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Thank you my friends


Thank you my friends

I want to say a HUGE Heartfelt "THANK YOU" to all the amazing and wonderful people who heard the incredible call out from  AK on American Kabuki and KP on Kauilapele (my awesome brothers in spirit) on behalf of myself and my family. Your incredible donations have made a ginormous difference to my family, and by the end of this week, I will have a new computer..... hopefully one that is kid and cat proof, lol!

But besides the donations in $, it was the energetic exchange that I received from so many people that moved me to tears several times in the past 48 hours.  Your spirals of energy and love were received and I return them to you all 10 fold.

Thank you my friends..... you have no idea how much you helped, in so many ways.

With Huge spirals of Light and so much Love


NESARA & the "RV": The Grandest Contrast of All!

Posted by D.

NESARA & the "RV": The Grandest Contrast of All!

I'm posting this article below about the "Batman Call" because this guy gives probably one of the most succinct run downs of "How the New Financial System and major political changes"  are suppose to roll out.  We're going to use this as a basis to look at the Grand Contrast that is about to play out in front of our eyes.

And oh what a grand contrast it is going to be!!!!

Take a moment and jump down and read the Batman article I've posted below.....

3 Questions

On 3/31/13, at 5:55 AM, Jarrafusa wrote: 

To all:
In Absolute Love, Gratitude and Peace:

What IS value?
Where IS that value located?
Who has control of THAT value?

If you spend the energy to answer those three questions you will have the Absolute Truth of where you consciously BE at this moment of NOW.  If you know where you consciously BE at this moment of NOW, you can consciously choose what you DO.

With Absolute Love, Gratitude and Peace
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
eternal essence embodied and DO'ing


On 3/30/13, at 10:44 AM, GORAN wrote: 
Heather, please do me a favor and spread this far and wide, if you like it.

"Eternal Essence Prayer"

My eternal essence, which is ever-present in ME,
hallowed be your space.

My kingdom come,
my will be done, on earth as it already is in heaven.

Allow me this day to create my daily bliss.

Allow forgiveness of my trespasses, as this is only contrast
that I purpose to help me choose the fastest path to my joy.

Allow me the power not to push against or even notice those who trespass on ME.

Lead me through all temptations that separate me from my 
whole complete ascended power of being ness.

Relieve me from the false premises of evil for mine is 
the power and the glory eternally.

This will raise awareness the more people read it out loud.


 AK note:  These verses have been stuck in my head for the last 35 years... never really had the context of them until recently... 


 No more will they say, ‘Look, it is here!’ or ‘Look, it is there!’ [externally]....
 For behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.” [internally]
Luke 17:21


No longer will people preach, 
“You must know the Eternal.” 
For all of them will know Me ... 
intimately [within] THEMSELVES
—from the least to the greatest of society.
Jeremiah 31:34 

No Waiting

As the days stretch into months, one can’t help but consider the notion of waiting.  In order to wait, you have to embrace linear time, for without it, waiting is impossible.  Everything is now.

Let’s back up.  About a year ago, many of our clocks broke.  It was mentioned here and reported by dozens of readers.  Time was just not operating “like clockwork” any longer.  It seemed to be moving faster.  We are still catching up.

In my home, we now rely exclusively on our cell phones for the correct “time”.  Even they sometimes are all over the map.  Unless we have an appointment to make, time seems irrelevant. 

To “wait” implies that what you are waiting for is not here, you don’t have it, cannot see it and “time” must pass in order for you to get it.  Yet in a very real sense we are moving out of time.  So, how can both be true?  Is it possible for us to “wait”, which implies the passage of “time”, for a life where there is no such thing?

Consider the idea that everything is Now.  Your focus changes from moment to moment, true.  Yet within each moment rests all possibility.  If you are “waiting” for something to happen you have pushed it out of reach, you are not focused on it and cannot see it or pull it to you.  Oh, it is there, and just as soon as you decide to focus again on its possibility you’ll embrace it and have it.

This is another way to Be. Linear “time” is a way of thinking, not a fact.  Everything is Now.

As far as I know, there is no magic “Next Dimensional Fairy” who will come, wave her magic wand and change the construct of our existence.  It is us.  We are gradually wrapping our heads around expanded ways of thinking, Being and Doing.  Time is just one of them.

We recently became a one car family.  This was unexpected.  My first reaction was logical perhaps.  Certainly it was the way we’ve always operated. “We’ll just have to make it work for about six months.  We’ll look around and save until we can afford to replace it.”  It’s inconvenient.  As jobs and activities change, it’s also barely working.  A different approach has become a necessity.

We’ve set our intent on a new car.  The possibility now exists.  We will check out all ideas and options, regardless of prior bias.  Someone has suggested leasing, so we’ll look into it.  We have stopped waiting and moved into expecting, exploring and investigating.  It is not a matter of time; it’s a matter of focus.  The word “energize” works here – we are thinking about the car, expecting the car, seeing the car and talking about the car.  We are not waiting.  The car IS.

