Thursday, April 18, 2013

Revolutionary Thought

You have come now to a knowing.  The things you are aware of today in this world would seem impossible or insane to some with eyes still shut. Seeing life as it is actually happening requires a willingness to change your perspective and in many things your entire belief system.  It demands an examination of everything your eyes see and most of what this society has told you was real.

Realize that all of life does not operate in this way.  The earth has been part of what some would call an evil plot yet evil is not a concept I adhere to or consider.  Life proceeds along its intended path and the results of choices are predictable if you step back far enough.

There was a video showing pattern formation resulting from choices made in a program called the “Game of Life”.  What it did not show was the effect of all the choices on the supporting structure it existed within.  It has a definite effect and it is the disregard for all of life that has brought this game to an end.  It is not because I AM displeased.  I AM never displeased.  I AM satisfied the game has run its course and before it destroys more than it is capable of replenishing – it must stop.

Balance is necessary in all things to achieve optimal results.  As in your life there is an understanding of appropriate amounts of different activities, so it is with all of creation.  There is truth is the statement “too much of a good thing”.  Your earth today does not enjoy a balanced state and if life is to continue on it – it must. 

You have woken up and discovered the necessity of extracting yourself from the slavery system.  As you do this, keep your heart open.  There has not been only dominance and control – there has always been those who have come to be a part of the control system who are there offering an alternative.  They are your whistle-blowers and in many cases, your unsung heroes.  They have spoken up for truth and have paid for it with their lives in many cases.  Every action taken results in further action.

Now you are called on to take action.  With this knowing of energetic exchange and creative potential comes responsibility.  Knowing your every thought builds life around you means that as you are watching each thought birth within – you can simultaneously notice its manifestation around you.

As you notice others and situations that bring up anger or sadness, resolve to see the potential for change and instead use the force of your emotion to create that change.  What you’ll find is a near instant effect.

You see the world is ripe for revolutionary thought.  There has been a dominance of very effective control of systems in the way of media, government, religion and education.  The infiltration is so deeply rooted as to be invisible.

A method that will counter and eventually change the nature of your reality is new thought.  This thought must become so much a part of you as to go unnoticed.  Today, for most of society, their root thought is fear.  This is what propels most action and although the action may look to change things, if it springs from fear it will not, not permanently.  Cosmetic changes will not satisfy.  What needs to be done is an altering at the core.  The reason for action must always be love.

A way to get there is to begin and end each day in a state of gratitude.  State what you are grateful for, specifically and completely until you are immersed in a state of appreciation for your life.

As the day proceeds and things come up that evoke fear or any negative response – STOP.  Internally look at the reaction and understand that this moment can only affect your energy if you allow it to.  Decide whether or not it is worth it. Invoke gratitude that you have the wisdom available to look objectively at this and in that state of appreciation – decide your next move.  Whether it is action or inaction you’ve already altered the fabric of your life.

An active and aware stance is going to be necessary for quite awhile.  We’ve been trained as slaves and impulsively react to most situations.  We are armed now with truth.  Our energetic compliance is no longer freely given.  Without a fight, these controllers will dissolve.  This is change at the core of creation.  It happens at the level of our heart and is thus permanent.

The world is ripe for revolutionary thought.  Appreciate every moment and watch the exponential effect it has.  There are no enemies held within a blanket of gratitude.  There is just One.

What are you waiting for?  You are the One.

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