Friday, July 19, 2013

The One People: Interview with Kiri from NZ 19th July 2013

Kiri creates her own documents to deposit her value and tells her story of her journey...


  1. TO KIRI

    " YOU GO GIRL " !!!!

    For those who do not understand what has taken place.. this lady is declaring her freedom, worth and God given rights, which we all need to do, not only in New Zealand, but in our Republic - America
    and any country this pertains too.

    A lady of like mind.

  2. This awesome Guys thank you. And Thank you KIRI for your bravery and courage...Heather by the way if you read this I believe that we went to high school together..85 GHHS Thanks again Guys this truly is incredible. Tracy H.

  3. The deposit of value is the correct approach, it is the UCC contract from the private sector, only backed by a UCC 1 filing properly worded and registered of course. It is not against the law or fraud to deposit a value amount on account, either at a local bank or at the Treasury level, if it was done correctly and correctly worded. According to the Kiri, she placed a deposit of value on a closed account. So that would mean that the TSB Bank accepted Kiri's value and was proceeded to deposit of value Kiri's value of 15 million on a closed account. according to the Keri's deposit receipt of TSB Bank there is an account balance of $15,000.219.96 and available funds are $219.96. Kiri will have to walk a very fine line from the value of deposit on a closed account held at TSB Bank. Kiri will be unable to with withdraw any funds! I would be curious to know what Kiri will doing with the deposit of value of $15,000.219.96 account balance? Kiri will be unable to withdraw the value of deposit in exchange into New Zealand money (or any other world currency), because the New Zealand money, et al, is a governmental authorized registered UCC contract instrument security, as the current medium of exchange to its people. Again, I would be curious to know from Kiri what she will doing with the deposit of value of $15,000.219.96 account balance in her life, and how she will be able to excess her deposit of value?


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