Life is a hell of a lot more fun when you’re expecting to discover something in every moment.  It feels more like an adventure.  If we can take “waiting” out of our vocabulary, everything changes.  It’s all possible.  There is no longer a reason to put off any discovery or experience or happiness or prosperity or action.  Just alter your focus and there it’ll be - where it has been all along.

It is no longer “You are the One you’ve been waiting for”, but You are the One.


GAIA PORTAL: Stars of Radiance

Stars of Radiance
by ÉirePort

Awakening Stars within individual Hue-Beings connect to new Gaia portals within 5-7 D levels. Bodies of Radiance become visible to these Beings, and become visible to others with Higher Sensitivities.

Such Stars of Radiance become commonplace among Gaia planetary teams as Higher Level missions are acknowledged and accepted.

This occurs in the Now moment.

ÉirePort | March 31, 2013 at 05:37

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stephen Greer and David Wilcock Interview

Busted! Proof of HAARP! Satellite Imaging Shows Coil Wave over Prince Edward Islands [Indian Ocean not Canada]..

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Busted! Proof of HAARP! Satellite Imaging Shows Coil Wave over Prince Edward Islands..

Posted By: Jordon
Date: Saturday, 30-Mar-2013 15:00:17

The images from march 26th 2013 show a Huge Coil , Spiral Wave like Feature coming from the Prince Edward Islands ! Amazing Proof of Weather Modification ! NASA Pictures showing the effects of TTA'S and HAARP !


Weird Cloud ‘Coils’ Captured by Earth-Observing Satellite

These are some of the strangest looking clouds I’ve seen from the fleet of Earth-observing satellites. These coil-like or bow-wave-shaped clouds were created by the clouds passing over the Prince Edward Islands, in the south Indian Ocean. It was taken by the Terra satellite with the MODIS instrument (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) on March 26, 2013.

Washington Post: Texas wants its gold back! Wait, what?

Gold at the New York Fed. (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)

Thanks Deva for posting this.  First thought that popped in my head was is this a  move by the "Texas Camp" to keep themselves going? Gold increases in value as the dollar decreases, other wise its just a commodity... -AK

Texas wants its gold back! Wait, what?
Posted by Neil Irwin on March 26, 2013 at 10:58 am

Texas has generally been at the front of the pack of a certain variety of uber-hawkish, vaguely paranoid monetary policy talk over the last few years. Recall it was the state’s governor, Rick Perry, who while running for president strongly suggested that Ben Bernanke would be committing treason should the Federal Reserve print any more money.

But now some in the state, including Perry, are looking to put their money where their mouths are. Literally.

Perry and some in the Texas legislature want to bring the roughly $1 billion worth gold held by the state university system’s investment fund onto Texas soil, rather than in its current resting pace in a vault in New York.

“If we own it,” Perry said on Glenn Beck’s radio show last week, according to the Texas Tribune. “I will suggest to you that that’s not someone else’s determination whether we can take possession of it back or not.”

New Site Announcement -- Understanding the OPPT

Understanding The One People's Public Trust -- A Beginner's Guide to the OPPT

Link to the site: 

There are still many out there who have not yet been exposed to the OPPT. While I do believe we are approaching a time where ALL the actions that have taken place will be brought into the light for all BE'ings to see and know, I still think it's important to have dedicated sites such as this one, available as a resource for those who are looking for answers to questions which have and will continue to surface. A BIG thank you to Tom Magnussen for taking the initiative to put this together. 

Another BIG thank you to all other BE'ings who have dedicated countless hours to creating their own sites, campaigns and Truth spreading initiatives. OPPT or no OPPT, the biggest ally to end slavery once and for all is Awareness. Combine that with Love, Joy, Action and Commitment and sprinkle on top a little bit of FUN and there is NOTHING that can stop us!! Let the Universal party BE'gin!!!

In Absolute Gratitude,
~ Brian

Here is a quick excerpt:

As written above, this is a beginners guide to understanding the One People's Public Trust. It is written for those who have heard of the OPPT, but have little or no information as to what it is or does; so this is offered as a relatively short summary of what the OPPT is, what it does, and, most important, how it affects you. It is presented in 8 sections, like chapters in a book. and is meant to be read in order, starting with the introduction. However, if you already have some knowledge about the OPPT, and just want to study a particular section, certainly feel free to do that. Most sections can be read in less than 5 minutes, and references are provided at the end of the sections that will lead you to further, more detailed and validating information.


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March 30th, 2013

Via: Reuters:
Big depositors in Cyprus’s largest bank stand to lose far more than initially feared under a European Union rescue package to save the island from bankruptcy, a source with direct knowledge of the terms said on Friday.

Under conditions expected to be announced on Saturday, depositors in Bank of Cyprus will get shares in the bank worth 37.5 percent of their deposits over 100,000 euros, the source told Reuters, while the rest of their deposits may never be paid back.

