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Encouragement for the Awakening

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Encouragement for the Awakening
By Eileen Meyer
Aug 2011

I was shown that I would write a book about my decades of gradual induction into Universal Consciousness. Call it Kundalini if you like. Physically it felt like too much love to take into my little heart and brain – over and over again. As a result I am able
 tocommune with cosmic intelligence. In this sharing below, and for most of my book, it is a dialogue from the limited and fearful state of local consciousness to the nonlocal, grand love of cosmic intelligence. It comes in words, pictures and feelings all at once. Something automatic happens in the translation part of it. That process by itself is too awesome to describe. I offer it because this Love informs me that it will help others. This is all I’ve ever wanted to do – my entire life – whether it was helping a traveling truck driver receive a friendly smile and a good meal as a graveyard-shift waitress, or nowadays activating the frequencies that help others re-call the memory of Love in their body and being. It’s been a very challenging life, and I still want to help. I’m still here. I’m amazed about this every morning… I’m here.

This is edited and still long, but it’s good food for me, or anyone else that may find it helpful.

June 6, 2010. Background:  I sat down to have a “heart to heart”, set intentions, pray, and channel about my awareness that I am not happy with my worldly, everyday life. I asked to “Be that Which I Am, and live a truthful life.”

It is I. We are in alignment with your intention to live the truthful life, as you say.  We support this. We have always supported it. And yet it is not our life to live. We encourage; we support; we are your community.  (Sudden physical emotional release from me here.)  There is an emotional response to this. We understand.

Where is your community on Earth? Where is that support? That structure to provide, to appreciate, to encourage? We have spoken on this topic many times in the past… your past. It is not that you do not have access to community in your world, for you do. But there is not the activity or the presentations, the megaphone out into the world in order to generate the magnetics to attract community. We are aware, as we have said in the past, of others like yourself who are hiding. Some are doing better in many ways, and by “better” we mean that they are enjoying and expressing in their lives; and there are some who are feeling more pain than you. Some are more in hiding than you.  So there is a range of ways or approaches to adaptation with this embodiment of Love in the world.

All of you embody the Love, but not all are practicing it, expressing it, being it fully in the world. There is no agenda. There is no right or wrong. It is simply “what do you choose?” And you are always loved and appreciated by this community – no matter what your choice in the world. So broadcasting your frequency, your truth, your appreciation for this frequency, attracts that which you need to provide support and appreciation and encouragement in your world. It MUST have a beacon – a point of attraction that is manifest in the world, in order to move toward it and to be inspired accordingly.

We acknowledge the pain that you have experienced for your efforts in the past in putting yourself out there, as you say, in all of the different forms that you have had access to. And it was joyful. It was not hard work. We acknowledge this. We see this. And we acknowledge the pain that you experience from the halting of this momentum, the sense that it is not being supported by the world. And making judgment calls as a result, “This is not supported in the world. I cannot do it any longer. I will find other activities that I can enjoy, that provide relief from this drudgery (as you have put it in the past) of everyday life.”

What happened? It is simple. And we have addressed this in other ways in the past. Primarily it is your desire to have the best of both worlds. There a need for the worldly appreciation and the need for the Universal appreciation if you will. Seeking appreciation from the world, a world that is breaking down as we speak, is perhaps not the best investment of energy on your part. Do you see?  The way the world is structured, and has been structured, will never see or appreciate all of the gifts that come from the embodiment of the Universal, or the embodiment of Love.  So the sooner that this can be released from your needs, the better you will feel and the more responsive you will feel to the Universal.

So the methodologies of the world… (we must address this as well for they are connected) the methodologies, the framing, the tools that exist now in the world are breaking down as well, for they have been created from the stuff of the world. Certainly there is a great deal of inspiration when technologies are created in the world, manifest in your world. And yet, it is still drawing from the stuff of the past – even though it is innovative and impressive, these new technologies are still doomed to fail until the full embodiment of who you are and the inspiration come together. Then these technologies are benevolent and lasting.

So you see, the work that you are inspired to do, and that you were built to do, is not of this world. Certainly you have a physical body in order to have a delivery point for this work, otherwise you truly would not be seen or heard.

So from our perspective, we encourage you to let go of your need for validation and acknowledgment from the world. As we see it, even those who call themselves spiritual teachers and leaders, they for the most part are grabbing on to the wagon of the world, and holding on for dear life so that they may have a structure for revenue and identity/image in order to feel that they can continue existing in the world. That is not the goal! The goal is certainly not to continue existing as you have been in the past, in the world.  The world as you know it is dissolving, crumbling, fading. So the sooner that you can let go of your need to hang onto any aspect of this, and to free yourselves for the transformations and the understandings and the embodiment in action, the more instantaneously fulfilling your lives will be.

