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Messages of Hope from Patrick Cody Morgan & Stacy Chapman

AK note: I DO NOT make the claim that Anthony Bonojo is a "prophet", the words used below are the Cody's. I have no knowledge of Anthony Bonojo or why they consider him a prophet. I specifically avoid such religious titles and the baggage of hierarchy they suppport as all are one in Source and Source speaks through all. 

Messages of Hope from Patrick Cody Morgan & Stacy Chapman:

First message from Cody, which was in response to this post we put up on March, 19th.


Dear OPPT,
From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you to everyone who responded to the request for donations for Anthony's wife.  Today she was blessed with over $500 hundred dollars.  To a mother with 4 children and a husband wrongfully imprisoned, it was a breath of fresh air.  God is great!  Our prayers were answered through  your hearts connected to God's lips.  We are changing the planet one prayer at a time.  If I told you the countless hours that Anthony Bonojo prays for this organization and other inmates, friends and acquaintances, you wouldn't believe me.  The only time Anthony leaves his cell is to eat and talk with his wife and kids.  The rest of the time Anthony is praying to the Father.  In between prayers, he gives prophecies to myself and other inmates.  I know world events before they happen.  I am here to tell you, Anthony said President Obama is a blessed soul and is working behind the scenes to flush out the evil corporate powers that have been robbing this country blind.
I myself have been shown the hand of God through Anthony Bonojo.  I have always been a believer, but I am now aware of a God that interacts with his children and actually has covenants with those that are prophets.  Everyday I get to study under a man who lives, breathes and eats the Lord of all Creation.  I feel so blessed to even be in his precense, much less to be a student of his. 
Tonight Anthony told me the bank lied to his wife and told her they would refinance the note on their house due to the hardship she was experiencing with a husband in prison.  Now the bank says she is past the date to refinance.  She was devasted.  Anthony assured her God has a plan and will provide.  I KNOW GOD WILL PROVIDE!  I have seen in with my own eyes, God answers prayers!  I love this organization and what it stands for.  I love Anthony Bonojo for what he stands for.  And I love my Creator for what he is.  A God of love, compassion and abundance. 
Thank you Heather, Brian, D and OPPT for your love of God and humanity.  Show the world the power of prayer and how a million people praying daily can change the world.
With love and light,
This message was from Stacy where she discusses her reunion with Patrick in prison.

Hey Heather, "D" and Brian,
     I visited Cody today in his 'transitional' jail in Houston and was able to hug, and just touch him without glass between us, for the first time IN 10 MONTHS today!!!!  I cannot tell you how that felt.  Cody and I are soooooo close it's scary, as I'm sure ALL of you know by now.  It was kind of surreal to sit with him for 3 hours and NOT to be able to touch him again during that whole time, while he was 2 feet away.  His little boy, who is almost 9 had to sit by his dad, that he worships and NOT be able to touch him at all, except when we greeted him and when we said goodbye.  They are so cruel.  As you know, he went almost 10 months telling his children that he was away "working" somewhere around the country and could not come home.  He got to talk to them every night and put them to bed.  Now that he is here, in Houston, so close and may be sent, to who knows where - he HAD to see and hug them.  His wife explained things to them and it's amazing how "resilient" children are.  It was a JOY today to see the interaction, even in a place most would consider 'inappropriate for children'.  They feel better now that they KNOW the reason he didn't see them for 10 months was NOT because he wouldn't take the time to come home, but that he COULDN'T.  We should all be so forgiving.
     Cody absolutely, glowed!  His eyes were so bright and he only talked about good things happening in THE world and in HIS little world right now.  I keep him supplied with plenty of ALL of your articles from all three websites and he shares them with all the other inmates.  He said, in another blog that HOPE is a commodity in the "system".   Today, everywhere we looked, inmates were looking at him and pointing him out when they were visiting with their families.  When I asked him about it, he said that now they are coming up to him asking him to explain what has happened in the world, with OPPT and what it means to them and their families.  YOU have given them HOPE with your filings and Cody is spreading the word in his limited world right now. 
     He KNOWS when he gets out he wants to be a bigger part of spreading the JOY of just B'eing, as you say, Heather.  He GETS IT and wants others to believe and to show them that we can ALL live together as one.  Cody NEVER talks about anything for himself, but for ALL of humanity.  He never has grandiose ideas, personally - he only talks about ALL of us on the planet interacting and living as one happy family.  I sat with him today and marveled at how joyful and excited he was, while I looked around me at how others were sad and negative.  It's ALL about perspective and I, believe faith.  He doesn't waste one minute of his day feeling sorry for himself or complaining.  He helps everyone with things such as paperwork, legal questions, spiritual questions, etc...  He says everyone always asks what they owe him for his time and/or expertise.  He tells them all the same thing - NOTHING - just pay it forward.
     Below is the letter he sent me to give to you Heather, "D" and Brian - to post to keep everyone's hopes up about what you're dong - not that you need it, but to, hopefully bring even more into the 'fold' of belief.
     I cannot thank you enough for posting Cody's story to share with the world - we HAVE to believe that there IS a reason all of this is happening to him, and others and that God has a plan.
     Stacy Chapman - beloved sister of Patrick Cody Morgan
To All OPPT Members,
and anyone whoever doubted the vision of this organization.  I have just been given another prophecy by God's prophet, Anthony Bonojo.  Oh how beautiful our Creator is!  Heather, Brian and D, God has chosen your organization as the platform to change the World.  Your prayers have been heard.  Anthony has shown me where God prophesized your existence in the Bible.  OPPT will become the answer to the call for help of God's children all across the planet.  JOB 29:12 "Because I rescued the poor who cried for help, and the fatherless who had none to assist him."   OPPT is planting the seeds that will become very deep roots in the coming months (CVACs).  JOB 29:19 "My roots will reach to the water, and the dew will lie all night on my branches."  JOB 29: 21 "Men listened to me expectantly, waiting in silence for my counsel.  After I had spoken, they spoke no more: my words fell gently on their ears (UCC-1 Filings).  They waited for me as for showers and drank in my words as the spring rain. When I smiled at them, they scarcely believed it; the light of my face was precious to them.  I chose the way for them and sat as their chief; I dwelt as a king among his troops; I was like one who comforts mourners."
I have never been strong in scripture myself, but as I watched Anthony reveal his prophecy to me, goose bumps ran up and down my body.  I knew that God was speaking to me and strengthening my belief in the OPPT vision.  Spread the word!  Our Father has heard our prayers and has delivered his answer through the hearts of the OPPT organization. 
With love and light,

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