Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another Orange County UFO

I had a meeting yesterday in Los Angeles with one of the people active in Cobra's Portal2012  group.  He had a contact that wanted to discuss some finance issues with me and Heather.   I had an interesting discussion with his contact, a very nice gentleman and enlightened human being.  I don't known yet what comes of the discussions but we will know in time.  So I won't say much about that for now.  Far too early to speculate.

On the way home I saw the same sort of UFO I saw prior to the Cobra Conference in Laguna last November.  I couldn't stop as I was the freeway but I caught a few moments of it in flight.   If this is a local Orange County helicopter I have never seen one with a red light that runs the length of the aircraft!  

Even more curious is the synchronicity of the tune playing on the radio "Double Vision", something I have been experiencing for the past week but which seems to be not an eye disorder but a new ability to see energetic signatures around objects and living things.  Those of us who went with Heather to the Moroccan Sahara have been noticing body changes in eye color, vision, and hearing.   
Bob Wright, a black man, is having his eyes turn blue. I am also noticing my trach scar from the hospital in 2009 suddenly healing after being pretty much the same for 4 years.  

Unfortunately the red light doesn't show well in this clip but if you enlarge it to full screen you can see it just at roof lines.


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  2. Check out my UFO video that I got one morning whilst eating tacos. This was in Boise at about 5am. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8fwqcYxWwBuY2R5YTRIMmxWcEE/edit?usp=drive_web


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