Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Site Announcement -- Understanding the OPPT

Understanding The One People's Public Trust -- A Beginner's Guide to the OPPT

Link to the site: 

There are still many out there who have not yet been exposed to the OPPT. While I do believe we are approaching a time where ALL the actions that have taken place will be brought into the light for all BE'ings to see and know, I still think it's important to have dedicated sites such as this one, available as a resource for those who are looking for answers to questions which have and will continue to surface. A BIG thank you to Tom Magnussen for taking the initiative to put this together. 

Another BIG thank you to all other BE'ings who have dedicated countless hours to creating their own sites, campaigns and Truth spreading initiatives. OPPT or no OPPT, the biggest ally to end slavery once and for all is Awareness. Combine that with Love, Joy, Action and Commitment and sprinkle on top a little bit of FUN and there is NOTHING that can stop us!! Let the Universal party BE'gin!!!

In Absolute Gratitude,
~ Brian

Here is a quick excerpt:

As written above, this is a beginners guide to understanding the One People's Public Trust. It is written for those who have heard of the OPPT, but have little or no information as to what it is or does; so this is offered as a relatively short summary of what the OPPT is, what it does, and, most important, how it affects you. It is presented in 8 sections, like chapters in a book. and is meant to be read in order, starting with the introduction. However, if you already have some knowledge about the OPPT, and just want to study a particular section, certainly feel free to do that. Most sections can be read in less than 5 minutes, and references are provided at the end of the sections that will lead you to further, more detailed and validating information.

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