Monday, July 15, 2013

Gaia Portal: Energetic “Infernos” Envelope the Planet at this Moment…

Energetic “Infernos” Envelope the Planet at this Moment…
by ÉirePort

Energetic "infernos" envelope the planet at this moment. Numerous "fire" type manifestations may thus be observed at various portal locations throughout the Earth surface.

Gaia Essence is unaffected by these "inferno" energies as that is of a Higher Dimensional structure. Yet she has "approved" of these in order to cleanse 3D 4D earth surface and underground of veiled dark (shadow, negative) constructs which have served their purpose. Some of these have displayed a reticence to leave the Gaia collective, and thus the "inferno" manifestations.

All ascension protocols at all levels have been evaluated and agreed upon at the Highest Planetary manifestation levels, and will enable Gaia to enter her final correction phase within the 2013 time frame.

ÉirePort | July 16, 2013 at 00:05


  1. I only want to thank you for being such a bright light on our beautiful Mother Gaia, and for all the help you have been for myself. I do feel honored for having found you. Thank you so Much

  2. i too feel this is the year of enlightment, and revelations has told by many old books of many different cultures.

    i feel the photon belt, and the earth magnetic pulse increase to 12.4hz from being 7.8hz for many thousands of years, has increased our magnetic pulse or aura as well.
    this makes our mind, body, and soul at a higher level, to wake us up like never before. of course wisdom is only gain by watching and learning life happen, there are many good books that tell the truth about human behavilor, and will be absorbed by all of us quickly with our higher level of awareness, and being tricked will be hard with all of us having a higher e.s.p. skills to help us discern the facts from the lies.
    i feel we all with have a deep understanding of ourselfs with the truth, not lies of racism, church and state brainwashing, or any b.s. so we will all know we are all one more than we have never realize, with the help of e.s.p. the truth in every will shine thu. us all , and real compassion will happen.
    blessings to all us for we are all one


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