The toughening of the terms will send a clear signal that the bailout means the end of Cyprus as a hub for offshore finance and could accelerate economic decline on the island and bring steeper job losses.

Officials had previously spoken of a loss to big depositors of 30 to 40 percent.

OPPT’s CN really DO work?

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OPPT’s CN really DO work?
Posted on March 29, 2013 by sojournerbe

Folks who are getting smart are unplugging from a broken system before getting electrocuted from the shock current. More than prepping, they are just plain refusing to participate. WE have the right to say “No!”

The Courtesy Notice is pulling the plug out of the socket. The UCC filings turns the current off at the circuit breaker.

Just got off this site (below) on how Courtesy Notices will work. More below.

I found it while noodling around on Max Keiser‘s site after watching dire circumstances over banks.  If you haven’t read the above article, his reasoning doesn’t seem too far off.

Then again, how will one know until we start getting results in like a voting tally after election day?

Is it too soon to tell?

What is our confidence level?

How about sending them out then let it go. Leave it to Source to make it right.

I’ve sent out two notices now against some big guns. I don’t cross my fingers and hope it works; that attitude only attracts defeat.

I know in my reality that I am as powerful if not more so than the fortunate employee that receives my courtesy notice. At the very least it will educate. At the best it gives them pause and they back off.

If they laugh and throw it in the file, then karma gets ‘em in the end and they get to come back and do it all over again, like a groundhog day movie. This one is on Dave’s ‘jump’ on One People’s Public Trust.

It’s not even a matter of  “See you in court dude/dudette, have your pocketbook out for the invoices”, as the NWO economy just may crash here before then, and a new one takes its place.

Are courts, attorneys, and judges too corrupt to see the writing on the wall? Of course! Send them a CN too.

As I posted before, if no one attends the play, do the actors go home? Humpty Dumpty just fell of IT’s wall………….

Encouragement for the Awakening

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Encouragement for the Awakening
By Eileen Meyer
Aug 2011

I was shown that I would write a book about my decades of gradual induction into Universal Consciousness. Call it Kundalini if you like. Physically it felt like too much love to take into my little heart and brain – over and over again. As a result I am able
 tocommune with cosmic intelligence. In this sharing below, and for most of my book, it is a dialogue from the limited and fearful state of local consciousness to the nonlocal, grand love of cosmic intelligence. It comes in words, pictures and feelings all at once. Something automatic happens in the translation part of it. That process by itself is too awesome to describe. I offer it because this Love informs me that it will help others. This is all I’ve ever wanted to do – my entire life – whether it was helping a traveling truck driver receive a friendly smile and a good meal as a graveyard-shift waitress, or nowadays activating the frequencies that help others re-call the memory of Love in their body and being. It’s been a very challenging life, and I still want to help. I’m still here. I’m amazed about this every morning… I’m here.

This is edited and still long, but it’s good food for me, or anyone else that may find it helpful.

June 6, 2010. Background:  I sat down to have a “heart to heart”, set intentions, pray, and channel about my awareness that I am not happy with my worldly, everyday life. I asked to “Be that Which I Am, and live a truthful life.”

It is I. We are in alignment with your intention to live the truthful life, as you say.  We support this. We have always supported it. And yet it is not our life to live. We encourage; we support; we are your community.  (Sudden physical emotional release from me here.)  There is an emotional response to this. We understand.

Where is your community on Earth? Where is that support? That structure to provide, to appreciate, to encourage? We have spoken on this topic many times in the past… your past. It is not that you do not have access to community in your world, for you do. But there is not the activity or the presentations, the megaphone out into the world in order to generate the magnetics to attract community. We are aware, as we have said in the past, of others like yourself who are hiding. Some are doing better in many ways, and by “better” we mean that they are enjoying and expressing in their lives; and there are some who are feeling more pain than you. Some are more in hiding than you.  So there is a range of ways or approaches to adaptation with this embodiment of Love in the world.

Friday, March 29, 2013

It Can Happen Here: The Confiscation Scheme Planned
for US and UK Depositors

Some interesting data. I have to disagree on nationalization of banks, its really no cure, as these nations are in reality corporations owned by banks. Nationalization simply consolidates the banking empire into more centralized control. -AK

Posted on March 28, 2013 by Ellen Brown

Confiscating the customer deposits in Cyprus banks, it seems, was not a one-off, desperate idea of a few Eurozone “troika” officials scrambling to salvage their balance sheets. A joint paper by the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Bank of England dated December 10, 2012, shows that these plans have been long in the making; that they originated with the G20 Financial Stability Board in Basel, Switzerland (discussed earlier here); and that the result will be to deliver clear title to the banks of depositor funds.

New Zealand has a similar directive, discussed in my last article here, indicating that this isn’t just an emergency measure for troubled Eurozone countries. New Zealand’s Voxy reported on March 19th:

The National Government [is] pushing a Cyprus-style solution to bank failure in New Zealand which will see small depositors lose some of their savings to fund big bank bailouts . . . .

