Saturday, March 2, 2013

Incredible OPPT Art & Video -- Thank You Shawn Foote (Updated)

Incredible OPPT Art -- Thank You Shawn Foote

Since I posted this, I had a chance to take a deeper look at some of Shawn's other work and was blown away by his talent. So, I figured I would share the Love here with everyone. At the bottom is a very powerful YouTube video, which Shawn also created. It offers some musical/visual inspiration that illustrates the emotional and spiritual depth to his fascinating artwork. If you are interested in contacting Shawn, he can be reached via email at  

Here is the email he sent to us:

Thank you so much for the positive excitement regarding my art everyone. It's very special to me coming from the likes of all of you. Art has been a core part of my life for many years and it's helped me grow so much. I am grateful for all your efforts in the OPPT movement. I'm also grateful for your sharing of my art. You are of course welcome to share anything you'd like. If there is anything I can do to help more specifically just let me know... :) When I hear "CVAC" I envision a community art center and cultural venue for sharing ideas, artists work spaces and studios, loaded with all sorts of material, forms of expressions, venues for performances, teaching, and more. It'll be a blast!

Oh and Brian, yes, my brother, Tadd, probably did contact you a while back (we're twins). He does computer animation and is quite the wiz around techy stuff.
Perhaps our creative juices can be of assistance. I know we both are discouraged by the so-called status quo and are eager to help foster more positive vibes around the world. We are spreading the word indeed.

Thank you again everyone for your kind remarks. More to come from the visual side...
Peace and rock on OPPT,


What else is there to say, other than THANK YOU??....It's moments like these that help me to feel so connected to ALL OF YOU. From my Eternal Heart to yours. From the depths of my BE'ing, thank you so much Shawn.
In Absolute Gratitude,
~ Brian

- Shawn Foote


  1. What does the the 'IN' mean in the 2 pieces of Shawn's artwork?

    1. The opposite of OPPT-OUT, Thus remaining a slave. AWESOME ART and I'm IN!

  2. The "IN" is the current symbol/logo used for the "OPPT-In" community. Check out their webpage to learn more about the movement: @
    Thank you for positive vibes everyone!


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