Monday, March 11, 2013

The Naked Ones

Words like “should” and “owe” and “debt” and “obey” are uncomfortable.  They rest uneasy on my BEing.  Faced now with Freedom, where do they fit?

Guilt is a dress I have worn often, as has my mother and her mother before her.  It feels familiar yet it no longer fits.  It feels more like a strait jacket – meant to hold me in.  I’ve begun to take it off, noticing the awkward, sort of exposed feeling that results.  What to do with all these parts – loose and able to move?

As we look around, we notice others like ourselves.  Some of us are looking for other strait jackets; even trying them on.  Some of us are selling new models of the same dress our grandmothers wore.  Some of us are tentatively moving a few of our parts and giggling as the sensation of “free” runs through our bodies.  We are whispering to each other, frightened and thrilled all at once.  We are not sure how comfortable we are yet – but there is hope.

We can’t take our eyes off of those who’ve left their old dress crumpled in the corner.  They appear to be naked; without shame, regret, embarrassment or doubt.  They are fierce in their display; almost daring us to look away. We can’t.  We want to know what it is they have that looks so good.  It didn’t cost any money.  It is no different than anything I’ve got.  It’s easy to tell without the dress – everything is just out there, free to see and to BE.

All at once Freedom sounds wonderful and terrifying.  Life has been spent paying someone to take care of us – to finance things we couldn’t afford and decide for us what needed doing and correcting.  We’ve become lazy and comfortable in our mother’s dress.  Yet is has cost too much, much too much; not only monetarily – but emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically with our labor, our signature and/or our pledge.

I’m done with that.  I’ve seen the naked ones and they just look so damn happy!   I don’t think we came here to be comfortable, wearing our mother’s dress or our father’s shoes.  I think we come here naked with good reason – so that the first thing we have to do is pick out our own clothes, or wear nothing at all.

We are here to push the limits that someone before us decided to stay within; to see just how far we can take this human suit.  We are born with everything we need.

We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for. 

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  1. So enjoyed this posting Sophia..I want to share this with you.. The writer of the words told me the same thing 23 years ago "We appear with everything we need to live a life of quality."


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