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Love What You DO

Love What You DO -- Jake Ducey
April 13th, 2013

I couldn't have picked a more perfect video to launch my first post on the new blog! No, American Kabuki and I did not have a falling out lol. Consider this our way of diversifying the messages we share with the world. Although, I will admit, I do consider AK to be a Master Blogger. So, the audience here can expect to find me linking to his posts quite frequently :) 

It goes without saying, our mission is one in the same; to live in a world where Freedom for all is not just an idea, but a Reality. We will stop at nothing to see this through. All that's left to DO now is buckle your seat belts and In-Joy the ride!!

In Absolute Gratitude,

~ Brian Kelly
"As Eternal Essence Embodied"

Jake Ducey is not only a close personal friend, but has also become a bona fide hero of mine. At a time in my life when I needed to hear it most, Jake's book helped me to remember life doesn't need to be about working some job you can't stand to live paycheck to paycheck just to barely make ends meet. In hopes of one day making enough money to do the things in life that we truly love. 

This is all part of the illusion that is now breaking down before our eyes. Whether we choose to see it, or not, is all that remains. I can only speak for myself when I say I'M DONE PLAYING THAT GAME. So, I pose the questions here; what will you DO with this new found freedom? Who will you help? What will you create? What do you dream of doing? Thank you Jake for helping me to understand that THESE are the most important questions we could EVER ask ourselves. Within each moment lies I choice. I choose freedom and I choose it NOW. What do YOU choose?

Here is a description of Jake's book which officially releases on April 16th:

Without a map, nineteen-year-old Jake Ducey leaves behind a drug-filled life and college basketball scholarship to wander the world and prove we can find our dreams by following our heart. On the outskirts of civilization, often uncertain, without money and near death, he finds that everything he was seeking in the world was within him the whole time. Journeying from Guatemala to Australia, Indonesia to Thailand, and ending with fourteen days of silent meditation, he shows that our destiny is in reach if we only look within ourselves first.

My review of Into The Wind:

It took me all but 20 pages of reading Into The Wind for me to realize that the time had come for me to quit my job. The following Monday I handed a copy of Jake's book to my boss and told him that I hoped by him reading it he would understand why I was putting in my two week notice. While grateful for my job, my passion and purpose in life was not to be found within the confines of my little square office next to the conference room and water cooler.

This book is an adventure story filled with incredible wonder, brilliant insight and timeless wisdom, with the capacity to communicate a powerful message to any reader, no matter what their background or beliefs. A message that the greatest adventure is found from going within. It is where we find, through our own doing, that we have become, as Bashar says, "the masters of limitation." Jake's book holds the key to shattering that illusion! The Truth is the only limitations are those which we impose upon ourselves.

If we're not loving each other, if we're not helping each other, if we're wasting time not doing what we love every day, what ARE we doing? What's the point? These are the kinds of questions Into The Wind will blow right into your face. This book is not just about following your heart and doing what you love. It's not just about transforming YOURSELF from the inside out. It begs the question, what happens if we were to ALL start "being the change we wish to see in the world" NOW? I don't know about you, but I'm done waiting to find out!

If you resonate with Jake's message, please help to make his video above viral!! Here is the direct YouTube link:

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