Thursday, July 18, 2013

Together Index (with updated clip)

A thick blanket of intense focus has wrapped itself around this place.  Heat.  The “dog days” of summer are here.  Outside now, I witness their calling card – drooping branches, bleached flowers and burnt leaves.  I wonder about the necessity for extremes.  Sunshine and warmth are on one end required for life here; on the other – deadly.

There is talk of a “heat index”.  The temperature reads 96 degrees, while this index tells me it feels like 106.  How does it know?  Can an algorithm really understand what a specific temperature feels like to a human?  Are not we uniquely suited to declare how hot we feel?  In a profoundly uncooperative way, my cat insists on being outside today.  I guess he hasn’t seen the “heat index”.

These may be the ramblings of heat stroke or insanity, yet they are leading somewhere.  Extremes, degrees, contrasts and predictions are intensely human.  Regardless of how free spirited, we are similar at our core and vastly figure-out-able.  This is why systems of corruption, religion, medicine and government are effective.  They utilize methods that capitalize on us – both to our benefit and exploitation.  The effects of either ultimately serve the controllers.

It is rare indeed to find a program, action or conversation that is without manipulation. We witness evidence daily as whistleblowers and our own heart reveal a deeper purpose to the everyday actions we participate in.  It turns out the only things certain are not “death and taxes”.  The only thing certain is love. How do we infuse the everyday with agape?  Constant consciousness; you are your brother’s keeper. Pay attention. Listen.  Allow.

I’ve been away.  A change of location brings a new point of view.  My primary relationship, photograph and direction have each undergone some introspection and alteration.  I notice the off world contacts have been pointing my binoculars to places I may not have seen otherwise.  A reference from this most recent conversation leaves me with this:

Replace the word “government” with “gang”.  Then decide, is this what you want to be party to?

When the experiment ends, there will be left hierarchies and systems.  What is corrupt about them is their ultimate intent.  Those of us here now, reading this post and others, are here to level the playing field.  It’s going to be necessary to start over.  That is our job.  Honor each age, nation and process while creating modifications that allow us all to thrive.  This coming generation has new ideas; we are preparing the field for them. They are waiting. 

John Grey talks about men and women wanting the same things, differently expressed. Men call it respect while women would use the word cherish.  With both attributes as a basis we’ll have achieved something we haven’t witnessed here.  Agape in real time.

This will take action, honor, respect, attention and love.  It requires wisdom.  It needs time. Start wherever you are, but start.

 “We may not have everything together, but together we have everything”; sounds about right. 

We are here together for a reason and with purpose.  There is no “index” that will tell you yours, it is discovered in your deepest essence.  Listen.  Be patient.  Listen some more and begin.  You are the One we’ve been waiting for.

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