Monday, March 4, 2013

My Awakening & How to Get Yours

This isn't just hype, I've received the Oneness Blessing in conjunction with the Wholeness Blessing and its quite remarkable.  I had it done in person, however unlike the Wholeness Blessing for healing, the Oneness Blessing can be done online - its all about energy.   -AK

My Awakening & How to Get Yours
Peter DeBenedittis, Ph.D.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

I’ve recently received the gift of Awakening. Awakening is a neuro-biological shift that declutches your consciousness from your mind. The result is a permanent state of consciousness that totally eliminates inner conflicts, makes the mind more quiet and efficient, and ultimately leaves one in on-going state of joy.  This article will 1) give a report of the shifts I’ve noticed in myself since I’ve become Awakened, 2) describe the phenomenon of Oneness that is causing mass Awakening on the planet, and 3) give instructions on how everyone can become Awakened in a relatively short period of time for no cost.

1) The changes I’ve undergone since Awakening

Though words can’t completely describe the wondrous nature of my new state of being, I’ll do my best to report what I’ve noticed about myself  since I’ve been given the gift of Awakening:

¨    My mind is becoming more and more quiet. There's space between thoughts. I rarely get stuck in frantic cycles of the same thought filling my head to the bursting point anymore. What a relief this is!

¨    I can't hold onto past hurts. I remember the incidents and people I used to be upset by, but the actual feelings of upset fade within a few moments. Previously I would often spend days or even weeks recycling the same incident over and over in my head, thinking how so and so hurt me and was such a terrible person. Now I’m literally not capable of doing this. I’ve been liberated from my past.

¨    I don't feel any guilt or shame no matter what I do or say—which is a huge release of stress in my life. Instead, I'm experiencing instant karma. If I'm being intentionally mean, I immediately feel the hurt I’m causing the other person. And whenever I judge something another person is doing, within an hour or two I find myself automatically doing the same thing I judged that person for.

¨    When I get charged up or angry now, the experience completes quickly. I express my feelings fully, with no holding back out of politeness or fear. Once the anger is expressed, it’s gone! I'm free from any of the lingering feelings that used to plague me for days or weeks in my past. And surprisingly enough, even when I’ve gone off on someone, they don’t seem to hold onto it either. Something in my state of consciousness makes them hear what I’m staying and not internalize the anger being expressed.

¨    I’m way more efficient when I work. There’s no distracting internal dialouge to deal with when I’m focused on completing a task. And even when doing tasks I don’t enjoy (like accounting for my business), I don’t feel any emotional charge of resistance weighing me down like I used to. I’ll still procrastinate to avoid doing tasks I dislike, but once I get started, the charge of dislike dissipates and all my attention goes to completing the work task. If I had to guess, I’d say I’m completing work tasks in a 30-50% less time.

¨    I'm way more energetic.

¨    Food really tastes good!

¨    In fact, all my senses are heighted. Colors glow and things just pop out at me—especially when I’m outdoors. My girlfriend, who has also recently Awakened, calls it like being on a constant low-grade mushroom trip.

Suffering has ended in my life. I very much want you to have this same freedom—it certainly does make every day delicious J

2) The Phenomenon of Oneness that is causing Awakening

Oneness is a phenomenon of Divine Grace that has manifested on Earth in a very real, tangible way. In past eras, only a handful of people on the planet have been Awakened at any one time. We are currently in the midst of a great shift where all of humanity will Awaken. Beings in extremely high states of Consciousness at Oneness University are able to tap into the Akashic Records and determine the exact number of people on Earth who are Awakened. The number as of Feb. 21st stands at over 470,000. Though it may sound incredulous to make a claim like this, consider when you type into google terms for a web search. It gives you the exact number of websites that contain those particular terms. Now imagine if your consciousness was expanded enough to read the Akashic Records like it was a reference library. Those able to do this can determine the exact number of people on earth who are Awakened, or in who have any other particular condition. Here’s a link to Oneness University if you’d like to know more about it:

What’s propelling Awakening on such a mass level is the Grace of Deeksha that has been brought to Earth by the Avatars Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan.   Avatars are expressions of the Divine that are born within a species when the collective cries out for a change. Please visit to learn more about Sri Amma/Bhagavan:

Deeksha,  which means Blessing in Sanskrit, is also sometimes called a Oneness Blessing. Here’s a link descrbing the Oneness Blessing in more detail:
Deeksha is an energy transfer that works to propel those receiving it into Awakened states, and ultimately permanent Awakening.

What makes Oneness Blessings special is that it literally transfers the consciousness of Awakening from one person to another. Once initiated as a Oneness Blessing Giver, a person has a kind of spiritual homing beacon placed on them. When giving Deeksha, the Divine (i.e. Source Intelligence) is alerted and knows to send the frequency of Awakening energy to the person receiving the blessing. This is how the planet is going to become Awakened over the next several decades.

What’s really cool is that as more and more people become Awakened, the field of collective consciousness on the planet will more strongly attune to this higher frequency. Deeksha will become stronger and people will Awaken more quickly. In 5 to 10 years, it will be common for a person to receive a single Deeksha and immediately shift into permanent Awakening.