Open Bank Resolution (OBR) is Finance Minister Bill English’s favoured option dealing with a major bank failure. If a bank fails under OBR, all depositors will have their savings reduced overnight to fund the bank’s bail out.

Can They Do That?

Although few depositors realize it, legally the bank owns the depositor’s funds as soon as they are put in the bank. Our money becomes the bank’s, and we become unsecured creditors holding IOUs or promises to pay. (See here and here.) But until now the bank has been obligated to pay the money back on demand in the form of cash. Under the FDIC-BOE plan, our IOUs will be converted into “bank equity.” The bank will get the money and we will get stock in the bank. With any luck we may be able to sell the stock to someone else, but when and at what price? Most people keep a deposit account so they can have ready cash to pay the bills.

The 15-page FDIC-BOE document is called “Resolving Globally Active, Systemically Important, Financial Institutions.” It begins by explaining that the 2008 banking crisis has made it clear that some other way besides taxpayer bailouts is needed to maintain “financial stability.” Evidently anticipating that the next financial collapse will be on a grander scale than either the taxpayers or Congress is willing to underwrite, the authors state:

Removing the Shackles Blog has a need....

I am going to do something here she'd never do herself.  D. from the Removing the Shackles blog has a laptop that is barely working.  She needs a new PC or Mac laptop.

D. and I started working together when we began publishing the Daniel papers.  She's a fearless, ferociously courageous blogger seeking only the truth.  I've come to really trust her, frankly she feels like my long lost sister.  We post each others articles and found ourselves contacted by the OPPT nearly at the same time.

You guys were fantastically generous when I needed new hardware and what you helped me with enabled me to take the American Kabuki blog to new levels and add videos.   I don't need anymore hardware right now but D. sure does.  Her laptop is barely functioning and with 5 kids she really doesn't have the funds to buy a a new laptop.

If you like to help out, there's a donation button on the right side of this blog, I'll give her 100% of anything that comes in for the next week.  She needs to buy it in Canada, and mailing her one doesn't work so well as Canada post charges horrendous import duty and is frankly the slowest mail service on earth.  She needs the cash to go buy one.

If you feel you might want to help out, consider donating $5 or more and we can make sure she continues her fine work.  You can also donate directly to her blog at:

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GAIA PORTAL: Higher Dimensional Sails are being Unfurled…

Higher Dimensional Sails are being Unfurled…
by ÉirePort

Quelled energetics in lower dimensions lead to refueling of Gaia inhabitants. Sensations of these energetics are noted, yet these are temporary.

Higher Dimensional sails are being unfurled in all Hue-manity. Even non-aware ones feel the unfurling.

This unfurling leads to Higher Awareness in the non-awares.

Step stones these are for Hue-manity unfoldment, and are best embraced and utilized, rather than resisted.

"Joy paradigm" alignment empowers all during this moment of unfurlment.

ÉirePort | March 28, 2013 at 18:16


We can fly

We are swimming in a sea of possibility.  Whatever we desire is right here.  All that’s missing is focus.

This is all created by us.  Thoughts attract more and more of whatever they look or feel like.  We know this.  We’ve heard it before. Yet we persist in accepting what life “deals” to us.  Why?

Creation requires active thought.  The word “energize” works here.  It is an action; it is a doing.  You cannot sit still while energizing, and you are never still.  Always a thought is emerging on the tail of the one before it.  This being that you are is a creation machine!  You’ve been so without awareness.  It is the time now to be so consciously.  

Why is the Energizer Bunny so memorable?  He keeps going and going – through every frame.  He never stops; just like creation.

You are creating now and now and now and now – creation keeps going and going and going and going.  

There are bunnies everywhere this week.  Awareness is the first step towards consciousness.  We are in every frame of our lives, just like the bunny.  As we enter each, we create the next.  This movie we are making has never been written.  Only one thing is sure about the ending; it will be everything we’ve ever dreamed of.  That’s how it works.  We don’t have to know precisely how it happens, we only need believe.

We came here knowing we’d have help and believing in ourselves.  We came prepared.  There are times we may sound as if we want a savior, yet those times are akin to that baby bird who doesn’t know it has wings, just before mama bird pushes him out of the nest.  We can fly.

This is not said as a metaphor or lightly, by any means.  These are desperate times.  All of our resources are being called into action.  We knew this would happen and it has.  It is.

The fear you may be experiencing is not as it seems. Collection notices and “officials” are merely calling you out – it is your own power that frightens you. Consider the following:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
Marianne Williamson

We have chosen to be here now.  We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

Lisa Harrison Interviews OPPT Trustee Caleb Skinner

Bill Brockbrader calls in with Eva
Hearing Update March 27 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WTF?!, No Seriously, WTF! - Bank Of America Holds Patent On 'Changing Your Emotions' During Customer Service Call

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WTF?!, No Seriously, WTF! - Bank Of America Holds Patent On 'Changing Your Emotions' During Customer Service Call

Systems For Inducing Change In A Human Physiological Characteristic

Patent Abstract

Systems and methods for inducing a change in a human physiological characteristic. The physiological characteristic may correspond to an emotional state of a dialogue participant. The dialogue participant may be an individual participating in a conversation. The outcome of the conversation may be related to a business objective, such as providing high quality call center services. A sensor may monitor the physiologic characteristic. A processor may relate the physiologic characteristic to an emotional state. The processor may provide feedback to the individual based on the emotional state. The feedback may be formulated to change the individual's emotional state.

