Thursday, April 4, 2013

While You Slept

While You Slept
by Eileen Meyer
Apr 4, 2013

I had a long talk with an old friend yesterday – a fellow light-worker, or angel on Earth. We both shared quite honestly what we were feeling right now at this stage of the awakening, with the current OPPT Movement and all. We both agreed that we held some unexpressed feelings of pain and exhaustion, and both had experienced a very real sense of being “done”, along with a wondering if it was time to move on from this plane. I cannot tell you how healing this was to say it out loud and have it be heard and acknowledged by another ONE. I’m also happy that I might have provided that healing space for him as well. The poem below is what came out when I sat down to express this in words on a page. No time to make it perfect. The song added below was written and recorded in Garageband in 2007. Perhaps others who have been here for what feels like an eternity, holding this space, might resonate. If so, I’d like to recognize you. I’d like to say that I see you and appreciate who you are and what you have done in service of Spirit over the years with little to no accolades. We’re here now. Whaddya say we all sit down over here and have a beer. Cheers!

While You Slept

While you slept
The Universe slammed us awake from a crazy dream
Long before you knew,
Not once,
Not twice,
But dozens of cosmic events
In our body and being
Shouted to us

Ever since
We have been painfully alone in our service
To watch over the continuing dream,
To not just “hold” the light and love
But to allow it in
And through,
We were the crazy ONES,
Never fully knowing how or why,
Yet trusting the ONE that rose
Within our own blood and bones,
The ONE that is our true home.

While you slept
We worked with the other ONES
That we could not know yet -
In smile and face proximity,
Never a reason why,
Just trust that one day
Sweet eyes would meet
And recognize.
Together we built the arena and stage
That stands before you now,
Where announcements are made
That you, in fact, are free,
The theatrics are dazzling
And the message profound
And loud enough
To shout you out
Of this grand, experimental dream.
For this we are relieved,
For this you did believe
That possibly
It is the end
Of the dread,
The end of the walking dead.

On this beautiful day we watch you rise
All bright-eyed and bushy-tailed,
And filled with a cosmic romance,
For this our starry hearts are bursting
And our feet on Earth explode
Yet withhold
A giddiness to dance.

Know that while you slept
We stood guard with our remembrance,
Always in service of Love.
‘Tho please pardon us
If we first take some time to rest
As you celebrate your wakefulness.
We are quiet in our joy,
Sitting on the sidelines,
Just know that we feel deeply blessed
When sweet eyes finally meet
And recognize -
A nod from the other ONES
And we are complete.

We love you
Along with the earth, the sky
And all the stars.
Here’s a toast and one last nod
Cheers to everyONE
As we celebrate
The ONE we really are.

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