Thursday, March 21, 2013

While We Wait -- Geocaching

While We Wait  -- Geocaching

Some of you may already be aware of this global phenomenon called Geocaching. I've known about it for a while but only recently decided to give it a shot. This inspiration was seeded by the need to get outside and away from my computer screen! There's a description of what Geocaching is at the wikipedia link above, but I warn you, it is incredibly addictive! In a nut shell, it's like modern day treasure hunting.

Here is a quick description:

Geocaching involves two separate parties, which are composed either of individuals or groups. One party hides a cache anywhere in the world and records the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates using a portable GPS device. The cache is usually composed of a small plastic container that houses some small items such as toys or coins.

The coordinates and related information regarding the location of the hidden cache are publicized, usually on internet sites such as Geocachers search for these hidden caches using their own portable GPS devices in conjunction with maps and clues. When they finally discover the cache, they may take a few of the items and leave a few different ones for future geocachers.

Geocaching is a popular new hobby and provides yet another reason to explore the world around us. Discovering a hidden cache after a long search is a surprisingly rewarding event. There are thousands of caches all over the world waiting to be discovered by anyone who wants to participate.

Lately I've been giving the concept of "ownership" much thought. I feel like where we're going ownership will cease to exist. Just like energy, it cannot be taken, only borrowed. It's this particular thought which inspired my geocache gift idea for today. The letter below (including a few trinkets) were left behind for the next Geocacher to find. 

Fellow Explorer(s)! –

Leaving this watch behind is my own personal way of sharing with the world, that I’m working on releasing all attachments to any THING or THINGS; items in my life which I previously referred to as “mine”.  I’m starting to learn that all things are only borrowed anyways and in the end we have to give them back, so what better time than NOW is there for me to give this particular borrowed possession back to the Universe (you)?

(Sorry for sideways picture)

I’m coming to the realization that I no longer “need” anything in my life in order for me to feel whole or complete. My completeness comes from an inner KNOW’ing that I am connected to everyone and everything in the entire Universe. There is no separation between you (the person reading this letter) and I. I only have one message that I would like to pass on. I LOVE YOU. True, I don’t know who YOU are exactly, but it doesn’t matter, I love you nonetheless. I don’t care how good/bad you think you may have been in your past, or what you have done in your life to bring on self-judgment, b/c in my eyes you are perfect. I only wish for you, that YOU KNOW THAT. It’s True. Consider this watch a gift from me to you as a way of showing Gratitude for who you BE and what you DO. If you feel called to return in kind, I ask that you simply pay it forward, in whatever way you so choose, even if it means simply smiling at a stranger, giving someone a hug, or telling another you Love them.

Life is a gift. IN-JOY it, and know that YOU are loved beyond measure. I leave you with this one closing thought: if you could do anything you want with your life, anything in the world, without having to worry about paying your bills or having your needs met, what would you DO? Where would you go? Who would you BE? A little secret: This dream will soon become your reality ;) As you embark upon this journey, please remember to have FUN, for it is the journey, not the destination that makes the experience so incredibly valuable and one that will last FOREVER.

Sending much Love and Light to all those who read this letter (even if you weren’t the lucky one to find the watch!). Just remember, the watch is just a THING, the True gift is Life itself and our ability to share it with others…

In Absolute Gratitude for your BE’ing,

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