Friday, March 29, 2013

Removing the Shackles Blog has a need....

I am going to do something here she'd never do herself.  D. from the Removing the Shackles blog has a laptop that is barely working.  She needs a new PC or Mac laptop.

D. and I started working together when we began publishing the Daniel papers.  She's a fearless, ferociously courageous blogger seeking only the truth.  I've come to really trust her, frankly she feels like my long lost sister.  We post each others articles and found ourselves contacted by the OPPT nearly at the same time.

You guys were fantastically generous when I needed new hardware and what you helped me with enabled me to take the American Kabuki blog to new levels and add videos.   I don't need anymore hardware right now but D. sure does.  Her laptop is barely functioning and with 5 kids she really doesn't have the funds to buy a a new laptop.

If you like to help out, there's a donation button on the right side of this blog, I'll give her 100% of anything that comes in for the next week.  She needs to buy it in Canada, and mailing her one doesn't work so well as Canada post charges horrendous import duty and is frankly the slowest mail service on earth.  She needs the cash to go buy one.

If you feel you might want to help out, consider donating $5 or more and we can make sure she continues her fine work.  You can also donate directly to her blog at:

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