Thursday, August 15, 2013

Note to readers

My desk computer is in the shop getting a replacement video card.  Blog posts probably won't be as frequent for a while until I get it back home.  I'm working from a cheap DELL laptop that I got in a pinch in Morocco and the keyboard drives me nuts. But it gets me by in the interim....just not easy to use and the keyboard cursor jumps to odd positions sometimes when I accidentally hit the mouse pad while typing...


  1. Really? Cmon A.K. you used to be a programmer and you can't put your own video card in your own computer? Ha Ha just givin you a little shit brohan.

  2. You can plug your regular keyboard/mouse (even if it's mac? I've used pc hardware on a mac, but never the other way round but I think it's just a usb connection?)

  3. Plug your original keyboard and mouse into your laptop. The laptop should have spare usb ports to accommodate, if not you can buy a cheap usb splitter for a couple bucks at a dollar store (ha, ya I know!).

    I also hate laptop keyboards / touchpads, especially when each laptop has their own custom key layout, a nightmare for touch typists who use multiple laptops!

    But I suppose I can do with less posts for a bit. Gives us more time to reflect on the changes happening around us!


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