Monday, March 11, 2013

The Failed Cabal Timeline

Posted by American Kabuki
March 11, 2013

This is the 2nd piece of the recording supplied to me by an anonymous contact in late 2012. The other portion of this video was about the mind controlled Montauk children was published shortly after the killings in Sandy Hill NJ.  I felt that information had to get out immediately.

This portion I delayed posting, mostly because there was so much hysteria around 12/21/2012, both from the negative disaster perspective (Hollywood did its best to magnify that possibility) and from others expecting a suddenly miraculous new world.  I had no desire to contribute to the negative side of things and decided to delay this until January.  At least that was my thinking, little did I know the OPPT would be giving me a ring, and change my life and blog forever.  So this is a bit delayed.

This footage outlines Al Bielek's accidental trip down the Nazi cabal time line.  Al was on the USS Eldridge during the Philadelphia experiment. He and another man named Duncan jumped over board when things got strange thinking they'd land in the water, instead they traveled through hyperspace into the future on another time line on earth.  This is the same timeline remote viewed by Bill Brockbader and mentioned in the Daniel papers on Time Travel. As far as I know this is unpublished information.

This timeline did not happen for us.  There were at least 3 timelines for 2012, perhaps more. They have all merged into our current timeline, quite peacefully so.  The timeline described in this video is the one the Nazi cabal and Illuminati had hoped to bring about.  They failed.  Creator Source had more positive plans for humanity.

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