Saturday, July 27, 2013

Updated: Be Like Water

Thanks to Lisa for pointing out this amazing video of Bruce Lee...

Wait till you see how he plays ping pong!

Late note: got this from an anonymous source:

The Bruce Lee video is not real; this video was made as a promotional video and the ball was digitally inserted. It is very cool however not what it seems to the casual observer. The production crew is as follows:

Agency: JWT Shanghai
Creative Director: Yang Yeo 
Art Director: Lillie Zhong, YongLiang Yang 
Writer: Jacqueline Ye, Rafael Freire 
Designer: Sean Tang 
Original Artist: YongLiang Yang 
Client Service: Betty Tsai 
Agency Production: Liza Law, Tao Shen, Hester Lim, Joseph Yu 
Agency Producer: Jane Zhang 
Director: Hailong Li 
Production House: One Productions (Beijing) 
Producer: Xue Wu, Yuncheng An 
Editor: Chun Huang, Jing Li 
Music Company: Vision Unit Production 
Composer: Jiangzhou Feng

Background story of the video here: 


  1. I have loved Bruce Lee always...didn't know that his Mastery also included these very difficult task...He is still an entity to be Reckoned with. Thanks for posting it was encouraging to my I AM SELF, and it was great seeing Him in His GLORY!!!!

  2. What an amazing man! I only knew of him through his films.


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