Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gaia Portal: Crossings of Dimensions Occur in Each Moment…

I find this interesting timing since we opened the Eternal Essence portal in the Sahara this past weekend and collapsed the old "souls for gold" energy that got anchored there so many hundreds of years ago during the slave trade in North Africa. 

We also did a group healing on Bob Wright who couldn't walk after the Illuminati attacked him in 2008.  The next day Bob walked 20 meters (video will be forthcoming when I arrive home in the USA).  He continues to improve and his nerves are now reattached to his muscles.  He's got some weeks ahead of strengthening his muscles but he will be moving about in no time at all.  Nothing like seeing a 6'4" tall man cry for joy!  :)  

We didn't specifically do a healing on me, but my MRSA scars from 2008 are also healing suddenly.  We are also noticing some bodily changes in all of us including eye color changes.  We don't quite know what this means but it appears to be a DNA change that is ongoing.  -AK

Crossings of Dimensions Occur in Each Moment…
by ÉirePort

Crossings of dimensions now occur in each moment, by those attuned to connection of Higher Self and Higher Gaia. Even Gaia processes ascension intentions to allow humanity (small 'h') and Hue-manity to coalesce with her. Changes of overall humanity consciousness is matched by Higher Gaia adjustment of process.

Intentions of humanity enmasse now begin to support Gaia ascension.

All releases occurring at this moment produce multi-fold increase in consciousness.

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