post show from week one, Gwen has extended an invitation to bring back OPPT every week until the Truth is brought into the Light for all to see and Absolute Data is upon us once and for all. A big thank you to Gwen and Orion Talk Radio for the incredible opportunity.

Here is the link for last week's show: http://is.gd/t8Bb1v

The next show will be this Wednesday, February 20th. For more details please visit the Morning Brew website here: http://morningbrew.webs.com/ 

For archived shows go direct to Orion Talk Radio here: http://www.oriontalkradio.com/archives.htm

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