And there is a great deal of fear of this unknown, as you say, and this brings a smile to our faces (if we had them).  For this is an upside down and backwards way of perception. It is not unknown to you, to all of you, it is not unknown. It is the KNOWN on the Soul level, on the Universal level. And it is Love. And Love is not to be feared. Although, a large population of humanity does fear Love. Why would this be? It is because Love, the truth of what Love is, has been virtually eliminated from the collective consciousness. This is not because you are bad, because you are being punished, any of this nonsense. It is because it is the evolution we are witness to, of what occurs in consciousness when there is a foundational belief or acceptance that you are separate from All That Is. This is what happens. This is what you have demonstrated. And this is what is coming to an end. It will no longer be possible, in a few short years of your time, to keep your grounding in the world that you have created from the foundation of separation. Your grounding will remain the same, on Earth, and it will be on the foundation of Love – which is your natural state – and when you feel this Love you may initially be afraid. In fact, we can almost guarantee that.

As the channel has experienced many, many, many times over in her life, this frequency being introduced, there is initially fear, for it is the mind making the assumption that it (the Frequency) is present in order to take over the life, or to kill off the life, so the human consciousness interprets this as “this is going to kill me”. It is not coming, and it is not present to kill or harm. it is present to remind you of your power, your connection to the Universe. And it does take some effort on humanity’s part to adapt to it, to embrace it, to welcome it, to feel the fear, let it pass, and to accept Love as your identity. Do you see?

So there are human beings on the planet now, and this channel is one of them, who have been entrained to this frequency over time beginning roughly in the 1980′s – latter part of the 1980′s to present moment and it is still continuing. Why? Why have these beings, these humans moved through this transformation? It is in order to adapt to the changing cycle. The changing cycle that has been mostly referred to as your 2012 marker. This is happening on a Universal scale. This is not just something that is pinpointed for humanity. Humanity is a part of the Universe. Earth is a part of the Universe. Therefore it is moving with this cycle in this timing. So the human beings who have been prepared for this time are in a position to help others understand the transformation, and perhaps be a coach of sorts for how to embody this frequency, how to work with this frequency, how to give birth to it on Earth.

So to the channel, once again, definitions have been challenging for you, for it is understood that you are being extra careful in not grabbing onto the existing wagon that moves through time and was created from an imbalanced human collective consciousness. So how does a Universal Being define him or herself in the world? How does one of this nature broadcast, make oneself known in a way that is not attached to the past in any way?

It is magical how it unfolds. It is not something that you have to think about. For that is the new consciousness. It is not that you will not have thought. It is that you will surrender to the rest of your embodied consciousness – integrating it into what you have worked with in the past, and in the process transforming the mind and thinking and thoughts.  It is that creation, creativity, and manifesting occurs in a more holistic way.  There isn’t so much of the strategizing and planning. It is for the most part, instantaneous when one makes a decision. In the new consciousness, when one makes a decision, has an understanding and makes a choice, “This is what I want!”, it happens. Now this may sound like fantasy to most, but we can take the time to refer to many, many, many times in your world in the past, where humans had ideas that were scoffed at, laughed at and labeled as fantasy, and yet the creations came into the world. They manifested anyway.

So yes, it may seem fantastical. And it will occur. In these coming times you will all begin practicing together. The ones who have chosen to be here will practice together – being, living, creating from the foundation of Love, from all of who you are, rather than just a little sliver of who you are. This is the difference.

So again, to the channel, and to those who have been introduced to this Frequency of Love over time, the frustrations that you feel are most certainly understandable, for you are straddling both worlds, and there is much pain that comes from this experience – a pulling, a tearing apart. We understand that it is uncomfortable. Therefore, we wish to encourage you in unitizing your whole consciousness for the inspiration to build, to create, to restructure your everyday lives in ways where you can be visible to more and more people, more and more humans on Earth, who will begin to see that embodying this Universal Consciousness is possible. And their memories… their soul memories will be triggered. And a certain level of awakening will occur that they will let go. They will have the courage to let go of the wagon moving through time, and fall into this new sense of community, this new way of being.  It isn’t so much that all will instantaneously know how to be this whole being. You will all practice together.

There is more on these topics that will come at a later time, if it is requested.  But for now, we speak to the channel and we speak to others who may hear these messages. It is all right. Live in Grace. Allow yourselves to build from Grace and the world will reflect this grace; this perfect peace. And you will explode into an entirely new way of being with great excitement , great joy and great fulfillment. And we are present to witness it. Good Day.

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