Read the Patent Application HERE

We wonder, do they also have patents on the following:
  • Ken Lewis' genius decision to buy Countrywide and assume billions in liability.

  • Having the worst customer service of any U.S. bank.

  • Overpaying for Merrill Lynch.

  • Robbing shareholders.

  • Using Repo 105s to hide true balance sheet exposures.

  • Foreclosing on homeowners in violation of 400-year-old contract law.

  • Destroying lives.

  • Losing the mortgage note.
We're certain there are more, but we'll leave it to readers to complete the rest of the BofA patent portfolio in comments.

Comments posted at the Dailyball:

Reader Comments (18)

It's actually not an issued patent yet, just an application that was laid open 18 months after the
2/11/10 filing date.

The claims--which define the legal scope of the so-called "invention"--are absurdly broad.

Claim 1, for example, is completely anticipated by a scene out of A Clockwork Orange, the one where Alex is bound to a chair with his eyes forced open to watch scenes of the old ultraviolence. A second invalidating prior art reference is the scene in Blade Runner where Deckard gives Rachel a Voight-Kampff test.

The bigger question, though, is what IN THE HELL is a bankrupt bailout swine like BAC is doing blowing money on obtaining patents on human psychological experiments? Wouldn't that money have been better spent on remedial matters like, umm, I don't know, not committing fraud on the courts and the public? Or on not losing assloads of money at the track?

Sep 23, 2011 at 11:53 AM | Cheyenne
The Bilski case, handed down by the CAFC (Federal Circuit Appeals court which hears patent-related cases) and affirmed by the US Supremes last year (they "clarified" the test under Bilski), outlines the parameters for so-called business method patents. It was thought that Bilski would kill these patents (the majority of the CAFC hate them). It didn't. However, the validity of these patents as proper subject matter for patents took a huge hit with this case, IMO. BoA apparently has filed for a Bilski-like patent. If it made its way to the CAFC (as it's presently constituted) and assuming the PTO allows and issues the patent, it would be killed by Bilski.

Sep 23, 2011 at 12:16 PM | Josie
Thinking about this a little more, I suspect that BAC's angle here is to sidestep statutory limiits on banking and teller fees. How would BAC do this?

Let's say the statutory limit for charging customers for using a teller is $5. You get your statement and find that BAC charged you a $7 teller fee. What's BAC's defense? We charged a $5 fee and a $2 royalty for using our patent. (As if BAC customers aren't pissed off enough already.)

Don't put it past the criminal enterprise otherwise known as B of A to try pulling a stunt like this. Among other things, BAC has foreclosed on homeowners who didn't even have a mortgage (paid cash), and, when foreclosed on themselves, simply ignored the judge's order.

Sep 23, 2011 at 12:32 PM | Cheyenne
Do you really need 6 co-inventors to come up with a golf ball? Bank of America did:

That's just one of about 150 patents BAC has gotten.

Sep 23, 2011 at 1:09 PM | Cheyenne
They've changed my emotions.

I hope they lose everything & BURN in HELL. F'EM

Sep 23, 2011 at 1:16 PM | TR
That explains it all... BOA is a phone sex operator.

Sep 23, 2011 at 1:24 PM | S. Gompers
Talk about ironies, on one tab I'm filling out a post bankruptcy "required" course online to fulfill the Court's requirement and wrap up my personal BK. One of the sections required ( timed) is about Budgeting, and discretionary spending, since I read a little faster than the courser's timed section requires, I'm now reading and responding to the BoA patent pending....OMG!
If I could reach through my computer screen I would choke Ken Lewis. I'm 64, had a career in the commercial real estate industry for almost 30 years, I'm broke, lost my home(s) all my investments in land, gone, I'm renting and two days ago I was cleaning up some landscaping for $40. I'm so alienated, I sense people look through me. Wall Street coupled with BoA destroyed my life, s strong statement, maybe, but maybe not for the eight individuals here in Las Vegas, all in the real estate development business who ended their lives since 2008. Where Are The Indictments?

Sep 23, 2011 at 1:33 PM | Al
@Al Hope things get better for you.

The BIG CLUBS response to us PEONS: "GO TO HELL"

Sep 23, 2011 at 2:04 PM | TR
This medical office would do great in D.C.& WALL STREET. Most are insane & A-HOLES to boot?

Sep 23, 2011 at 2:30 PM | TR
lets call boa and see how good it works :)

Sep 23, 2011 at 5:29 PM | bob
That explains it all... BOA is a phone sex operator.

