Monday, April 8, 2013

Making it real - Universal Value

There is an internal sense of truth.  It is unemotional.  It is integral, a part of your physiology.  Your body recognizes it.  As you grew up, you adapted to its presence or absence in every encounter.
It is not just you, it is everyone.  In your day to day you make agreements with each other – tell “white lies” and allow them to float in and out of your awareness.  For the most part you ignore them. 
What this does is it de-sensitizes you to out and out untruths.  You’ve learned to re-name them things like anger, dislike, confusion or even love if the words feed a part of your ego that is experiencing that need.
This expert manipulation has been perpetrated on you in your media, advertising, government and religions.  Lies have been routinely fed, either forcefully or with a spoon, in order to generate a specific response.  The desired response varies, depending on where it originates.  It could be weakness, pity, addiction, anger, love, patriotism, sadness, shopping, dependence, lack, need, submission, cooperation or fear. 
A key component of freedom is self awareness.  This will require discernment.  It becomes necessary to understand our heart.  Our heart is the one constant.  We go there for the really big stuff.  Yet for a good part of the rest, we have merely followed what we were told was the best action to take.  If there were doubts, we’d consult another expert to tell us what to choose.
Removing the chains means there is nothing in place to hold us.  We are free to choose whatever activity, belief or food we desire.  No should’s.  No have to’s.
It is our heart that supplies the understanding; our heart that inspires action that resonates throughout our entire being.  We recognize truth there because the language used is Universal.  Babies know it; cats, dogs, plants and foreigners understand when it is speaking.  Our heart speaks love, knows love, recognizes love, feels love and offers love.  It is this love that is universally valued.  It is the truth of life; life’s eternal essence.
Love is your truth, your value and the fingerprint of God stamped permanently within.  You have always accessed it unconsciously.  Access it now with full awareness and the next decision you make will be a simple knowing of truth.
No longer do you serve any master.  You are free.  Listen to the one thing no one ever told you how to; and trust.  You’ll know in each moment – truth.  Honor that, and feel the full value of who you are.  Without exception you are perfect, priceless and pure.
You are the One.
It is an honor,

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