Sunday, July 7, 2013


This is the latest ZAP REPORT, it appears the dragons are ready to move. I am still a skeptic on the REVAL as I have heard that for almost a decade with both Poof and Casper.  Its all interesting timing given Heather's about the release the absolute value finance documents.  But perhaps they both go?  You might want to also read D's latest article on the RV and where Heather's at on the UV INchange documents HERE.  I don't own Dong or Dinar, mostly because I thought it was all a scam. The Dinar RV being based on an illegal war in Iraq for one thing. And I didn't have the contacts D. had in that area.  D. does have some Dinar and Dong and I hope it does come off because she's got one big family to feed! :)  Nothing would make me happier to see her get a return on that investment!

The figures below are a small fraction of what each individual is due, but its a start to getting people re-employed and moving the world away from the cabal's slave system.  There's much unstated here, such as the process of choosing worthy projects and it also implies the continuation of the existing credit systems (which is a form a slavery).  Still its data, consider it well, use your heart discernment. 

We know the "old man" (nobody knew moniker for the 5000 year old Chinese royal patriarch until Heather mentioned it in our interviews) does seem to have good intentions and he does seem to go to and fro our 3D world to some higher energetic realms who knows where (Poof called this the rafters I believe). I want some of his vitamins! :) The dragon family is a very big family and not always in agreement. Keep that in mind. You may remember Brian and my little encounter with the Hong Kong faction last year. Sibling rivalries like any family.  As usual any comments below in red are mine, I have changed the case to mix case for readability, and did minor grammar editing. -AK

Greetings and Salutations,

Today we are introducing you to your future! ZAP has provided  a step by step guide to help us all understand the events about to  take place this week and launch us into our bright new future. As an added bonus he has included a detailed method for you to jump  start your life and income by doing something you like and helping  your neighbors on THE BLUE BALL.

Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take off in 3,2,1........BLAST OFF!

From ZAP..........Hi All,

Elvis has left the building.

In other related news, there has been an increase in Elvis  sightings around the world this last week. psychics puzzled at  last.

So very quiet week.almost too could hear a pigeon drop a mile away.

In the background, the old man has been very busy with the families, and ensuring all is in place for this coming week.

Multi-T releases have been made, and all the banks are flush with money. By Sunday night, they will be at the height of flush, as that is when they have been told that they must stop all trading activity. The assets they have brought into their banks  have been massively leveraged, and the bank paper is being cut at  an incredible rate to satisfy this monster appetite.

So what does this mean? Well, the PP are (of course) dependent  on trading. What is trading? Trading is buying bank instruments  (like bank guarantees for example) at a very low price, and selling them to an exit buyer at a higher price. Really complex right? They make a spread (profit). For example, 100 million will  buy you (x) amount of paper. The resell of that paper will make  you 10-20 million on 100 million. Do this a few times a week, and  you get a very high weekly return.

This is often called the roll program or trade program,  etc, but in plain talk, it is a buy/sell of securities at the  highest levels of finance, and is vehemently denied, by the powers that be, as fraud (as per the official websites). Who really knows if this happens? [we know!] If it does not, why is it denied so well like UFOs, and why is this a constant topic of conversation, like UFO, savvy?

The banks have been trading like stink up to 50 times a day for the last while to stockpile money. One of the reasons is that they have to be ready next week to start paying out the redemptions of historical instruments (old debt) and Dinar/Dong,  etc. The old debt must disappear for the new system to function without having that tail dragging on it, very important. Without this debt being taken care of, the cabal could have used it to  continue their parade. Not hard to figure that one out, just common sense.

Having said that, this current activity has nothing to do with  the F&P, or the PP that everybody has been waiting for. It does have everything to do with providing a pad or cushion for the  banks that will be involved with the payout of money for the  historic asset redemptions, and the payoff of certain cabal factions to enable them to withdraw from the scene with their  tails between their legs, but with some modicum of face, strange as it may sound. So they make a few trillion more through this trading, but they disappear and do not impede, or attempt to  impede, what is to come, a final see ya later, bye.

