Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The One People's Show 7-8-13 and Ginger's Notes

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The One People 8/9 July 2014 show – Ginger’s Notes
Hosts: Lisa Harrison, Bob Wright, Chris Hales and Brian Kelly

This show was essentially about . . . preparing for when Heather in Morocco will release the next documents we will use at the banks . . . all while Helen in Australia is laying down the banking path, based upon her recent banking adventures . . . as well as banking updates from dedicated Aussies, Uwe Schafer and Scott Bartle’s work.

Lisa and show hosts are focused on helping everyone be as prepared as possible for when Heather releases the documents . . . and she will NOT be releasing them until they are Absolutely Perfect! . . . more about this here from D - http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.com/2013/07/july-7th-update-getting-it-all-perfect.html

A big thank you to all who cleared the distorted energetics around those working hard in Morocco last week! - from Lisa.

A fun discussion around a brilliant little ten minute mini-movie American Kabuki posted - “One Hundred Dollars (now with English subtitles) 
Exchange of Value in Action” (CLICK HERE) . . . and from a galactic perspective, it must be so comical to watch. . . humans passing paper money around . . . when we could be doing this simply via mutual agreements! . . . so this little illustration/story is a very easy way to quickly see how money can be taken out of the equation . . . within our communities first!

Uwe and Scott (about 20mins into show) report and discuss where they are at, that is very helpful.

Lisa shares (about 50mins into show) where she is seeing things from a bigger picture and influx of walk-ins now.

Calls taken (about 56mins into show), starting with Mike and more educational discussions.

Around 1hr 11mins into show, Helen from Australia starts sharing what she has been doing with the banks . . . and is jaw dropping savvy! So I will be going back to listen to the discussions she inspired with the show hosts!

About 1hr 39mins into show, Randy from N Carolina asks some really good questions . . .
and Lisa states . . .

“WAIT! before going into the banks” . . . with Bob and Helen filling in the blanks.

About 1hr 47mins into show, Helen further discusses with hosts, rich with information and approaches that makes lots of sense!


Bob’s walking is getting less “funny” now – (we are all behind you to keep us from laughing!)

Chris will be doing an update with Deryl in Canada and his progress to date this week, so keep an eye out for that . . . briefly, with more rounds in the courts (using OP documents and his years of knowledge), he has had the false charge of “criminal trespass” (on his own property) reduced to a misdemeanor . . . and has managed to get the right to challenge the bank . . . as to who actually owns the property.

There will be a new 5D Media Network (this site was founded by Lisa) weekly show – Mondays 8pm PST on how to re-purpose everything of the old system . . . as it is time to get this conversation started! Chris and Bob will be hosting this show . . . and everyone is invited to present next week, what and how they would like to re-purpose something. http://www.5dmedianetwork.com/

Uwe closes . . . on next week’s show, he will be teaching overcoming bank objections.

NOTE: D’s show transcribers (RTS) will be transcribing both sections of Helen sharing, as it’s just too good. It will be posted on D’s Removing the Shackles site in a day or so - http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.com/


Here are the documents that Scott Bartle drew on to create his “BANCORRUPTCY” video

In parting, one thing I would like to add is to keep remembering where Heather’s heart-focus in do-ing is . . . at all times is . . . ENERGY!


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