At least then they could talk dirty to us........

Sep 23, 2011 at 8:17 PM | Texas Dar
@ S.Gompers

That's funny because the yellow pages listng for my bank led to a phone sex line. Cue sultry voice: "If you're a man press 1, if you're a woman press 2" I told my bank about it but when I tried the number again the same voice, same message ROFL!

Sep 24, 2011 at 5:45 AM | Canuck
@ Canuck,

LOL, that is why they are trying to patent it, in order to corner the market as a banking "service" since they cannot make honest money...

Sep 24, 2011 at 9:12 AM | S. Gompers
At number 0027 it sais: and within the reference index a very high hand temperature is associated with extreme relaxation, the respondent is likely daydreaming.

Wtf? extreme relaxation= daydreaming?? I thought it meant you were calm and aware.. By this anyone who is calm would be considered daydreaming while in fact that might be the best state to debate in and get your point across.. (have you ever called anyone while daydreaming?? especially a helpdesk??) Wordmagic... Never seizes to amaze me what and how words get manipulated and pushed in a different framework of meaning.

Sep 24, 2011 at 10:14 AM | GhanZ
So if in the course of a telemarketing call, where it is assumed the recipient of said call MUST agree to purchase, as the script being read by the marketer has been shown to "induce a productive emotional state" (AKA brainwashing, or hypnotizing), should the recipient prove resistant (says NO or hangs up~!) to the marketing tactic, a fee could be assessed for all non-sales claimed by "emotion"! In addition, all employees must be monitored by electronic means to ensure they to the company line, mind, body and soul. All dissension, even in thought could be brought to bear against the employee and used in salary negotiation or termination regardless of actual sales performance.
B of A, now Bank of Big Brother

Sep 24, 2011 at 2:27 PM | R1USA
As an old geezer, I miss the old traditions. After Fukushima I expected the Japanese nuclear power plant owners and regulators to honorably fall on their swords, but they didn't. I still think the US captains of industry should go down with their ships, but they don't. The old ways were the best.

Sep 25, 2011 at 1:27 PM | Mark
Call me a young geezer, but I feel the same way, Mark. Not a single person responsible for the financial crisis -- neither regulator nor bank executive -- has even admitted fucking up. If Ben Bernanke or Tim Geithner were real men (they're not) they would have resigned in SHAME years ago. Instead, they've been lying and trying to cover up their mistakes ever since. Hell, Geithner is so stupid he seems to actually believe his own BS.

Morning Brew Round Table Discussion on Manifestation Thur Mar 28th at noon EST

Join Gwen Caldwell, who will be hosting a roundtable discussion on Morning Brew tomorrow with Bob Wright, Seraph G: El (and perhaps other guests) about energy, frequencies and how to manifest all things in your life which you desire.  Please join us at noon ET

The Primer Fields

No Fear

(Re-post from February 29th, 2012)

In order for your dreams to occur – your dreams must become a singular focus.  This life has existed within polarity for so very long, the navigation of thought out of that focus will require some decided effort.  Consistency is the call.  Belief and intent are the process.  As a people we are moving out of polarity and into unity.

This process seemingly divides our thinking, yet what is occurring is a “culling”.  Unity does not mean we will all look, dress and act the same.  Unity is a realization of our Godhood; an acceptance and utilization of the One Thought from which we spring; an understanding of the power we hold as a collective.  It is Unity as opposed to Division.

We are stepping out of a consciousness that accepts and operates with “more”, “better than”,  and “deserving” and into equality.  We not only agree that we should all have running water and health care, but we will accept nothing else.  We not only understand that war is a self destructive policy, but we will refuse to participate.  We will come up with alternative, collaborative solutions.

Our entire existence has been operating as if the truth was “us” against “them” and “right” as opposed to “wrong”.  No longer.  We are moving into us. 

As we progress, the changes felt in this physical plane will be experienced physically.  We will become more aware of and sensitive to fluctuations in energy.  We will honor, respond to and speak of “something in the air”.  We will discontinue the separation of our body’s reactions from what is occurring in our minds and hearts.  Oneness is happening on a global and microscopic scale, simultaneously.

The OWS (Occupy Wall Street) Movement was perhaps the initially blatant example of worldwide unification and it won’t be the last.  As bank executives from numerous countries resign on a daily basis, we can feel the shift.

We are doing this, and the preponderance of hope and belief in our own ability, is the fuel beneath the flame. We are realizing our own power.

There is no reason to fear what may appear threatening or foreign.  We are in control and our path to a unified, mutually beneficial future is assured.  The ball is rolling, it is picking up speed, and we are on our way.

Announcements of disruptions and change in leadership and method are par for this course we’ve chosen.  Panic and fear will not serve us.  What will assist this transition will be an open heart and an acceptance of different.  We are together stepping into a new consciousness.  We are creating a new world.  Doing so with love in our hearts will quickly propel us into the life we’ve only dreamed was possible.