So the banks in conjunction with the Chinese family (often  called the dragon family etc) and the governments have been  working overtime with upstairs [and that would be whom?] for all our benefit for this exact time in our history. And the agencies and services have been  protecting this process with their lives, because without this  being done, we would not be able to achieve peace and prosperity  that is our true heritage.

Also know there is much more money in peace than in war, so who the frik would want strife?

So it has been very quiet out there, almost too quiet. but now  you can imagine the real level of madhouse activity going on behind to get to the point where the button could be pushed, and humanity could emerge from the dark into the light thanks to these  monumental efforts, and the great sacrifice made by so many.

A deep and heartfelt thanks to all the boys and girls in all  the services that have protected us and to the ones that gave  their lives for us all. They are remembered with great reverence.

So that's the basic background. Now what?

Well, so now, a whole bunch of trillions are about to be  released into the system, and humanity will benefit. OK, good.

How? So you get some money from the PP, the F&P, or cashing in  the dinar you got.

Say you got 10 million or a 100 million. You can go out and  buy a whole bunch of hamburgers and pig out and drive the  hamburger industry to new heights. You can go out and buy a car or  ten, and drive the car industry into economic boom. You can go buy a Galaxy 4 and drive Samsung stock up and create more jobs where  their factories are.

All these things can be accomplished by spending the wealth  that is to be released to our humanity. Remember that the flow of  money makes economies run nicely and prosper. Shut off the valve, and you get things like the great depression.

The up/down cycle of turning the faucet on and off is a good way for the rich to become richer, and keep the rest down and out and struggling. We all know that they have done a great job of this over time. But now, the faucet is set to the on position, and is stuck there (well will be shortly).

So lets assume this is the future right now, and you have some amount of millions in your pocket.

You can buy hamburgers and cell phones till the cows come  home, but what of ground-level sustainability in your  neighborhood? Buying burgers ain't gonna do nuthin' for you and your fellow man.

What is a good way of using this money wisely to create sustainability in economies so that this cycle never happens  again, and economies can maintain stability and good growth commensurate with proper fiscal responsibility, and not descend into this boom/bust crap ever again?

And, do not forget doing the right thing for our dear mother  earth who has taken a real pounding at our hand and needs  restoration.


Good projects can create the circumstance for healing our  mother, and her kids, and provide for this economic stability we  would all enjoy.

But good projects.

What do you mean good?

The criteria here is whatever helps, and does no harm.

It makes no difference whether you do a humanitarian project,  and feed and clothe kids, or do a for-profit project that helps  the neighborhood or the country. whatever helps, and does no harm.

That means no casinos for example.

What if you don’t have the money for any..

You can not find funding for a project that you have  developed in detail in a business plan? You want to help out and  do your part, but wheres the money?

Well, the prosperity programs will provide a measure of that  kind of money for projects of course, and the RV of the Dinar/Dong  will also help in that respect with 26,000,000 new millionaires. What about the ones that are not in the PP, or have not had money  to buy into the Dinar/Dong thing? What if the funds that they will  get eventually, are not here right now to begin a project?

Well, the powers that be, for humanity, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to lend a helping hand, and provide a well of  funding that will not dry up, regardless if you need $10,000 to  set up a soup kitchen or $10,000,000 to set up a factory to make a  brilliant widget you invented.

Important note: this special project dispensation has  absolutely nothing to do with the monies from the PP, F&P, or  anything else out there destined for our humanity.

Remember I said that at some point, projects and fundings will be the order of the da? Well, now that elvis has left the  building in good condition [and] blue shoes, there is a path, and  hopefully, one of many.

If you have an idea for a project, or a fleshed out idea for a  project whether in preliminary stage (executive summary) or well advanced (business plan), the help is now here to get you from 0  to 100 in one email.

The door is now open, so take some time out, think, consider,  and send your idea, executive summary, or business plan to the compliance intake for the global fundings source to the following email:

(born july 4, 2013)

You will not be answered right away.

It is expected that thousands will send in, so the sheer  logistics of answering everybody will be a large undertaking, so  be patient. You will be answered within 60 days (playing it safe  here) or much less. Depends on the hiring time of more knowledgeable intake staff that will have to be increased from the  very small group at the moment. There is no need to rush in, really give this careful thought.

