Thursday, March 7, 2013

Five Billion Dollars and No One to Hate

We are faced with freedom, looking at our liberation and walking though the door to Oneness.  As with any new endeavor, this one will have to be practiced in order to be perfected.

What is it like to live without debt?  There has been financial debt.  There has been emotional debt.  Freedom means we are unencumbered; no debt of any kind.  You do not owe anyone.  No one owes you.  We are all in a Monopoly game, drawing nothing but “Get out of Jail Free” cards.

Wrap your head around that before deciding if it’s real or not.  Our world exists only within the possibilities we imagine for it.  Can you imagine a world with no one to blame?

In this new world your value just is.  A number has been tossed around; five billion dollars. You do not have to work for it. You do not have to earn it.  You do not have to wait until you deserve it.  You do not have to pay it back. You do not have to inherit it. It is a monetary representation of your worth.  A number far beyond what we have ever seen or realized in our lives thus far. 

“You are now free to move about the planet.”  So is everyone else.  Freedom releases you from the bonds of debt.

Allow yourself to feel unchained.  You will immediately realize that forgiveness is critical to the process.  We are releasing ourselves from the prison of blame and judgment, guilt and fault, right and wrong.  Truth is non-negotiable.  All actions are reconciled at the soul level.  We are operating from our eternal hearts.

There is no better or worse, deserving or undeserving.  This is new thought.  “What now?”  You can do whatever you want without debt.  Justice is built into this system.  It’s all taken care of.  There is no need to hate.

It’s a new world.  It only takes one fearless declaration: “Yes.  I am.”  “I am” is a powerful statement.  “I am free.”  “I am One.”  “There are none greater or lesser than me.”

What will you do with five billion dollars and no one to hate?  You are here to decide that very thing.  This is like the Antiques Road Show.  An item from the attic is discovered and its value is beyond your wildest imaginings.  Will you say “Thanks”, go home and carefully place it back in the attic, or will you say “Great!” and throw a party to let everyone know? 

You are that priceless piece.  You are the undiscovered treasure.  You’ve just been brought out, into the light of day.

You are worthy, a bit of Source in a human suit.  Now is not the time to figure out why or how or who kept you hidden in the attic.  You’ve been found.  You know the truth.  It’s time to BE.  BE Free.  BE love. BE the light that you are. There is nothing stopping you.  You are the One you’ve been waiting for.


  1. so when are we going to have this 5 billion to use?

    1. I will share with you my understanding of the timing. We the people are the value ourselves. Yet, until we realize our worth, it is not seen, and therefore not able to be used. This is not a play on words or an escape clause. I do not know the timing, as we are creating this together. And, because we are all very well trained slaves, expecting to be given the answers and the solutions, we are used to spending our time waiting rather than DOing. Now, what could we be DOing? BEing. A free being acts without asking and is beholden to no other free being. We are in the process of realizing our value. Whether or not that turns out to be five billion I can't say. It is a number beyond belief. We are valuable beyond our wildest expectations and as the gradual realization of our value is understood, felt and used as the motivation behind our every DOing, we will realize it in a physical, monetary way. Do you feel as if you are a Five Billion Dollar Being?? That is the question to be asked.

      There are no 3D answers that will satisfy because the trust vibrates differently and operates from a perspective of Oneness and Prosperity and Universal Worth.

      In short, I don't know. Each day the Truth is understood by more and more of us. That creates a groundswell of energy in which the CVAC's can operate.

  2. I heard the $5 Billion dollar amount quite some time ago, and that sounds wonderful. To be debt-free for life and basically an open credit card! I'm wondering however what about those people who are addicted to gambling? Will all those types of establishments be eliminated, and people healed of their addictions? Even $5 Billion dollars will eventually run out if it's just foolishly squandered!

    1. Good questions. As We the People create, we will answer them. This is a world that operates very differently from what we have become accustomed to. We are not creating a society that dictates right vs wrong or good behavior vs bad. We are realizing ourselves as FREE. Each of us will choose what that means.

      The systems of judgment and reward/punishment will be seen for what they are - tools to separate and limit us. The answers will spring from a world of free beings, not from a top-down world run by the 1%. We'll figure them out together. I suspect healing will be top on the list. I know it will be for me.


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