Saturday, June 22, 2013

Removing the Shackles: D. Interviews Caleb Skinner about Project XIII


  1. Hi Guys. Didn't listen to the whole thing because I can't believe anyone is questioning your charge for the site.
    Unfortunately we are dealing with the CREATED mentality of entitlement in America today.

    The only comment I would have is that from the very beginning of this recording I would have helped people really understand what Project 13 is and what it is doing for them. There are novices to this information and new awakenings everyday of people who need to know what is going on and what is available to them as we make the changeover from the powers that were to the new world of freedom.

    Rock On and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for what you have done to HELP ALL OF US out here. You have given your value and each of us will need to understand that this is all about the people all giving back to each other.

  2. On the May 21 One People show, Mark Hoza explains Project xiii very well. Starting at 19 minutes, he talks for quite a while about it. Very informative!


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