Projects will not be funded on this first come basis crap; and they will be funded regardless of when they submit.

Criteria here is: kids first, seniors second, and all other projects third.

But yes, projects will finally be funded on a global scale.  This is what it is really all about. thank you st germain (amongst  others).

You start the project, and guess what besides helping others  with what you will do, you will increase the macro economic base with your efforts, provide for sustainability in the country infrastructure through the business or endeavour you accomplish, and very importantly, you get paid for helping others.

Yes, you will draw a salary doing something you want to do.  You set the salary, but don't be stupid about it (a million a  month will not cut it) because there will be a compliance and  governance oversight on the funds you will receive for your  project. Treat this as a regular business model, but put in a healthy salary for yourself and your staff that makes sense to  you.

You will hire people to help you doing your project. Pay them well, for they too will be helping others. Also remember that your cup has to be full and overflowing before you can really help others. And, you can pay it forward then easily. That sets the other precedent. Think of everybody paying it forward. What will  that do for us all? Pure Poof magic I would say. He always preached this (thanks james).

So first things first. Project funding also means you and your  family have to be made and kept whole. Initial funding will  comprise of some amount that will help you clean up your debts, put food in the fridge, fix the roof, and repair that beloved car  of yours, or get a new one with warranty. good thing that warranty novel for some of us, well, most of us.

So, now you have debts taken care of, your credit cards reinstated (and you learned that lesson right?), mortgage caught up, the younger kids have new shoes and that cool jacket, and the others have tuition looked after, and you can all breathe.

And still, this has nothing to do with the PP and F&P money.

Now you can get to the real work, and begin helping others  through your self and your project.

This is about a helping hand to you, and through you, your  neighbor and your country.

Do the right thing, and remember, be good, be legal, tell [the] truth.

God is; I am; we are

God bless

In love and light in our service


PS: We have not had time to get intake documents done up for  you as we just got the green light to begin this on july 4, but  the basics we need for an idea you have are:

Project name, proponent, location

Concept (what is the animal); what does it do

What are the benefits; why are you doing it

How many people are required to do it

Where will it be situated

How many locations will be required for sustainable growth or  is it a one-off

Do you need specific technologies to do it

Will you need off-the-shelf stuff to do it, or do you need stuff manufactured

How much will it take to do it

What do you think it will make in returns (if any)

Humanitarian projects will also require these items as you  have to treat them in a business fashion, not just give me money and I will feed people.

Those that have the basics fleshed out and have a few pages  more than just the concept phase workout (as you already went  through this exercise in developing the project concept and parameters), either submit what you have or put a bit more work  into it so it resembles a business plan (if you want to take some  time and do that as that will help)

Those with a business plan, good  and you must be frustrated  as hell cause you have not found funding as yet, or have found it  but you would be raped and pillaged if you accepted it

In all cases, we will ask for some portion of your project  through an equity position, but because we are technically a part  of your project, you will have availability of all our strengths  both in business and technologies through our global network of  brilliant scientists, business heads, and general all around good  guys to help make your project successful.

The profits from our share of equity in you will not go to our  pockets. they will go back to you and the project to help it even  more, and once some milestones are reached (your project achieves  the break-even point for example, and begins turning a profit),  you will get equity back. we do not need to take a big piece from  you, but we will take a tiny piece to fulfill legal requirements  on the funding side.

Thats it for this preliminary disclosure on the project  funding mechanismhope you like this structuring as much as we do  in providing really friendly funding  (I just made that up and I like the vibration so theres a copyright on that one) for the benefit of our humanity.

You have much fun putting together your project.

POOF Says....."Freedom is coming shortly, now, be patient (as if you haven't already) but, they've hit a deep drive center  field. It's a confirmed home run for all of humanity across the  planet."

Consultations upon request until the doorbell rings.

Love and Kisses,

Susan & Staff

Office of Poofness


  1. I think I like the iuvexchange better I just don't like the idea of having to ask some one for the money. EVERYONE on the planet should get an equal amount across the board. Say one million or so period by right of just being born. I mean who say's who gets what? Are they not corruptible? is there transparency? Is there oversight?

