Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lilou Mace: You are the Change,
an interview with Dr. Dain Heer

I got the link to this video from YouTube.  Never got a Lilou Mace video notice before although I have watched her videos for a few years.  This interview with Dr Dain Heer is particular pertinent to my quest this month of releasing my personal limits.  Funny how when you look for information it just shows up!

I think you might enjoy it too.

Dr Dain Hain's web site is:


PS: I am dropping the use of "AK" and using my real first name, Bill. Another limit I am releasing.


  1. <3 to you Bill from Chace in Santa Fe!!

  2. thank you Bill for this uplifting link :)

  3. Yay! I've been practicing Access Consciousness for almost 2 years. I LOVE Dr. Dain, his information has truly changed my world. Welcome to the unveiling, Bill. Love to you.

  4. Bill,
    Our minds were implanted with an insidious virus that is triggered every time we attempt to become the true Creators that we are.

    This virus is a permanent thought form triggered that tells us "Not Good Enough!".

    I now do my best everyday without comparison to others and as I complete a task no matter how good or how bad the results are if I know I have done my best I say to myself "GOOOOOD ENOUGHHHHHHH!" and move on.

    The truth is everyone on this planet has always been Good Enough.

    It's time to run the antivirus software of our hearts.

    Just BE.......DO......WITH LOVE.......HARMING NO OTHERS.

    Silent Watcher


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