Monday, June 24, 2013

Love from Brazil

Dear beings

I love the work that you all have do and know how important it is for us.

The changes you have reported to be living resonate with everything that live; yes, we are one.

My country, Brazil, lives a fantastic time. Not coincidentally, one of the slogans of popular movement says: The people woke up! 

I am sending a picture to share with you the kind of consciousness that is awakening worldwide.

Thrilled with the magical moment that we living, I send an affectionate hug for everyone.

Forgive my bad english and translation by google.

Love for all!

Roberto D. - Zazul


  1. There are many people saying that Brazil agreed. Is it? ...
    It is not the first time that the Brazilian people protesting in the streets. This has happened many times.
    I hope that this time the people can not understand that back and that changes are concrete.
    Peace, love and lots of light for all.
    That the disclosure be soon!

  2. Roberto, very well said! The Giant has Awakened! We joined in the Protest in Perth Australia last Sunday.


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