If we understand that change is on the horizon, we can more comfortably appreciate the view.  Things may not appear the same around us, yet within us we have not lost anything.  We are love.

We are divine masters and we have chosen and were chosen to be here to facilitate this shift.  We are only now beginning to realize our individual and collective power. 

Focus and unyielding attention to the end result are our tools.  See the world you desire, and retain that view as the backdrop to all of your activities.  You are love and the greatness of your truth peeks out when you are sure of yourself, loving, generous, kind and expansive. 

Negative propaganda and temporary conditions of hardship are no longer effective on one such as you.  You are beyond manipulation.  Your light has illuminated the path we are on. 

We are the ones we have been waiting for.  

 (This video is a reading of the final document released yesterday by "I".  It is pronounced "One" in the reading.  Later in the day, Heather pronounced it as "I".  Unsure which term was meant by the logo, "One" was selected for this reading.  It does not seem to diminish the power of the filing, yet it was intended to be read as "I".  Much love and light to each eternal essence embodied reading this!)


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Theme of “Next Level” Missions… “Joy Within"

Theme of “Next Level” Missions… “Joy Within"
by ÉirePort

Exceeding expectations embodied by the mass of humanity (small h), individual Hue-mans complete initial missions with Gaia and prepare for "next level" missions.

The theme of such "next level" missions is "Joy Within". All movements are best viewed from the basis of this theme. Gaia is fulfilled by the movements in Joy at this time... In this moment.

Facile movement, Intra-Gaia, Inter-Planetary, Inter-Galactic, Intra-Dimensional, Inter-Dimensional, is now fully supported by the "Joy Within" paradigm.

Gaia Brilliance and Illumination is now fully supported by the "Joy Within" paradigm.

ÉirePort | March 27, 2013 at 00:18 


1. (esp. of a theory or argument) Appearing neat and comprehensive by ignoring the complexities of an issue; superficial.
2. (of a person) Having a superficial or simplistic knowledge or approach.


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 03/26/2013

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 03/26/2013

5 Men, 3 Mac, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We return! We come to explain what we are currently doing and why it has not yet manifested. As you can clearly see around you, the dark's minions are still in power across this precious globe. We have worked hard to create a working alliance between our sacred secret allies and ourselves, and this union has produced a new monetary system and secured huge amounts of unaccounted-for gold and silver to back the new financial system. In addition, we laid the foundation for a new banking system and set up the legal instruments that terminate the tyranny of the large private banks, as it is vital that this global, octopus-like institution be no longer able to suck the life out of your world's economies. Furthermore, a new international system of governance is shortly to be in effect. The final arbiter of all things connected to this scenario is Heaven. The agreement between the Light and the dark that was put into effect some 13 millennia ago is winding down and a series of celestial events will terminate that agreement, taking with it the conditions which hold you in thrall to limited consciousness. This sequence of events is now underway and will shortly allow a new era on your world to begin.

We do not speak lightly to the dark when we state that its time in power is about to end. Our appearance around the planet in ever greater numbers heralds that time in the divine plan when our personnel are to conjoin with our sacred allies and ensure the detention of those who have kept the brutal reign of the dark in power for millennia. Those who have kept you trodden underfoot in so many ways are finally to be held accountable. We inform them daily that a list has been drawn up and passed on to our various allies as we wish them to be fully cognizant of all aspects affecting their immediate future. Above all we emphasize to them that the final countdown on Heaven's clock is shortly to begin and also that the global conflagration that they so determinedly seek will not be permitted. And still these men and women persevere with their stratagems for triggering just such a deplorable scenario. They are still as resolute as ever to use every means at their disposal to gain their ends. Because of this utter recalcitrance they leave Heaven with no choice but to remove them from further involvement in Earth affairs. This will allow all that is being prepared to finally see the light of a new day!

The Vinny Eastwood Show Interviews Brian Kelly and Bob Wright on OPPT & ET's

The Vinny Eastwood Show Interviews Brian Kelly and Bob Wright

Caution: Big time giggle fest lol ;)

Attempted Patent of Human Embodiment
by Bank of America and VISA INTL

3:28:11 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: this was just sent to me, or rather, I just received it (Giggle)



<<< [9:27 AM] "G": 

<<< Hi Heather, Is the UVE based on US patent number 20120233072 A1?
does Visa International. Still hold the patent or was it released with all UCC filings?

[3:28:44 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: [12:26:09 PM] Jarrafusa:

[12:26:22 PM] Jarrafusa: Very interesting...isn't it


<<< So the Universal Value Exchange that you and Caleb brought forward has nothing to do to with that suggested UVE patent by Visa? 

Nope...the first I knew of it was now...because of you bringing it forth...very interesting indeed. (Star)

[12:31:20 PM] Jarrafusa: the purported patent that is

[3:35:10 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: and meet the man who purportedly helped bank of america/visa "patent" "ownership" of the embodiment prior to OPPT going in and taking it all back to Source...


