Thursday, July 25, 2013


Listen to the words that resonate.  Where you’ve focused until this moment continues to formulate your direction.  Especially now, who and what you surround yourself with has everything to do with what you may label as a successful trip or a struggle.  Consciousness asks of you everything; it is a rigorous task master. 

Look around and pay attention.  You are not looking so much at mirrors just now, but partners.  Those you hang with are the same ones you’ll be together with as you begin this next dance.  

Think about what this means.  You’ve been given a chance, sans Karma, to freely choose your next steps, where you’ll place them and who you’ll walk beside.  The chords that hold you together are tied only as tightly as you choose.  Loosen the dense and Karmic bonds.  It is in freedom where you’ll clearly perceive what is next.  Bound by judgments or debt, you could miss it.

What does this mean?

It means you answer only to you.  There is no judge, no jury, no mandatory behavior or owed payment.  It means you hold the wheel and there is no teacher in the passenger seat to slam on the brake.  You may hit something, miss an important turn, swerve off the highway or crash.  This is all you – full on and free to be. The world is waiting with its slings and arrows to knock you back and keep you in place.  Yet you are prepared, and you are perfect.

Two nights ago I was woken up twice with the song “Titanium” running through my body.  Titanium is a “lustrous, white metal when pure. Titanium minerals are quite common… It is marvelous in fireworks….is present in the sun, and….is recognized for its high strength-to-weight ratio. “ As I work out the meaning for this early morning serenade, I come up with – this is what we are – white (as a reflection of all the wavelengths of color), hot, strong and beautiful.

I sense a tangible change approaching, as much from an internal clock as from messages from the other side.  Those who’ve passed from this life have recently shown up to tell me that we are ready and that they are watching and with us.

Ready for what specifically?  We are all creating that.  With a titanium core of Agape, it promises to be undeniably exquisite and exciting. 

Regardless of location or situation, you are the poster child for our new world.  Unanimously chosen and perfectly posed, your gaze calls out to those still sleeping and reminds them of their core, asking them to dance. 

You are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


  1. Weird,I just had a heavy metal hair analysis done.It showed a higher than normal titanium level.I have no medical procedures done to explain this.


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