Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Welcome friends, I'll be on the road for a few days taking my daughter to college, so posts might be sporadic until next Monday.  If I don't answer emails or comments on the blog you know why...

This has been quite a week. I am still on my quest to release limits and emotional baggage from my being. I very much recommend Jodie Newell's technique for the emotional side of that equation.   

Had a number of interesting insights in the past week, including a memory fragment of having been friends with Heather in another life somewhere (where I don't know). In that life she was a man, and a quite rugged and impressive one at that.  The memory I have she (or he in case of that life) was older, and a slight weathered face.  Maybe when I get some time I can make a rough sketch.  We were at a sea cliff leaning against a rail looking over an ocean but I don't think it was Earth.  I don't know what we were doing, but it was clear we were friends.  The face was different, masculine, but somehow much the same. Especially the grin. The memory hit me out of the blue while I went to wash my hands.  This is the first "past life" memory I have ever had, so perhaps this quest of  mine is doing some good personally.  I did recognize Heather on the phone in December (from where I didn't know), and she recognized me (she kept telling me "REMEMBER!" - but it took a bit longer for that to begin - 6 months really).  This is the first memory I have had return of any prior meeting. 

I've also had a number of instances of minor telepathy in the past week where I knew what someone was going to say or do seconds before they did it.  When you encounter something like this...well I don't know what you would do...but I laughed with delight!

Part of this process this month is a self audit of myself and my motives and intentions, and where in some cases I fall short.  At times it easy to get discouraged when you do this kind of internal work, but its important to remember to love yourself too.  If the Creator can love us even as we are (flaws and warts and all), who are we not to do so?  Everything comes in small increments but the collective change over time can be huge.  This is an important time to be examining yourself (and myself), your internal resonance, as all tools for the coming days are already within your and my inbodiment.  So much is swirling in the external but at no other time is even more important to pay attention to the internal for what is to come.

Last night I cracked open Steven Greer's ET contact app on my iphone, the one with the magnetometer. Normally around here the magnetmeter reads 35-50.  Last night it read 850.  I don't know if that's the general change in energy on the planet, something up with HAARP or my own personal magnetic field. I really have no idea what is causing that.  I've also noticed that the San Diego energy patterns on the Ghost Radar app are now very similar to what we saw in the Sahara desert and they are staying in that pattern.  There's a high degree of coherence in the energy now compared to two months ago.

Its also been a strange week for things breaking.  My Mac broke last week, the video card blew out when I was creating an image of a symbol I had in a dream years ago.  I got the Mac back Monday from the Mac store.  Monday was my daughter's birthday, we were driving up a hill to take my daughter to her favorite Italian restaurant and the transmission on my Ford Escape gave out.  I called AAA of Southern California, they dispatched a tow truck, which then blew its engine.  They sent a 2nd tow truck which then took me and my family on a ride home atop a flatbed tow truck. Whee!  This is not the first time the transmission has gone out, this happened in 2008 too. This model of Ford Escape uses a Mazda passenger car transmission which is just not beefy enough for use in 4WD vehicles.   Local transmission shops wanted $3500 to replace it, but I found through a friend an honest mechanic near LA who rebuilt it for $1500 and put in beefier components than was in it originally.  I am hoping he hasn't raised his prices since 2008. I don't know when I will get this fixed, I work from home so its not a disaster, more an inconvenience.   At least the car is paid for. We can get by with one car but for those of you who know the western states of the US, no shopping is local, like it is in places like Europe or even our own East coast.  My wife probably drives 75 miles a day in her job with her clients.

My brother graciously loaned us his 1 ton van to drive my daughter and her belongings back to her dorm at college this week.  I so love my brother!  He is such a good man.  He saved us a good deal of expense with a car rental for this weekend.

I love you all, be good to each other, love each other, love yourself, and remember to show love to team contrast, its their only lantern to find their way out of the darkness! 

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  1. Very Interesting Bill,
    I had two dreams yesterday afternoon of past life or rather alternative timeline experiences.
    I was in 1998 with full memories of 2013 and was shocked to find myself there. I got on my cell phone and called a friend in 2013 and as I explained my situation the connection turned to static and I found myself in 1998 experiencing an earthquake that I was consciously aware was caused by my breach of the timelines. Neil the friend I called from 1998 and I have not been in touch for years. A quick call to him after the dream confirmed he had received a call from my cell # but all he heard was static.

    Very spooky......What is happening to us?
    "Kindness is Power"
    RTS forum user


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