[3:35:36 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: no wonder they were/are soooooo nervous

[3:36:01 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: thank you "G" for shining the light of Absolute Truth on that data!

[3:37:22 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: D can you get that all out please for all to know why the PTW are afraid of eternal essence embodied BE'ing and DO'ing?

[3:37:44 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: awesome....i love ABSOLUTE DATA! (Music)(Winking)(Music)

[3:38:11 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: The mechanics and who was operating them are becoming ABSOLUTELY VISIBLE!!!!!

[3:52:42 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: please do not print G's full skype handle

[3:52:49 PM] *** Call from HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST, duration 00:54. ***






[4:05:48 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST:,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44342787,d.Yms&fp=61fb65c4cd171873&biw=1366&bih=620

[4:06:28 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST:,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44342787,d.Yms&fp=61fb65c4cd171873&biw=1366&bih=620


Bill Brockbader: Opposition and Response


Reposted from:

03/26/20130 Comments

In most of my writing I am careful to only present information I can support with other documentation. But today I am going out on a limb.

My life has been dedicated to researching reality since I was 15 and they killed President Kennedy and then lied about it. Along the way I have been guided in this research. Who is guiding me, I cannot be certain. It may be my “Higher Self” or soul or perhaps ET’s or Angelic or Ascended Beings communicating telepathically. But after 50 years I have come to trust those voices in my head guiding me to an understanding of what reality is really all about.

My first assumption without absolute proof is that Bill Brockbrader told us the truth. Americans attacked Iraq between 1992-2000 and the targets were people not military facilities, with Tomahawk missiles being guided in the final minutes by laser operated by U.S. Seal teams.

Now that is a hell of a lot of missiles at the cost of $1.3 million per missile. And why did we not hear Saddam Hussein screaming about the attacks? Could it have been that the American targets were also a threat to Hussein? But why would poor people of Iraq be dangerous to anyone? If the U.S. was trying to illicit hate for America to create terrorists that could then be used as the reason to attack Iraq, why would Hussein have remained silent for 8 years? Bottom line: what threat was posed by the people of Iraq?

Assumption #2 is that the human body is just a shell for energy bodies and an awakened energy body possesses extraordinary power. One person awakened and able to access “super” powers is a dangerous thing. But an entire region full of people who can access super powers and knowledge would pose a critical threat to any one wanting to control the 3-D.

Assumption #3 is that Earth has been influenced for eternity by other civilizations. While there is undisputable proof of this, there is also a seeming lack of any major proof in the form of technological devices that may have been left behind. But if you leave such a device, for whatever reason, you may have destroyed them or hidden them.

Love & Light Request for Bill & Eva

Love & Light Request for Bill & Eva

Bill Brockbrader has court today, so I told Eva I would put the word out for some energetic support. After all Bill has been through, it is time for him to be released from the drama. Bill, as well as all other eternal essence's embodied, who have been falsely imprisoned for crimes the did not commit, or ANY crime without a victim, deserve to be free to co-create our new paradigm. The time is NOW to remove the shackles. The illusion of suffering is OVER. SO IT IS DONE. Much Love to you Bill and Eva!!

In Absolute Gratitude,
~ Brian

A message from Eva:

he is Already free because he stood up 1 year ago and told the truth ! He is already free because he now knows the level of deception the the Judicial courts have been using, now he knows TRUTH its only a matter of time for his outer world to catch up with the inner work he has done! Bill is already free because he has the capacity stand as a warrior in truth and with out fear and hold the field in a vibratory pattern long enough for US to catch up with him ! ARE WE THERE YET? ARE WE FREE? I AM ♥ ♥

One of Bill's favorite YouTube videos of all time :) Enjoy!

I ANNOUNCEMENT 1121: Universal Value Exchange,
Release of Advanced and Absolute Technology

Universal Value (UV) Exchange Final Announcement 1121

With the following announcement I send this message to the Eternal Essence's embodied in our Galactic brothers and sisters from Source's Universe:

We, the Bridge Crew and those wishing to work with us, offer ourselves as TRUE liaisons to meet with you as equals in Body, Mind and Eternal Hearts and Essence. To work with you to move forward in the reintroduction of our Galactic families to the Eternal Hearts that call Earth home and to introduce, openly and equally to all, the advance technologies discussed in this announcement.

Embodiments of eternal essence DO use the UV Exchange for Absolute Protection, Insurance and Guarantee that the Advanced and Absolute Technologies are transparent and can be relied upon to be disbursed to all for the sole purpose and intent to know, experience and advance all embodiments of eternal essence in eternal essence's universe absent exception, borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgement, prejudice, and limits.

As all of us gather as equals in Mind, Body and Eternal Hearts, we work together as embodiments of eternal essence to know and experience consciously quantum exponential and perpetual flow of unity: Absolute Data and Absolute Knowing.

As Equals, without exception, borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgement, prejudice, and limits.

We are One.

  i Announcement Issue 1121 - Release of Advanced and Absolute Technologies
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