Monday, June 17, 2013

On Speaking Out Loud....

By American Kabuki

My friend Carmelle came along right before my encounter with Heather Tucci-Jarraf and paved the way for me as to how to live in the now and manifesting my own reality.  The universe manifested this wonderful being to get me up to speed for my encounter with the OPPT.

One of the things Carmelle has said is to speak my needs out loud.  I am not so good at that kind of thing, you probably notice I don't do a whole lot of Internet radio shows, and I need to change that. When I was a child I spoke my mind quite openly, but that was not too popular with my father and I suffered his wrath for it.  I never was too politically correct.  Speaking my truth vocally at an early age came with some rather severe consequences.  But even this reflex of mine that came of out self preservation doesn't have to stay this way, I can simply choose to say "this way of being no longer serves me" and be done with it.

I am comfortable with the written word.  Perhaps because I can always edit it before I put it out there.  Much harder to retract the spoken word.

Heather has enlarged on that concept showing that to manifest anything, it requires 1) Intent,  2) Stating the intent 3) Doing that intent in truth, love and in the highest good.  When these 3 things are in alignment the universe swings into action.

I have a real need right now.  I didn't have much money to go to Morocco, and in my case Heather paid for the flight and living expenses there as a thank you for work I put into the OPPT filings since December, so that was covered.  I had other expenses related to the traveling and the cost of getting my daughter home from college in May and the car repairs for that.   I also had an unexpected travel expense back home from Europe.  My blog ad income this month is half what it normally is for this month and I really don't know how I am going to make ends meet this month.  My wife is totally freaking. But at least I am not stranded in Spain.  I get a certain amount of revenue when people read the page, and a bit more when ads are clicked on, and I fully admit I haven't published much in the last 30 days.  It just wasn't possible to keep up with it very well from Morocco and nearly impossible from the deserts of the Sahara.  But its not a trip I would have missed for anything.  I know things will work out.

The UV Ixchange is coming and Heather has promised the details on that soon but its not here yet and I am not going to blow smoke up your skirt and call it sunshine and say its here now.  I've turned the comments back on and I know the first thing I will hear is about that. I've tried to be conservative in my reporting on UV Ixchange because I know there's many people out there in real need.  It will come when the timing is right.  In the mean time I am like all of you, do my best to get by every day in the current system.  Caleb is well on his way with the infrastructure for Project XIII but that's only one possible channel for using value of the Ixchange.  And it doesn't have that capability in the first release.

If you'd like to help out the blog this month, even $5 goes a long ways with this size audience.  My Paypal address is on the side bar panel at the right.  If not that's cool too.  This is just my way of stating the Universe I have a need, I don't care where the answer comes from.   I have lots of articles to write in the coming days, as well as videos to post of the experience in Morocco which was in so many ways quite an amazing and unexpected journey.

Thank you for all the kind emails and comments you sent me over the past year.  I love you all!

American Kabuki


  1. AK, I just made my donation. I think of you as pivotal in the world of alternative and spiritual news and information, going back to your list of bankers that resigned, all the way to the OPPT announcement and all that brought, so I wanted to help out in my small way.
    I, too, had a father who would not let me speak, and I actually suffer hoarseness of my voice often to this day. I also prefer to write, I was so happy when email became popular!
    I send you my best wishes, hoping that you'll make ends meet as you need to.

  2. Replies
    1. I was for a couple of days due to a schedule collision coming back from the Sahara and a flight change out of morocco. Royal Air Moroc was quite generous in rebooking the flight but American AIrlines was not so kind and charged me a tidy sum.

  3. Let me first thank you for your work on behalf of all of us. I wish you’d participate more in the radio shows – always felt your input was important. Your voice is needed there and elsewhere.

    That being said, and judging from your walk, not your talk, it’s pretty easy to get the impression that an end to our struggle is nowhere in sight. Otherwise, why would you all ask for donations? And why would there be a fee to use Project 13?

    Even though I admire what you do, I won’t participate in giving anyone of y’all a free pass while the rest of us are still struggling. Why should you be the only ones to get some kind of relief? I don’t think that would be the right thing to do. And it would only encourage and support the procrastinating that seems to be going on for weeks now.

    1. Fair enough.

      But ask yourself, what have you done today to help out those in the same circumstances as yourself (and me for that matter)?

  4. Love you too AK, thanks for being so open and honest. If you hadn't spoken up I would never have guessed your situation. A few yoyo's coming your way, lots love from the emerald isle.

  5. I've just listened to the recording of what heather had to say and I know a lot of peoples heart sunk.Write a bond to a bank? WTF I'd say 80% of the world is poor and poorly educated.People just want to eat and have a roof over their head.The whole bartering thing is a nice idea and all but people want frn's now and i mean right now.I'm sad to say this is starting to sound like fluff.Don't get me wrong I love you all and your intent I just don't see the average joe even understanding it.This sounds like it's years away from helping anyone.Yes I know I'm being a little pesamistic probably because i just listened to the show.First give people what they need,then show them another way or do it simultanously.I'm an out of work father of three turned stay at home dad and my wife is supporting us on 16$ an hour we don't use foodstamps because we refuse too not because we don't qualify how is this going to benefit me?

    1. A lot of people have been putting a lot of hope in Revals, Prosperity packages, St Germain and what not. Some people have been doing that for 20+ years.

      Heather Tucci-Jarraf spent a 1 million of her own money investigating the banking system as a lawyer with a huge background in finance. She's building a system of value based on what always was, each embodiment is the source of value and has always been, its just been hidden so that your value could be stolen, and rented back to you with interest, which is the root cause of so much suffering and unemployment and bulimic economic binge and purge cycles which leave uncounted human devastation in their paths.

      Will it arrive over night? No. Will there be delays, well with people, software, hardware and everything else that can happen, perhaps. But this is something concrete done in complete transparency which is more than those who claim the Chinese or St Germain are going to save the financial world have done.

  6. Bravo for stating what you need AK. If I had the digits, I would drop them into your Paypal account right this second. For now, what I offer is huge gratitude and hugs to you for all of your stellar service on the blog and in your everyday DOing and BEing. There are many of us now who have been providing our value for free for many years, and this is done quite joyfully. So far though, we cannot extract ourselves from the collective agreements and pay our internet bill or rent with an article or a song. I ask those who do have digits in their account to share a little (or a lot) with AK. He provides a wonderful service. Gratitude (bow).

  7. Thank you for being so transparent from your heart's authentic voice AK! As a kid my voice was not welcomed either, nor was asking questions by my dad. And there was always a sense if I did either, something really bad was going to happen. (why I freaked out the first time KP put one of my show notes/comments out there late Feb . . . but also now realize with this time around, I did not want my ego to inflate around anything I DO, so have been in a strait jacket till now)

    It's also been very hard for me to ask for anything or help, especially around money, but got the courage to ask from my KOI meetup members in exchange for my writings recently . . . and actually got some! While I was not able to meet all my needs, it felt amazing to be appreciated for standing and writing in my voice. And nothing really bad has happened for speaking my truth yet!

    Another thing happened I won't go into here, that will allow me to just barely get through the rest of this month and half of July financially, that I am very grateful for! But like you and so many, I would be elated to just make basic living expenses via the i-uv exchange. And then teach others how to do so and why re what value means . . .

    Teach someone their true value and how to access it . . . and you free someone for life!

    Abundant Alohas to you and your family, GingerSnap!

  8. Thank you AK for all you BE and DO. Following your blog since Dec-12. Keep up the great work. Some digits coming your way. May the repeat number be magical and multiply in wonderful manifestations. With absolute Gratitude, in Truth and Peace. Myriam <3


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