  2. Thank you for you r service to the Whole Hue-Man BEing NOW. I LOVE yOU NOW GO IN PEACE SO LET IT BE NOW IT IS DONE NOW.

    YOU can call me Al Heart

  3. Per Zap Freedom is coming.......?
    For who.............?
    We will not all be equal.
    All involved in the Dinar/Dong RV, F&P, PP programs will join the 1% elite power brokers and their newly enriched lives will give them the ease and grace to pick and choose whom to help and what projects/for profit business to invest in.
    Yes maybe their close friends and relatives will benefit from their charity.........
    But history has shown that money is power, power corrupts, and money and power together ultimately lead to Tyranny and Slavery.
    How do we know we will not just gain more slave masters?
    Where in these great prosperity plans for humanity is the redress for the last 100 years of enslavement that have left over 1/2 the world in poverty,illness and disease?
    How are the rest of us stuck in poverty and living with life limiting chronic pain and illness to survive and prosper with dignity under the new system without foundational funding to lift us out of poverty, heal from our disabilities so that we may with dignity also participate in projects that heal our society and planet from the last 100 years of devasting rape and pillage?
    Nothing in Zap's message speaks to financial redress that might allow the impoverished and disabled to participate.
    Again we are left to rely on the charity of others..........
    History shows our equal rights from our Creator to equally pursue Life, Freedom and Happiness are usurped when the inherent rights to Life, Freedom and Happiness of the many are controlled by the few who have the prosperity/money to control us.

    D was right months ago when she suspected: Same slavery system under the guise of new prosperity programs, just a change of slave masters directing the newly funded increased number of overlords.

    Heather's UCC filings promised each person on this planet a minimum 6 Billion Dollars plus the same amount again for financial redress of past harms. This appealed to me and millions of others because it gave us hope that we too could equally participate in the creation of our new world.

    Sadly I sit watching the NWO being set up by the "OLD MAN" once again. Same game, new name.

    I appeal to AK, D, Lisa, Scott and especially Heather to release the "ultimate data"/tools we have patiently been waiting for that might enable us to change the game for the good of all.

    "Kindness is Power"

  4. This sounds a little better than what we have now (longer chain...). However it rewards the criminals and sends them away with enough $ to go plan more crap, it rewards the banks and then wants us to pay them back for illegal loans. It leaves us asking some hierarchy to approve our plans to clean up their mess. Geee Thanks a-lot.

  5. my son just turned me onto your site ....he has been speaking of it for some time now.....I have always known that all my human soul family experiencing this reality were the true currency ...I teach my grand children that they are "Love alive in the World" and that this is our true lineage and that we once again need to live in this way to restore the true vibrational currency of our world and shatter the matrix (and I do Not like that word at all) true currency flows as a fractal without and within changing the same for always...I add my currency to your cause because it is of a vibrational match and now I KNOW with greater understanding ~ for KNOWING without UNDERSTANDING is empty ~ Tracy Jo Jaco

  6. You have not posted or responded to yesterday's comment AK..........yet time to change blog background. It is beautiful.

    Walking the edge of doom and gloom since 4 am. Abandoning all hope.
    Spiralling down into the pit of poverty and despair..........
    Do you have any life line to toss out?
    Even a crumb of positive data to give me a reason to stay on this planet?

    1. You came to this planet to make a change for the better. If you leave early you haven't fulfilled your purpose. Many people are going through very rough financial times, but remember you are not your credit rating, you are not the number of digits in your bank account, you are not worthless you are beyond value. You are love and child of the Creator at a very critical time in the history of this planet, so much is going to change so soon, would you really want to miss the most amazing transformation of a planet in this entire universe?

  7. Do you mean we will not be given any money if we don't make a proposal for a new business?

    1. In reading these reports from Zap, that was my first impression as well. But no, I did read on one report somewhere that he said the programs were separate from the distribution of the global accounts. There does seem to be a lot of focus on the programs, though, so that gets confusing. So far, the OPPT sounds like a better overhaul of the system. At least from my end.


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