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Stay Strong -- Stand Firm -- Hold Your Ground

Stay Strong -- Stand Firm -- Hold Your Ground

Greetings Friends -- I share with you here a story of courage, strong will and determination. I share it simply to paint a picture of what we are capable of when we decide, by our own free will, to stand up against corruption and injustice. Right now, we "the people" are the enforcement. Our individual acts scream the message "We Will NOT Take It Any Longer!" I am here to share with you....our screams have been heard.

The day quickly approaches where we will need to scream no more....

~ Brian

This post sheds some context to the story below:

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Friday, March 08, 2013
5:30 p.m.

Banks are closed for the weekend.

My doorbell rings twice.

I answer the door and at my doorstep stands a tattoo-laden individual with piercings in his lips, nose, etc.

Rough around the edges.

The intimidating type.

Merely doing his job.

A human being.

After asking if I'm Thayne, he proceeds to inform me he'll be repossessing my truck.

I was in shock for a moment, now facing the consequences of my actions (I could no longer afford my truck payment from December onward and stopped paying insurance on it after January).

He said he'd give me a few minutes to get my things out of MY truck (Red flag, never unlock your house or vehicle for a goon, no matter who they are allegedly representing; nor give them your keys).

I quickly gained the offensive and began utilizing what I've learned from Heather and co. including a specific YouTube video I'd seen.

I started asking questions to throw him off-script.

It worked quickly.

I remained calm and re-assured him my issues were only with the bank.

He kept attempting to refer to an alleged order; to an agreement between the alleged bank and myself.

None of which he could produce to prove his allegations and justifications.

He continually used threats and coercion (script) against me but it shed from me like water.

I knew immediately when he lost his power and when I had complete control over the situation; complete control over myself.

I kept repeating that I know my rights.

He threatened to call the Sheriff who he alleged would allow the seizure of my property.

I asked what documentation he had to prove this.

I invited him to call the police. I informed him that the truck is registered in my name.

I informed him that if this is the game he wants to play I would gladly allow the police to escort him off my property for trespassing.

It's a civil matter.

It's the local authority's job to maintain the peace.

He had caused measurable damage to my energy.

He was disrupting my peace.

He was in the wrong the moment he attempted to interact with me.

Know this.

They have NO rights to harm you under ANY circumstances; verbally, etc.

After becoming flustered, he finally said he had no choice but to call his boss.

He spoke with her for a moment and then handed me the phone.


She attempted to use her script (threats, coercion) without any success.

I simply kept asking questions; none of which she could or would answer.

She attempted to get me to admit to something she was saying.

She wanted me to admit that I'd failed to keep my agreement with this alleged bank.

I simply replied, "That's what you're saying" or something along those lines.

Never agree to any of their demands.

They have no standing whatsoever.

She continued to make feeble attempts at scaring me into submission.

Sorry, you picked the wrong person to threat and coerce.

I continued asking her to prove any of her allegations were lawful.

She kept arguing otherwise, losing her cool by the minute.

She played "good cop/bad cop" telling me how nice of a person I look like on my FB profile.

I told her, "I am a nice guy."

Eventually she said I'm just a lawbreaker.

I responded by saying, "People break the law EVERY day (what laws right?).

Then she got really scary (yeah right!) and admitted what the law states.

That they can peacefully repossess my vehicle which I was obviously resisting.

Since they'd have to exercise force to do so, they have no choice but to leave.

She proceeded to say how she was going to email the alleged bank in the morning (bankers work on Saturdays? Barely!) and inform them that I resisted and that she'd direct them to the finest attorneys in Missoula.

Bring it on!!!

I said, "Great! I'd rather deal with the law anyways!"

I handed the phone back to her goon and once he got off, he simply said, "Have a good evening." and proceeded to vacate my property IMMEDIATEDLY.

This probably lasted around twenty minutes total.

I never gave into them.

On Saturday, I filled out my first Courtesy Notice and faxed it to her.

I felt liberated!

I'm all about facing re-po men, authorities, attorneys, judges, etc.

They've all been foreclosed on!

They have no ground to stand on!

It's actually funny watching these people sleep-walk.

It's important to remember they're people.

Never feed into their low energy patterns.

We're the change.

No one said it would be easy but it is worth it.

On a side note, I'm learning to let go of these possessions anyways.

Everything is still in bondage and will be freed in short order.

By no means is this glamorous.

We are outlaws; out of law.

We are also leaders.

It's our job to lead; by action.

Asserting ourselves, always.

We are manifesting our realities.

If I gave into fear, I may as well have simply handed my keys over and given up.

No fu**ing way!

I'm a lightworker.

I re-incarnated into this life for the purpose I'm fulfilling NOW!

I am so powerful I scream it sometimes!

I thank the Creator and rest assured knowing the Universe has, does and always will align with my thoughts, feelings and actions.

I know this.

I've seen the evidence of this.

I am manifesting my reality, always.


Path of Light


  1. Might want to think about posting this to Reddit with a little background information. I think Redditors would eat this up! We need to get the word out.

  2. Very inspiring! Please keep us informed as to how things proceed with the courtesy notice and whatnot. Love &Light.

  3. Please keep us updated!

    Love and Light,


  4. Yeah Thayne (Path of Light), from all your other-selves at! You Rock brother.

  5. Glad you were able to resolve the situation peacefully. I hope they will leave you alone from now on. You're inspiring! Thank you

  6. Great on point example for the masses, using this story as an example. Analogy is always a strong way to win hearts and minds. Many people are watching a show about the, Living Dead. I've not watched but imagine it is like, Last Man on Earth, Omega Man, and the recent Will Smith version, that is a wide audience. If we can paint our sleeping brothers as the zombies who just need to wake up, and show that truth and participation as the antidote, we may make progress faster.

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    1. I don't own the copyright. I think Brian posted this image, and I am not sure where it originated.

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