Monday, March 11, 2013

Brian Kelly to be Interviewed on ET First Contact Radio -- Monday, March 11th (Update: Show Starts at 12pm pacific time)

Brian Kelly to be Interviewed on ET First Contact Radio -- Monday, March 11th

This is the second part of a 2 (possibly more) part series. The first recording was last Thursday, which will be posted to the blog later this afternoon. If you listened to last week's installment, then you KNOW this is a show you do not want to miss ;)

~ Brian

Maarten: Tune in on Monday March 11th for ET-First Contact Radio at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST / 7 PM GMT / 20:00 CET for a fantastic show with Brian Kelly from OPPT.

Listen via: and click on the alien play button at top left.

For the 1st time in modern history, the entire world will have the opportunity to live in abundance and prosperity through the One People's Public Trust (OPPT) movement. The One Peoples Public Trust has freed humanity from the debt slave system. The banks and government profited from a casino economy that enslaved the world.

A former international banking lawyer saw fraud everywhere. She followed the yellow/gold brick road back to the wizards, corrupt government corporations in bed with banks and the world’s powerful financial elite.

In response, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, the former lawyer and fellow trustees, Caleb Paul Skinner, and Hollis Randall Hillner created The One People’s Public Trust.

One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT) foreclosed on all governments and banks, removed the financial elite’s power, returning all wealth and gold back to its rightful owners, the people.

To disperse this wealth, OPPT formed 194 Creator’s Value Asset Centers that supplant corporate governments.


  1. kabuki...

    I don't see a place to put a comment on the 'Open Letter to The Galactics", so I am putting it here.

    I feel that we should ask the Galactics to go ahead with contacting us because the laws that were implemented restricting us from contact with them were NOT approved by us but by our SLAVE MASTERS.

    Since we are the first planet to Ascend, we are 'setting the mold' so to speak and 'taking back our power' would be our FIRST order of business.

    As well stated in the OPPT filings, OUR GOVERNMENTS DO NOT OWN US!!

    I believe a 'survey' could be taken to see how many of us would be open to the idea.

    Thank you for your 'Open Letter to the Galactics'. It definitely is a move in the right direction in taking back our Planet.

    We don't need our hands held at this point. We can take it from here. We ARE the ones we've been waiting for.

  2. SMALL WORLD! A very good friend of mine came to the house so my son could fix her vehicle. As usual, talk was about all thing Metaphysical. She shared much about her magnet healing, Chakra lamps, etc. I hadn't spoke to her one on one in a while since I am always surrounded by grandchildren and adult children. I decided to bring up OPPT. She told me she heard of it and her son, Tony, had talked to her a bit about it. She said her husband Mike isn't too open at this time. I asked her where she heard about all of this and she said "I listen to my nephew. He is out of the LA area and does many radio shows. So I ask "who is your nephew?" her response: "Brian Kelly. I think his website is American Kabuki and he was up here not to long ago for a birthday". (grandma's? I can remember). HA, HA, HA!! What a small world Brian. So I told your Aunt Patty I was going to let you know... told her I don't know you, but love your heart, and listen to every show you do so I feel as if I know you! Aunt Patty is one of my best friends. Namaste and Lak'ech, Shieena


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