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Benjamin Fulford: Murder Attempt Against Queen Elizabeth II Foiled, Manhunt On For Former “Black Pope” Peter Hans Kolvenbach

Ben's speaks  to the Chinese "mandate of heaven" being removed? Hmmmm.... curious that... :) Oh D. and H. are going to have a chuckle at that! Sorry...inside joke. There will be no substituting a European Slave System with a Chinese one...  Its time for true freedom! -AK

Murder Attempt Against Queen Elizabeth II Foiled, 
Manhunt On For Former “Black Pope” Peter Hans Kolvenbach

Benjamin Fulford
March 5 2013

World news media have been widely reporting that Queen Elizabeth II has been hospitalized with “gastroenteritis” but MI5 sources are saying the Queen is not ill and that the story was put out so that she could cancel a trip to Rome where there was a real murder plot against her. The MI5 source says that Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the former “black pope,” or head of the Jesuits, who already got rid of the Pope, was plotting to get rid of the Queen during her Rome visit as a part of his plan to create a “one world religion.” Kolvenbach is now hiding in Lebanon where he has been helping orchestrate the ongoing Muslim brotherhood led “revolutions,” in the Middle East. He is expected to be captured and taken in for questioning soon.

Kolvenbach has been previously recorded bragging on the phone that he was the mastermind behind the 311 nuclear and tsunami terror attack against Japan, according to CIA and MI5 sources. He has also been recorded threatening to poison Adolfo Nicolas, the current Superior General of the Society of Jesus, the same sources say. Nicolas and the Queen are both cooperating with Asian groups and the White Dragon Society to push for a massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.

In any case, if it turns out Queen Elizabeth II follows Queen Beatrix of Holland and the Pope out of office, then the next in line for removal will be US President Obama, according to the gnostic illuminati faction. The gnostic illuminati claim to have started the French, American and Russian revolutions and are now pushing to free Europe and the US from cabalist bloodline rule, according to one of their “grand-masters.” According to the original, and now unraveling, plot to create a “New World Order,” Barak Obama was supposed to be the leader of a world government that would oversee the merging of Islam and Christianity into a one world religion.

However, instead of presiding over the birth of a fascist world government, Obama has been presiding over the bankruptcy of the United States of America.

The cabalists in control of the Washington D.C. corporate government, however, are still trying to cling stubbornly to the old plot. US Secretary of State John Kerry, who is part of the Vatican led homosexual Skull and Bones secret society, visited the Middle East last week in a fruitless attempt to get the New World Order agenda back on track.

However, a global financial and economic boycott against the D.C. cabal has meant the US cannot even afford to keep much of its fleet of aircraft carriers afloat which is why the pentagon announced, while Kerry was in the Middle East, that one of the two aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf would be removed due to budget cuts.

In any case, only the most truly brainwashed idiots can still believe the cabalist claims, ones they have been making constantly for over 20 years (since 1992) that “Iran was months away from making a nuclear bomb and so we need to start World War 3.”

A senior member of the Vatican P2 fascist freemason lodge warned the P2 was “joining with the cabalists” in a battle to maintain the status quo adding that they are “desperate and so ready to use every option.”

Given their past penchant for carrying out genocide and mass murder to achieve political objectives (eg Hitler, Stalin, 911, 311) they may be plotting to blow up Rome in an attempt to blame it on, and thus discredit, peace loving anti-terrorist groups like the White Dragon Society.

The cabalists have also been using an agent by the name of Adnan Sacly to claim inheritance rights to historical Asian treasure that was used to found the cabal front known as the BIS. Sacly falsely claims to have inherited these rights from Madame Chiang Kai Shek who was an heiress to the fabulous Sung dynasty treasure, according to the CIA.

In any case, the cabalists are facing the very real threat of revolution in Europe. The Italian election has resulted in a hung parliament with the 20-40 age group internet generation voting en masse for the anti-establishment 5 Star movement. This party is calling for a debt renegotiation and a return to the Lire. If there is a re-election, they are expected to win and the result would be the end of the Euro and a subsequent collapse of the German financial system (since they are Italy’s biggest creditor).

