Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Watching you remember

Welcome to our 4th day.  We are right between the beginning and the end of this Quest.  Consider unconditional self love.  Do you have it?  What is stopping you?

The words “but” and “if” and “when” and “almost” have no place in a sentence with Agape.  You either do or you don’t.  You can’t be a little bit pregnant.  You can’t be a little bit Agape.

It is the same with Freedom.  You can’t be partially Free.  Either someone else pulls your strings, or they don’t. 

You know now, the Truth.  The “other” only shows up as a reflection of your state of BEing.

So the questions come again – Are you Free?  Do you Love yourself?  Look around, you are surrounded with your answer.

You are looking for an unrestricted life.  Consider the birds.  When the spirit moves them, they fly.  Watch a toddler.  She wears, plays, sings and does whatever makes her feel fabulous.  She Loves her toes, her voice, her body, herself.  The bird flies Free.

There is Source.  Between you and Source is merely a thought – know yourself.  I AM.  Everything beyond that is experience and the reason you are here.  You are able to imagine yourself restricted or limited or unworthy.  Yet these are not reflections of Truth.  They are illusions.  Those mirrors have been taken down.

The Truth is Eternal Essence – the place where Gods hold hands.  It exists in exuberance, excitement, laughter, joy, passion, brilliance, Love.  It is Agape.  For the One you are loving without restraint has 7 billion Eternal Hearts.  They know who they BE.  They are watching you remember.

 What are you waiting for?  You are the One.

See you tomorrow,

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