Friday, February 8, 2013

Updated: OPPT WEB SITES (so far)

Thanks to Aaron and Pierre for tracking the URLs. If your group is not listed please leave a comment on the blog and I will add it to the list. 

The following sites are One People's Trust related:

OPPT Trustee web site:

UCC Filing Search site:

OPPT Web sites other people have created: 
Regional OPPT Sites: 
The following look-alike web sites are asking for donations, BUT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OPPT.  Consider yourself forewarned. The OPPT does not ask for donations or sponsors, all work of the OPPT Trustees was done with their own funds.



  2. I would like to add my blog to the list and would love to make any changes that Heather and company may suggest. Because we are all One here is welcome nay suggestions to add my blog to the cause.

  3. wow... excellent work! damn those fake sites! xx

  4. People's trust also.

    Thank you,


  5. AK,
    not that this matters that much (as they Are already foreclosed)but the WH Petition link still has only 675 signatures and the AK Website has 100,000 hits in 48 hrs? Can't we have you make a Full AK Front page Posting link to WAKE These Dolts at WH Take Action? I have posted repeatedly participated in Lisa's flash mob postings BK was on the radio and D and maybe forgot to mention the petition or maybe it's not crucial, but It May ring a bell or two no? They've raised the threshold for response to a Ridiculous 100K Now! Just sayin-Anon


  7. I share always when somethink is new posted on your (AK) or KP or Removing the shakles Pages the most recent news at the BLEND OF LOVING ENERGIES network and from there it goes via RSS feeds to many other places (inluding Fcebook manually)

    In lak'ech
    SiNeh~, (Peter)

  8. Hi Kabuki,
    The Okanagan OPPT website is not Alberta it should read Okanagan, British Columbia.


  9. We have a few sites to add for OPPT...

    Thank AK!!

  10. thank you, i understand the basic idea, but i wonder how we can create a similar group in ITALY. THAnK + blessings of clear light***
    Annaluce ..Italy free from Cabala

  11. The OPPT Unfolding Story: has been taken down. This was one of the best sites, in my opinion.

    What happened?

  12. so why is opptbook broken and or hacked? if so why havnt the users been informed about it?

    1. I have no idea. Its not an official site and never was. My account was locked out months ago so I don't use it.

    2. When I opened the virginia site it was an ad for steroids?????????


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