In the UK as well, the anti-EU Independence Party won a bi-election only to have it stolen by means of a “huge postal vote,” according to and MI5 official. It is now expected that the UK will head into a general election in May that will result in an anti-EU coalition taking power, the official says.

Signs like these, together with the horrific economic data emerging in the West, make it clear both the EU and the US are visibly falling into bankruptcy. Reality is something that no amount of cabal propaganda can cover up forever, it has a way of catching up and prevailing.

In Asia, meanwhile, the new Chinese regime formally took the reins of power this week and is eager to show its mettle. What they must first prove is whether they are mice or men. If they are mice, they will be manipulated by the cabal into a war with Japan that will hurt both China and Japan as well as destroy Asian unity. If they are men, they will completely revamp the world architecture of power away from an inbred European elite and into the hands of the people of the world. In specific, that means totally overhauling the UN (they can start by moving its headquarters to Asia), the BIS, the World Bank, the IMF, NATO etc.

The Asian Secret Societies made a sacred promise that if Asia was once again placed at the center of world power, they would end poverty and stop environmental destruction. The heavy pollution choking China and the accelerating destruction of the global ecology mean they are not keeping their sacred promise to the creator. If they fail to keep this promise, the mandate of heaven will be taken away.


  1. Hard to tell if ol' Ben, who's a hard not to crack, in any case, is referring to a homosexual faction of Skull & Bones or that being a prerequisite to join up. If the latter, I suppose every person has their blind spots. What should be noted is that, in the world of skullduggery, if there is any human trait to be reviled, it is that of wanton objectification. To that extent, it doesn't matter if you're seducing an innocent person of either gender, carving up an expensive, juicy steak, driving a Hummer at 80mph on the freeway, or making a "killing" on the stock market. In such cases, you are holding *your* pleasure and privilege above those with whom you share the planet. I dare say that this might be one of the most challenging shifts for the people to make into the new paradigm of being->doing. True self-awareness navigates consciously and compassionately through life and diminishes fear-based impulses that lead to control, seduction, avarice and gluttony.

  2. This made me think of a video I saw recently:


  3. There is something special about this special report. It resonated with me more than ever. Love and light.

  4. There is no way in hell that china will ever give up power, look at their government system! As for MI5 and the CIA, it's highly doubtful they are the good guys. Yes, I do see and hear strange surprising events happening on a global scale, but Fulford need to stop thinking that china will all of a sudden do an about face an relinquish their power just to save the world. It's not going to happen and it never will.

  5. Fulford may be correct but it is also possible that the theory put forward on the Water War Crimes web site http://www.waterwarcrimes.com is correct, namely, that Queen Elizabeth and her advisers in London, i.e. the Palace, had violated constitutional law by hiding from Canadian Prime Minister Harper the fact that British Intelligence had identified Pope Benedict as the person who authorized the murder of Canadian Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson and that Queen Elizabeth had snubbed Pope Benedict in her planned March 6, 2013 visit to Rome because of it.

    Benedict announced his resignation immediately after Queen Elizabeth announced she had excluded the Pope him from her planned visit which definitely connects the two events.

    Prime Minister Harper was advised of the fact that the Queen and her advisers had this secret information about Pope Benedict on February 27, 2013, and, 2 days later, Queen Elizabeth supposedly got sick and the trip to Rome was cancelled.

    Obviously, Harper contacted London and demanded some answers and the Queen had to cancel her visit to Rome or be fired by Canada..

    The fact is that Queen Elizabeth is basically a highly paid a civil servant. Her powers are severely constricted by law and if she was acting on Canadian business without the knowledge of Prime Minister Harper she was acting illegally.

    British Intelligence has something to hide on this issue because, if true, Queen Elizabeth could forfeit the Throne of Canada and there is un-contradicted affidavit evidence filed in Canadian courts that Queen Elizabeth was a part of the scheme to loot the revenues from Canada's emerging water export industry.

  6. sincronicity..I was in G.. for a week.. back today.. worked on metaphysical level sending violet light to the Queen to transmute cabala's past karma.......
    officially babysitting 2 nephews just outside LONDON.... ...felt a strange energy some days ago...then better from Sunday...
    thank you fr the new informaton.. w e go on sneding light pink...Divine Love.. anna frm ITALY..free


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