3) How Everyone Can Become Awakened in a relatively short period of time

Awakening has to be given. It is not something we can cause to happen for ourselves. If we could do it on our own, we’d have already achieved Awakening. How many self help books, seminars, programs & paths have you already tried? Did they Awaken you permanently? No, because Awakening is something that has to be given.

Lucky for you the Divine wants all humanity to Awaken now that we’ve entered the Golden Age—Dec. 21, 2012 and beyond. That’s what the phenomenon of Oneness and Deeksha have been brought to the planet for. Oneness Awakened Deeksha has proven to be the quickest way to transfer Awakening.

The process involves spending about 30 minutes listening to and questioning an Awakened person. Like iron sticking to a magnet, hearing an Awaken person’s experience and asking questions about Awakening entrains participants’ brains to the same high frequency of Awakening. The Awakened person then gives hands-on blessings to those in attendance and the process of Awakening is initiated.

Reports are that it’s currently taking about 3 months from the time a person receives Awakened Deeksha until they start noticing radical changes in their life. Receiving frequent Awakened Deeksha can sometimes speed this process up, and will definitely propel people into a more pronounced Awakened state when their shift becomes permanent.

Please contact a Oneness Blessing Giver in your area and ask about attending Awakened Deeksha events.

You can also receive Awakened Deeksha on-line several times a day at: Look for sessions that include OAD (Oneness Awakened Deeksha). These include the Q&A discussed above and will be more powerful, as your brain will have a chance to entrain with the Awakened Deeksha Giver before you receive the blessing.

There are also several Oneness Meditations webcast from around the world daily. Receiving these meditations can also Awaken you, though if you’re serious about Awakening in the near future, I would recommend attuning to Oneness Mediations regularly in addition to receiving Awakened Deeksha. Doing so will speed up your shift and deepen the permanent Awakened state you settle down in. Click on this link for a list of the daily Oneness Mediations being given :

I encourage everyone reading this article to actively pursue receiving Awakened Deeksha. Not only will your life get way better, but you’ll be doing a service to the rest of humanity. The more people that Awaken, the stronger the field effect becomes on the planet and the quicker all of humanity will be transformed.

Happy people don’t cause problems. And the higher we raise consciousness levels on the planet, the less low frequency energy there will be to sustain the greed-mongers, war-makers, and control freaks who have seized political and economic power. Each one of us that crosses the threshold of Awakening floats everyone’s boats a little higher. The personal transformation of our individual consciousness fuels the collective. The magnificent strides people are making in overturning the Powers That Were go hand in hand with the shifts we’ve made in raising our collective consciousness. Gains made in one domain empower changes in the other.

In twenty or thirty years Awakening will be received by everyone. Please help speed up this transition by showing up to receive yours now. How long to you want your suffering to continue?

Awakening is real. It’s happening now. It’s been given to me and about a dozen other people in my area. Help yourself and help the planet by actively pursuing yours now.

Many blessings to you as you transform.

Peter D.


  1. "awakening" is inside of us all. It is what makes up the quanta of all existence. Flags are always raised when anyone says that you must receive anything of Spirit from the outside. Enlightenment is in you every second. Tools are a great device for deepening or quickening the understanding. Thanks for all your work AK! Have a lovely day- Chace (Santa Fe)

    1. "awakening" is inside of us all. It is what makes up the quanta of all existence. Flags are always raised when anyone says that you must receive anything of Spirit from the outside. Enlightenment is in you every second. Tools are a great device for deepening or quickening the understanding."

      I couldn't agree more.

      Enlightenment is not given by outside forces; it is a process of realisation which is internal, realisations often times, which come about through great suffering, and learning to transcend that suffering (yes; Noble Truth No 1 no less). It is a journey, NOT a destination as described above.

      However, the quick fix, is America's big thing, right?! A pill for happiness and you're fixed within the hour (where has such thinking taken America, and it's children?), and a one time 30 minute session with someone, and you're 'fixed', awakened, and sorted for life.

      How the Dali Lama would laugh at such nonsense.

      I am not broken. I never was.

      My one and only spiritual guide, ultimately, resides within.

      Anyone that tells you anything different, no matter the colour of the frock or Robe, IMHO, is a charlatan, at one level or another (either not enlightened enough to understand this reality, or just your common, garden variety conman, whom of course, have a strategy of finding the gullible; 'believers').

      I do agree with the last line, do note AK; the process you describe was a tool used by you, and you needed it, to make that personal transition, or needed it to make that transition, faster than would have been otherwise. Nothing more, nothing less, and if you think you need do no more work on yourself, you rather miss the entire point of life, IMHO.

      It's a neat bit of packaging for the American market though, I must admit; 30 minutes, you can now be officially AWAKENED; no effort required!

      The White Rabbit!

  2. Another source for receiving this grace is David Spero's weekly Wednesday meditations. They're freely offered over the Internet.

    "My Internet webcasts are offered in the spirit of instantly raising and transcending the limited consciousness of the individual and therefore of the entire human race."

  3. Murray StentifordMarch 4, 2013 at 10:43 PM

    Thank you for this. I'm a Oneness Blessing giver myself, and it all highlights how people are, ultimately, cells in a body of Global Consciousness which is waking up to itself more and more rapidly today. It is so resonant with the OPPT, which I see as being a consciousness movement as much as a practical liberation movement for humanity.


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